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  1. Hello, I looked at Your sample with a UniDBGrid and 3 fixed Columns. I try to set the property LOCKED for my first 3 columns while run time, because I want to output a ClientDataSet, which fields are created at run time. Can You please post me a sample with dynamically set LOCKED-property? Thank You Marcus
  2. Thank You! I found the problem. Because I use for developing a German SQL Server and German Windows 7 and on productive system an American SQL Server with American Windows Settings, I had some problems with German Dates. So I formatted TFields and TUniDBDateTimePicker with dd.mm.yyyy. But I shall use dd.MM.yyyy ! Changing this month-literal to MM solved the problem. Thank You. uniGui - Great Framework!
  3. Hello, I need to enter 31.12.9999 in a UniDBDateTimePicker but it was automatically reset to 01.12.9999. Even if the value in DB (SQL Server) is 31.12.9999, then the Picker shows everytime 01.12.9999. Behavour in VCL Delphi TDateTimePicker is, that I can enter 31.12.9999. I need this for open end date. Is there a fix? I use Personal_1.0.0.1378_RC Greetings Marcus
  4. Hello, I want to install an uniGUI application as a Windows service on my private server. I have several Java applications on TomCat running like: servernname:8080/test/index.html servernname:8080/runnings/index.html servernname:8080/pictures/index.html now I want to run my application like this: servernname:8077/myBrandNewUniGUIApp What shall I do? I Didn't found something like this in docs. Marcus
  5. Hello, yes the folger exists. In the error message there is a blank between folder Dcp and filename: [DCC Fataler Fehler] F2039 Ausgabedatei 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\9.0\Dcp \uSynEdit_R2012.dcp' kann nicht erstellt werden
  6. Hello, I want to install the trial edition, but I can not compile the packages. I get the Error Message [DCC Fataler Fehler] F2039 Ausgabedatei 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\9.0\Dcp \uSynEdit_R2012.dcp' kann nicht erstellt werden I use Delphi XE2 (Professional) and Windows 7 I try to built the File uniGUI_XE2_PlusGroup.groupproj Greetings Marcus
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