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Kill application, recompile and auto start in browser

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Everytime we recompile application, you must close in traybar and refresh browser page.

The tip will automatically close application and start a new page in default browser.


In Project, Options, Build Events,Pre-Build, write command:

  taskkill /F /IM program.exe /T

procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);
  if self.StandAloneServer then //if you need this, if not, remove it.
    ExploreWeb('http://localhost:8077'); //auto start browser

procedure ExploreWeb(page:PChar);
var Returnvalue: integer;
  ReturnValue := ShellExecute(0, 'open', page, nil, nil,SW_SHOWNORMAL);
  if ReturnValue <= 32 then
     case Returnvalue of
          0 : MessageBox(0,'Error: Out of memory','Error',0);
          ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND: MessageBox(0,'Error: File not found','Error',0);
          ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND: MessageBox(0,'Error: Directory not found','Error',0);
          ERROR_BAD_FORMAT    : MessageBox(0,'Error: Wrong format in EXE','Error',0);
          MessageBox(0,PChar('Error Nr: '+IntToStr(Returnvalue)+' inShellExecute'),'Error',0)


procedure TFMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject);

    //show frame/form to login only if we are not debuging...

    if  (DebugHook = 0) then




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my  project name is one8077 ,the exe is one8077.exe.


Why show "[Exec Error] The command "taskkill /F /IM one8077.exe /T" exited with code 128."?



En Project Options -> Build Events -> Pre-Build Events -> Cancel on Error = False.




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Trial Edition

But another exe not unigui app i can't kill before compile


Sorry on Delphi Xe 3 Windows 7  work fine

But Delphi Rad Tokiyo 10.2.2  OS Windows 10 can't kill task by RAD 10.2.2 pre build command

if this command run cmd .exe   "taskkill /F /IM test.exe /T"  Tasks killed all

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I found what problem before run I need change something like move button or change caption like this

after that compilled and run task will kill..


In RAD XE3 work everytime when pushing RUN without changing something  but RAD Tokiyo  need change something before run second time

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