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  1. In my eyes, it is a bad way to handle large files relying on server memory. Just imagine 10 concurrent users each uploading large files. It can easely blow the unigui server with out of memory. Suggestion to unigui: Just do blockwrites and it is all solved.
  2. itognet

    A mini-guide

    Looks like the wikispaces.com is closed for good. But you can see the lastest version of the unigui wiki here: https://web.archive.org/web/20171014225514/http://unigui.wikispaces.com:80/ Maybe somebody else is interrested in creating a new Wiki ?
  3. I did some tests with the MUpload example. These are my results: Test 1: 548 files, sizes from 1 kb to 22 mb, total size is 1,22 GB Upload time is 16m 30 sec. from one ssd to another ssd / Upload speed is around ~1,19 MB / sec Notes: Then MUpload were very slow building the queue up, at least 1 min. Notes: The MUpload transfers ~100 files at the same times, when 1 file finished it starts another one from the queue. Notes: Maximum memory usage were ~ 24 MB of system memory. Perfect ------- Test 2 20 files, sizes 30 MB to 40 MB each, total size is 630 MB Upload time is 3 min. from
  4. Yes, still on trial. Hoping that unigui soon will be strong enough so it can replace intraweb. I have written a another thread about how uploading files is badly handled by unigui compared to intraweb. Hopefully you one day will look at that issue.
  5. from time to time I update to newest version (unigui). Do you know how I attach images? It ask me for specifying an url for image, I was looking for a attach/upload function?
  6. Thank you about reminding me about an old project that I totally forgot about, a test on how easy a webshop could be acomplished in unigui. I am still just fooling around with unigui, waiting for unigui getting even better so I can migrate from intraweb. Anyway, I did make a test webshop running with 30.000 products (just a csv file converted to database) with no images and no full description. The webshop just shows a table with the filtered products based on 4 categories. If the webshop does not already have the product image, it auto download it on the fly and also shows a produ
  7. DavidIzadaR. I took your idea and changed it alittle :p How about, a little service or a system tray application that does the following: UniPrint monitors the default download folder for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other known browsers. If a downloaded file appears and match this pattern eg. uniprint_[filename].* then print the file to default printer and delete the file afterwards.
  8. DavidIzadaR. I see your idea here But it require software installation at enduser and maintenance of that software. But it could work Ronny Encarnacion. I cannot see how you can use Websockets for remote printing, unless your websockets is based on Davids idea. Will you go in details of your idea, please
  9. I see many asking for direct printing. Direct print can be done like this. Note, it works only in some scenarios. Scenario 1: One location with serveral users using your unigui project. Scenario 2: Your Windows Unigui server is located on same LAN as the clients. Scenario 1 - Over internet: Client printer has to be a network printer and you have to NAT the printer port 9100 at the gateway/firewall/router at client side. Install the Client printer on the Windows Standalone Unigui server using tcpip, use the wan IP for the client (has to be static) and the NATted printer p
  10. I am able to filter a uniDBGrid on normal columns. Works fine. But I cannot filter the grid based on a db-lookup-field-column. The lookup-field-column shows the data fine in the grid, the filter is just not working. The lookup field is created as a lookup field in the FDQuery component, eg. It lookup/shows the Countryname based on countrycode It is a bug or what am I missing?
  11. Place IWFileUploader1 componemt on IWForm1 procedure TIWForm1.IWFileUploader1AsyncUploadCompleted(Sender: TObject; var DestPath, FileName: string; var SaveFile, Overwrite: Boolean); var AlreadyDownloaded: Boolean; begin AlreadyDownloaded := False; if not AlreadyDownloaded then IWFileUploader1.SaveToFile(FileName, 'c:\temp\'+FileName, True); // Inform IWFileUploader that we are taking care of file saving ourselves SaveFile := False; end; Run. Drag and drop 1 or more files to the colored IWFileUploader1. Or just click it and select your files. and upload. When files is u
  12. I am using intraWebs uploader function. I find it alot more stable and flexible, and multi fileupload with ease. I hope one day that uniGui will expand its fileupload function, so I can convert many of my intrawebs projects. For your question. I dont see a problem using the uniServer as it does threading. Admin uploads is just about controlling the login, right.
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