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  1. Hi, My program has a uniPageControl, then I create one newForm in TUniTabSheet, How can I use the "FindComponent" to access the newForm? Thank You.
  2. Hi, I create one panel at runtime, and add the below extEvent to the panel. However, the page shows blank (no error). vOrderPanel.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['afterrender']:=' function afterrender (sender, eOpts)' + '{Sender.setBodyStyle(' + QuotedStr ('border-radius') + ',' + QuotedStr('20px') + ');}'; can I know how to add the extEvent to the panel at RunTime? Thank You.
  3. Hi, The Horizontal Bar is always active, even if not necessary. Any solution for hiding the horizontal bar in the latest version? To reproduce the problem: 1) Drop one uniscrollbox in one form and set 'Align' to alClient. 2) Drop one unipanel into the scrollbox and set its 'Align' to alTop 3) Run the application. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/168-more-questions-and-improvements/ Thank You.
  4. I am using v1.0.0.1397 Thank You.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to add one column to show the row number? and the number will be automatically updated when any row is deleted. Thanks?
  6. clement


    Hi, Is there any document/link to learn how to write the coding of ClientEvents? Thank You.
  7. No. I write the below code in OnChange of the ColA & ColB (clientdataset). ColC.Value := ColA.Value * ColB.Value; The "ColC.Value" will not update in the grid.
  8. Hi, I use one uniDBGrid and clientdateset to allow user to enter value in ColA & ColB. The ColC is the result (ColA x ColB). Formula: ColC = ColA * ColB ColA | ColB | ColC 1 1.5 1.5 2 3 6 2 2.5 5 The DBGrid cannot immediately show the result/value of ColC after the value of ColA & ColB is entered. Can I know how to achieve it? Thank You.
  9. Hi, I use one clientdataset to link to the DBGrid, but it shows the below message when I press the "Refresh" button in DBnavigator. 1) "cdsDeliverDtl: Must apply updates before refreshing data." 2) "cdsUserCart: Missing data provider or data packet." Anyone knows how to solve it? Thank You.
  10. Thanks for your reply. ColA is CheckBox ColA | ColB Row1 True Success (Row1 - ColA ReadOnly Is False) Row2 False Fail (Row2 - ColA ReadOnly Is True) Row3 False Fail (Row3 - ColA ReadOnly Is True) Row4 False Success (Row4 - ColA ReadOnly Is False) It means user can only edit the ColA of Row1 & Row4. function beforeedit(editor, context, eOpts) { var me=context; if ((me.column.dataIndex == "0") && (me.record.data[1] != "Success")) { return false; } } I use the above code, but R
  11. uniGUI Complete Trial Edition 1.0.0 Build 1402 thanks.
  12. Is it possible to set one cell to ReadOnly = True/False? for example, Row 1 -> if the 1st column's value is Y, then the 2nd column is "ReadOnly = True" (cannot edit) Row 2 -> the 1st column's value is N, then the 2nd column is "ReadOnly = False" (can edit)
  13. Hi, I use the Navigator to add one new record, then I want the cursor in the 1st column of the new row. So user can enter the data directly. Any way to do it?
  14. Hi, How can I setfocus & selectAll in one cell? Thank You.
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