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  1. hi, Is it possible to execute application (exe or cmd) on service side and wait for finish, before sending the file to client Thanks for any advice
  2. carrera

    Export Pdf sometimes data display 0

    Hi adragan, Yes it is. database display the right result, but not for fast report. I will try your solution. thank you
  3. hi, i got a weird case, when user export data to pdf (fast report) sometimes data display incorrectly, ex.the money display 0.00 on the whole page but after restart IIS everything go back to normal. i've checked Unigui log or IIS log not found any errors. *************** Environment *************** Unigui Delphi Tokyo 10.2 Database Firebird Fast Report 5.x IIS 6 Windows Server 2003
  4. Hi, file attached. please look in unidbgrid1.OnAjaxEvent and uniDbgrid1.ClientEvent.ExtEvents thank you Unigui Demo.zip
  5. Hi, Delphi Dev if i comment the line e.keyCode = e.TAB; data is always posted, but the next column is not focus (tab is not simulate) Is it possible to update current value just like this thread ? http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8511-update-grid-cell-clientside/?hl=complete&do=findComment&comment=43629
  6. Hi, I need to perform default key action before focusing to the next unidbgrid column (change enter key to tab key) because sometimes data is not posted to database for now i use the code : function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, oldColumns, eOpts) { columns[i].editor = { selectOnFocus: true, xtype: 'numberfield' ,minValue: 0 ,allowBlank : false ,groupable : false }; .... if (columns[i].getEditor()) { columns[i].getEditor().on('specialkey', function (field, e) { if (e.getKey() == 13) { // perform default key action, force update current edit value // before focusing to the next column e.keyCode = e.TAB; return e.keyCode; ..... } Environment Windows 10 Delphi Tokyo Unigui Google Chrome 59.0.3071.115 Thank you
  7. carrera

    How to disable key press on UniDBGrid

    Work as expected! Thank you
  8. carrera

    How to disable key press on UniDBGrid

    If i want to get value from Another Column, how can i re-write this code Assume user click (Focus) in column B and i need to get value from Column A if (me.column.dataIndex == "2" && ColAValue = "222") { return false; } Thanks
  9. carrera

    How to disable key press on UniDBGrid

    Hi Delphi Dev, I need to revert value before editing or prevent user key into grid if condition met Thanks
  10. Hi, Let's say i have 3 columns in UniDBGrid Row No | ColA | ColB 1 111 + 2 222 + 3 333 - ........ if cursor point on row that ColA Value = '222', i need to disable UniDBGrid key press I Think ExtJS Event can handle this, but not sure how do i call js function function keypress(e, t, eOpts) { var me = MainForm.UniDBGrid1; // not sure how to get dbgrid value in JS // ex. if Dataset.fieldByName('ColA').AsString = '222' then // Key := #0 } Thank you
  11. Hi, I need to check condition in ExtEvents OnKeydown, currently i assign variable by calling UniApplication.UniSession.AddJS('myVar = 1') how can i update myVar or just calling AddJS Again ? Thank you
  12. carrera

    Allow Only IP Range

    Hello, I see TUniServerModule has "BlockedIPList" Property but i don't know how to set value to filter specific ip range. ex. if i want to allow only IP: 111.222.*.* (ip begin with 111.222) to access my site how should i have to set in BlockedIPList property ? Thank you
  13. carrera

    How to Trap Enter in DBGrid and Refresh

    Thanks, It's work great