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  1. adjust width dropdown TuniCombobox delphi ???

  2. adjust width dropdown TuniCombobox delphi

  3. Hello Sherzod : How are you ? Thanks a lot. Another Subject: I do not know but i delete the title of this topic. I was trying copy the title, but it was deleted. Best regards. Angélica ( Arizmendi Team)
  4. Hello Sherzod: I've made a simple testcase and I attached it. Thanks in advanced. Angélica ( Arizmendi Team). Unit1.dfm Unit1.pas
  5. Hi Dear : We have a problem with TUniComboBox, with Property: Font. I attach a document with the explanation. Thanks in advanced Angélica ( Arizmendi Team) Problem with TUniComboBox Properties .docx
  6. Hi Dear Moderators: It works excelent!!! Thanks a lot!!!! Angélica ( Arizmendi Team)
  7. Posted 06 July 2018 - 03:28 PM Hi !! We have a problem with UniDbNavigator --> Events--> BeforeAction We need that button ->nbInsert can Table.cancel when the process ´s done. Details: 1. I 've made for you 2 very simple test case, 2. 1. In a Form, in VCL: procedure TForm1.DBNavigator1Click(Sender: TObject; Button: TNavigateBtn); begin if Button = nbInsert then IBCTable1.Cancel;
  8. Dear Administrators and Moderators: Thanks a lot!!!!! It works very well. Thanks a lot, again!!!! Angélica ( Arizmendi's Team)
  9. Hi !!! DataBase: Interbase XE7 UNIGUI Version: Thanks in advanced Angélica ( Arizmendi's Team)
  10. Hi: I send a test case ( project: PruebaAnge.rar) Thanks in advanced. Angélica ( Arizmendi 's Team) PruebaAnge.rar
  11. Hi !! We have a problem with UniDBGrid --> Columns - Property : Editor and UniDbGrid --> Property: ReadOnly Details: 1. I 've made for you a test case. 2. In a Form: - A UniDbGrid linked Table: ElFormularios. 1.In Property: Columns --> in Columns ' property-->Editor : we put a component, for example: a UniComboBox ( error appears with all components, we 've test them).
  12. Hi Delphi -UniGUI Developers: Would you have an example of how to do Drag Drop in TUniLisBox? Would you have an example of how to do Drag Drop between two TUniLisBox (items)? I attached a file with screen. Kind Regards Angélica
  13. Hi Please, is there another solution? We need date fomat: dd /mm/yyyy. Best regards; Angélica Versión: Uniguid licenced 1402. We paid it.
  14. Hi !!! Thanks for your answer. I Found an extensible-lang-es.js. how do I include file (extensible-lang-es.js.) in my calendar application ( UniCalendarpanel)? I attached this file, Thanks a lot again. Angélica PD: extensible-lang-es.js 's: if (exists('Extensible.calendar.template.BoxLayout')) { Ext.apply(Extensible.calendar.template.BoxLayout.prototype, { firstWeekDateFormat: 'D d', // e.g. "Lun 01" otherWeeksDateFormat: 'd', singleDayDateFormat: 'l, d \\de F \\de Y', // e.g. "Lunes, 12 de Enero de 2011" multiDay
  15. Hi Delphi -UniGUI Developers: We need your help, 'cause we need date format : 'dd-mm-yyyy',( first day and second month). I write in ClientEvents-->UniEvents; I attached a file ( agenda.png), too. function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.monthViewCfg = { ddCreateEventText: "Evento creado desde {0}", ddMoveEventText: "Evento Modificado desde {0}", ddResizeE
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