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  1. Hi, is there a way to lock UniDbgrid column on runtime? For example onbuttonclick I wan't to lock first two columns.
  2. UniDBGrid nesnesinde verileri grupladım fakat bu gruplarda başlıkların background ve fontları değiştirmek istiyorum. Bu konuda yardımcı olan herkese şimdiden teşekkürler
  3. Hello All, In my grid, some cells cannot be edited if its value is 'EA'. Is it possible disable a cell in UniDBGrid depending its value? Thanks
  4. Hello guys! I have a UniDBGrid with some columns with the "Sortable" property enabled and the "OnColumnSort" event scheduled. Basically, I enter the field in the "IndexFieldName" property of TADQuery. However, I need to clear this order ... Return to the original sort order, which is in the SQL query. Even closing and opening the query and clearing the property "IndexFieldName", prevails the ordering of the column that was clicked. How to clear the ordering of the UniDBGrid columns? Sorry for English. I'm brazilian. Thank you!
  5. Hello everybody, It will be possible in Unigui to modify the behavior of the columns of an unidbgrid associated with fields Lookups?. I need that instead of showing the drop-down list another option is shown (Ex: Ellipsis) so that clicking on that column will open a modal form where I can select the data that I need and return that data to the original Form. Thanks
  6. Hello! A simple example, Switching grid pages "smoothly"... UniDBGrid1 -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents [ Ext.data.Store[store] ] : function store.beforeload(store, operation, eOpts) { this.grid.getView().el.setStyle("opacity", "0"); } function store.load(sender, records, successful, eOpts) { this.grid.getView().animate({to: {opacity: 1}, duration: 1000}) } Try, Best regards.
  7. Hello... I have a uniDBGrid with some selected items. I want to do a routine to execute only the items marked on the Grid. In normal Delphi it has the command: For I to DBGrid1.SelectedRows.Count - 1 then if DBGrid1.SelectedRows.CurrentRowSelected = True then showmessage('ok'); But I did not find similar in uniGui. how do I do? Can anyone help? Thank you Solved... procedure TFm_Form.btSaveClick(Sender: TObject); var I: Integer; B : TBookmark; varAtualiza : boolean; begin varAtualiza := False; if Gr_Grade.SelectedRows.Count > 0 then begin DataSet.DisableControls; B := DataSet.GetBookmark; for I := 0 to Gr_Grade.SelectedRows.Count - 1 do begin (works) varAtualiza := True; end; end; if varAtualiza = True then begin uniMainModule.SQLTempo.Close; uniMainModule.SQLTempo.CommandText := 'update pokayoke a set a.situation = 0 where a.id=:id'; uniMainModule.SQLTempo.params[0].AsInteger := 1; uniMainModule.SQLTempo.ExecSQL; end; DataSet.EnableControls; close; end;
  8. Hello, I had just discovered UniGUI and currently evaluating it. UniGUI is very cool! I can use Delphi, but I don't know anything about developing web application. Now UniGUI make things looks familiar and easy. I hope that I never have to learn another programming language to develop web applications. I have questions about UniDBGrid. Please download the attachment to understand my questions better. It is a slightly modified UniGUI GridEditors - Row Editor Demo I use Delphi Berlin Starter & UniGUI Trial. Now the questions: 1. When I'm editing a record by double-clicking the grid, UniDBGrid1.DataSource.State is dsBrowse. Is this a bug? Because when I do editing by clicking the edit button in the UniDBNavigator1 or by code, UniDBGrid1.DataSource.State is dsEdit (correct behaviour). 2. How to make it so that UniDBGrid1 can't be edited by double click but can be edited by code (eg. by clicking btAppend or btEdit) ? 3. How to make the Confirm and Cancel button dissapear when editing in RowEditor mode? I want to use another buttons outside the grid to do Post and Cancel by myself because I have several things to do before & after post (I can't use ClientDataset1.BeforePost & AfterPost events because the code will look bad). 4. How to change the Caption and give icons to the Confirm and Cancel buttons? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi! How to can i select manually a row in a dbgrid? I'm using dgCheckSelect and dbcheckSelectCheckOnly in options property. I'm using trial edition, version
  10. Hi all, as far as I have read from the forum the only way to deal with big datasets and uniDbGrids is paging. This works quite well, but I would prefer another option, let me explain better. Without paging, the web server fetches the whole dataset and it gives back it to the client: DB server --> Web server (Unigui) : whole dataset Web Server (UniGUI) --> Browser: whole dataset This is the worst situation, as it implies a lot of overhead for all the actors (DB Server, Web Server, Browser, network, etc.). It should not be used for large datasets. With paging, the web server fetches the whole dataset (this is why the option FetchAll shall be set), and it gives back to the client (browser) just the current page. Therefore: DB server --> Web server (Unigui) : whole dataset Web Server (UniGUI) --> Browser: partial dataset/ curent page This is better, as it minimizes the overhead on the client side (browser), but the Web Server (UniGUI) still has to deal with a large dataset that has to be fetched entirely from the DB server and to be kept in memory. The last option, that I really miss with UniGUI, is the way that VCL DBGrid works, but it is common to find it on many websites. This is the reason why I'm asking about it, I'm confident there should be a way to work it out with UniGUI.I think that it could be called "incremental fetch". Practically, UniGUI should fetch just the first N rows and show them on the UniDbGrid component, letting the user know that there are more rows than the ones actually visible. It could be a button on the paging bar called "Load more rows". If the user clicks on that button, UniGUI should fetch N additional rows from the dataset, and then display N*2 total rows. This approach can be iterated till the whole dataset is fetched. Alternatively, without using the "Load more rows" button, it could be possible to do it in the VCL way: when the user scrolls down the grid and he reaches the last line, the "give me more lines" could be automatically fired. The "incremental fetch" solution would be the best in my opinion, as the user does not really care to know the number of pages in the grid, nor he needs to skip randonly on different pages. Usually he does want quickly the first N rows, and then the possibility to look up another N rows for a fe times. Then, if the data is not found, he would change the actual filter/selection. This would bring the following situation: DB server --> Web server (Unigui) : partial dataset Web Server (UniGUI) --> Browser: partial dataset Sorry for the long post, hoping that I was clear, thank you all. Andrea
  11. Hi How to can remove column selection from UniDbGrid In RunTime? Best Regards.
  12. Merhaba, unidbgrid te mouse sağ tıklayıp popup menü açarak işlem yapıyorum. Fakat seçilen kayıt yerine dataset te aktif olan önceki kaydın bilgisi gelmekte. İşlem adımlarını şöyle açıklayayım. 1 - 2. kaydı Mouse sağ tıklayınca unidbgrid te 2. kayıdı seçilmiş olarak gösteriliyor. 2 - Popup menu açılıyor ve işlem listesin den yapılacak işlem seçiliyor Fakat yapılacak işlem esnasında dataset ten id bilgisini aldığımda 2. kaydın id si yerine önceki seçili kaydın bilgisi gelmekte. yukarıdaki bu işlemi seçmek istediğim kayda önce sol mouse ile tıklayıp sonra sağ tıklayıp tekrarladığımda sorun olmuyor. Anladığım kadarı ile unidbgidte sağmouse tıklanınca satır seçiliyor fakat dataset te seçtiğim kayıt aktıf olmuyor. uniGui Vers : kullanıyorum Delphi XE7 Teşekkürler.
  13. Merhabalar, Unidbgrid bilesenin roweditor özellğini true yapiyorum. Gridin ilk 3 sutunu readonly=true and locked=true. Hersey duzgun calismasina ragmen ekteki resimdeki gibi 3.sutun deger gostermiyor ve "ERROR_1" yaziyor.
  14. Good afternoon: I have the following problem: - UniDBGrid - One of the columns is a UniDBLooKUpComboBox - Different rows can have different items in the UniDBLooKUpComboBox of the same column. How could I do it? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi everyone, Is it possible to set filter values on a TUniDBGrid at run-time using code? If so, could you please give me a simple example? I tried doing this, but it doesn't appear to do anything. I also need to fire the OnColumnFilter event after I set the value. The reason I am doing this is to restrore the state of the grid when a user enters a filter value, it needs to be remembered the next time the user opens the grid. Is this something you can use the ExtJS stateId property with? http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.0.1/classic/Ext.grid.Panel.html procedure TIQWebInternalDBGrid.RestoreSavedFilters; var i : integer; begin if not IsDataSetActive then Exit; for i := 0 to Columns.Count - 1 do begin if Columns[i].Filtering.Enabled then begin if IsFilterable(Columns[i].Field, 'A' {Columns[i].Filtering.VarValue}) then begin Columns[i].Filtering.PrevValue := 'triggertheevent'; Columns[i].Filtering.VarValue := 'A'; end; end; end; end; Thanks in advance!
  16. A função abaixo, retirada aqui do forum, tem por finalidade utilizar o enter nas células de um UniDBGrid e funciona bem em grid's com apenas uma linha para os títulos das colunas, mas quando eu mesclo os títulos com GroupHeader's, retorna um erro na execução, gostaria de uma ajuda para resolver essa questão por favor. Esta é a função: function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, oldColumns, eOpts) { var grid = sender; for (var i = 0; i < columns.length; i++) { columns.editor = {selectOnFocus: true}; //seleciona o texto if (columns.getEditor()) { columns.getEditor().on('specialkey', function(field, e) { if (e.getKey() == 13) { var store = grid.getStore(); var selModel = grid.getSelectionModel(); var selectedRecord = selModel.getLastSelected(); var recordIndex = store.indexOf(selectedRecord); var nextRecord = store.getAt(recordIndex + 1); if (nextRecord) { selModel.select(nextRecord); if (grid.editingPlugin && grid.uniRow && grid.uniCol){ var _row = grid.uniRow; var _col = grid.uniCol; setTimeout(function(){ grid.editingPlugin.startEdit(_row, _col); }, 10); } } } }) } } } Retorna este erro: columns.getEditor is not a function Se alguém puder me ajudar, agradeço.
  17. Hi, Is it possible to add one column to show the row number? and the number will be automatically updated when any row is deleted. Thanks?
  18. Hi; I need see e.g. 3.000.000 registers in Unidbgrid, Is it possible?? Thanks! Angélica
  19. Merhabalar, Blob(text) turunde tablomda bir alanım var. Bu alandaki değeri gridde gostermek için gridin ilgili sutununda "Display Memo" değerini "True" yapiyorum. Uygulamayı calistirdigimda eger o sutunda veri yoksa aşağıdaki hatayı aliyorum. Bu hata uzerine forma bir adet UniHiddenPanel ekledim. Üzerine de UniMemo bileseni koydum. Gridin ilgili sutunun "Editor" ozelliğinden unimemo bilesenini sectim. Bu defa hata vermiyor ama gridde etkilenmemiş gorunuyor. ilgili sutunda "(Memo)" seklinde bir değer gosteriyor. Gridde blob alanları nasil gosterebilirim. Teşekkürler. Kullandığım unigui version:
  20. Assuming I have a unidbgrid with five columns attached to a data set. How do I disable the editing on columns 1, 2 and 3 when the value of the fifth column is 1 but they are editable if the value in the fifth column is anything else? And, in which event would this be best suited? Jeff
  21. Hi Can I Save UniDbgrid Column Width Values to Ini and Reread them Separately for any user ? Best Regards.
  22. Hi, I need to perform default key action before focusing to the next unidbgrid column (change enter key to tab key) because sometimes data is not posted to database for now i use the code : function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, oldColumns, eOpts) { columns[i].editor = { selectOnFocus: true, xtype: 'numberfield' ,minValue: 0 ,allowBlank : false ,groupable : false }; .... if (columns[i].getEditor()) { columns[i].getEditor().on('specialkey', function (field, e) { if (e.getKey() == 13) { // perform default key action, force update current edit value // before focusing to the next column e.keyCode = e.TAB; return e.keyCode; ..... } Environment Windows 10 Delphi Tokyo Unigui Google Chrome 59.0.3071.115 Thank you
  23. Hello, I looked at Your sample with a UniDBGrid and 3 fixed Columns. I try to set the property LOCKED for my first 3 columns while run time, because I want to output a ClientDataSet, which fields are created at run time. Can You please post me a sample with dynamically set LOCKED-property? Thank You Marcus
  24. uses JvDBGridExport, DBGrids; // Activex; for Word/Excel var mygrid : TDBGrid; myexport : TJvDBGridCSVExport; // myexport : TJvDBGridExcelExport; // myexport : TJvDBGridWordExport; // myexport : TJvDBGridHTMLExport; begin mygrid := TDBGrid.Create(nil); mygrid.DataSource := unimainmodule.myexportdatasource; // CoInitialize(nil); // call only if export to Word/Excel myexport := TJvDBGridCSVExport.Create(nil); // myexport := TJvDBGridExcelExport.Create(nil); // myexport := TJvDBGridWordExport.Create(nil); // myexport := TJvDBGridHTMLExport.Create(nil); myexport.FileName := 'c:\myexport.csv'; myexport.ExportSeparator := esSemiColon; // estab, esComma, esSemiColon myexport.Grid := mygrid; myexport.ExportGrid; // read exceptions in: myexport.LastExceptionMessage; myexport.Free; mygrid.Free; end; If you want to export to Word/Excel, then you have to have Office installed on the Server. Excel can easily read CSV files. You need to have JVCL in your Delphi.
  25. Hi In UniDbGrid ,columns don't get CustomConstraint. I Create UniDbGrid in Runtime and set fields,But UniDbGrid columns don't have CustomConstraint that Field in dataset has. I write below code For i := Columns.Count - 1 DownTo 0 do Columns[i].Field.CustomConstraint:=ASource.DataSet.Fields[i].CustomConstraint; But Show below Error First chance exception at $0040BF8A. Exception class $C0000005 with message 'access violation at 0x0040bf8a: write of address 0x00000094'. Process P.exe (5616) Best Regards.
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