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  1. Hi Arilotta, would you share with me your TUniCheckListBox component, because foro isn't posible.


  2. arilotta

    soWipeShadowSessions what's for ?

    Hi all, according to the documentation, soWipeShadowSessions for UniServerModule is used for: "If not in debug mode, the session will timeout in 30 seconds" But applications compiled in release mode will last according to SessionTimeout nevertheless. So, what's the point of this flag ? Thanks Andrea
  3. arilotta

    Client alignment and runtime object creation

    Thank you Sherzod, it works very well !
  4. Hi all, I'm populating a panel with some components created at runtime, and I can't figure out how their placement on the panel using client side alignment. Let's say I have a panel with Layout HBOX, and I want to populate it with and edit on the left and a label on the right. At design time, it is sufficient to have set the Left property value on the Edit lower than the Left property value on the Label; but at runtime it doesn't work... I've tried setting CreationOrder property too, but nothing changes. This is an example: procedure TvFrame18200.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); var e: tuniedit; l:tunilabel; begin l:=tunilabel.Create(self); with l do begin left:=100; createorder:=10; caption:='ciao'; parent:=UniPanel4; end; e:=tuniedit.Create(self); with e do begin left:=0; createorder:=0; parent:=UniPanel4; end; end; The only way to accomplish the desired behaviour is to invert the component creation, but it would complicate coding my application; it is a limitation to create components in the order they will be placed in a panel. Anybody could help me ? Thanks Andrea
  5. arilotta

    MessageDlg supported buttons

    Thank you, with the suggested solution it works. Would it be possible to include all the buttons in the next releases ? Andrea
  6. arilotta

    MessageDlg supported buttons

    Hi all, it seems that MessageDlg function only supports a few different buttons: - mbOk - mbYes - mbNo - mbCancel I am unable to see mbAll, mbNotToAll, mbRetry, ... Is that something that I could fix ? I really need the All button in addition to Yes and No. Thanks Andrea
  7. arilotta

    UniDbGrid scroll with dgEditing

    Yes I did...
  8. arilotta

    UniDbGrid scroll with dgEditing

    Hi all, I would like to scroll with key arrows up and down the grid, even when the grid is in editing mode. I already enabled KeyNavigation in WebOptions, but the grid is navigable using the keys only when not in editing mode. When in editing mode, pressing arrow down, it is the same as pressing key END, that is it moves the cursor to the end of the text; while pressing arrow up, it moves the cursor to the beginning of the text. I would like that pressing arrow down, the current record is posted, and the dataset moves to the next record, while when pressing arrow up, the current record is posted, and the dataset moves to the previous record. Could that be achieved in some way ? Thanks to all the contributors, Andrea
  9. Hi, I need to exchange at runtime the order of some panels in a container whose layout is vbox or hbox. Let's say that at design time there is a container with Layout=vbox, with two children panels: Panel1 and Panel2. At runtime they are positioned based on their Top value at design time, so for example Panel1 before Panel2. How is it possible to excange their order/position at runtime ? I need the possibility to move Panel2 before Panel1... Thanks in advance. Andrea
  10. arilotta

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    Me too I'm experiencing this error, in not reproduceable situations. Build 1485.
  11. Hayri, thank you very much for the hint, I was unaware of the existence of @@ !
  12. Hello, I need a solution too for the same problem. In the following code: procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin try ShowMask( 'blocking mask...'); unisession.synchronize; sleep(1000); showmessage('step 1'); sleep(1000); showmessage('step 2'); sleep(1000); showmessage('step 3'); finally HideMask; end; end; the mask disappears between step 1 and step 2. The same behaviour applies to MessageDlg and ShowModal... Is there a solution ? Blocking masks should remain until they are explicitely hidden with command HideMask, this is the reason for putting them in a try.. finally block....
  13. arilotta

    Different version for different IDE

    Is it better to install different UniGUI versions on different paths ? Thanks
  14. Hi all, we would like to adopt HyperServer in our production environment, and we are undecided between: - ISAPI Module Mode with Apache - Windows Service Mode UniGUI documentation states that both methods are suitable for production, we would like to know which one is the best in terms of: - performance - robustness And what are the advantages/drawbacks of the two methods ? Many thanks to anybody will share their experience/knowledge to help us choose the best solution. Andrea