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  1. Hi, thanks to all of you for the replies. In fact I think that Volk65 is right, while Abaksoft is a little too strict. "global" procedures that do not access (in update mode) global variables should be fine. The issues arise when a global variable is set, while the following should be safe in a "global" procedure not belonging to a class: - create/read/set a local object - read/set procedure params - read a global variable What do you think ?
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if it is safe to use procedures not belonging to a class in UniGUI, for example: function IfThenElse(Condizione: Boolean; CondTrue: string; CondFalse: string): string; begin if Condizione then Result := CondTrue else Result := CondFalse; end; In the documentation, it is specified to not use global variables, but nothing is told about global procedures. Thanks for all the replies. Andrea

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    how to get the key press event,I have know your js,but where to do and how to do something when enter is pressed,for example showMessage("fired");

  4. arilotta

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    I need to popup a dialog when the user presses F2 that allows them to insert custom pre-configured text in the component. Gerhard IV, your point is true, I changed the JS supplied by Sherzod in the following way, passing therefore only the F2 key via Ajax: function initialize(sender, eOpts) { var me=sender; me.getDoc().addEventListener("keydown", function(e){ if (e.keyCode==113) { ajaxRequest(me, 'keydown', ['key='+e.keyCode]) } }); }
  5. arilotta

    2 version of unigui on one computer

    Hi all, I'm very interested in this. We have a couple of applications written with build 1425 (ExtJS 4.2), and we want to plan the upgrade to the latest version, usign ExtJS 6.5. We need to test all the customizations that we made to the CSS and the custom JS code developed, in order to be sure it is compatible with Ext JS 6.5, and to change it were needed. In the meanwhile, we need to support the projects, so we need to be able to fix eventual issues and to upgrade them. Which is the most convenient way to have different versions of UniGUI installed on the same RAD Studio? It is necessay to change folder names to activate one version instead of another ? What about registry ? Please provide some simple steps (including installation) in order to have a development environment with multiple UniGUI versions. Thanks Andrea
  6. arilotta

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    Hey Delphi Dev, are you ? I see that you changed your nickname, now it's "Sherzod", but I believe it's you...
  7. arilotta

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    Thank you Delphi Dev. It works perfectly !
  8. arilotta

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    Hi all, it seems that UniHTMLMemo does not fire events OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp. Is there any workaround ? Thanks Andrea
  9. arilotta

    Change TabSheet PageIndex at runtime

    Wow, thank you, it works perfectly !
  10. Hi all, changing by code the PageIndex of a TUniTbaShet does not change its position, like at the design time. I think there is the need to call some JS to have the TUniPageControl refreshed. Could someone help me please ? I found a thread to enable dragging the tabs at runtime, but I only need to change tab positions by code. Thanks Andrea
  11. arilotta

    Grid indicator

    I've found a possible solution looking at thread: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6884-unidbgrid-rowselect/?hl=selectionchange&do=findComment&comment=35012 In addition to use "cellModel.deselect" and "cellModel.selectionchange", I used grid OnAfterLoad event to initialize the grid afetr being loaded: procedure TFrameDlgEvent20011.GRDCatAfterLoad(Sender: TUniDBGrid); begin UniSession.AddJS(GRDCat.JSName+'.view.getNode('+IntToStr(GRDCat.CurrGridRow)+').className = ''x-grid-row x-grid-data-row x-grid-row-selected'''); end; CurrGridRow is the CurrRow protected property defined in TUniBasicGrid that can be accessed using the usual THackGrid trick or a class helper, like a did (to access protected members....): type TUniDBGridHelper = class helper for TUniDBGrid ... ...
  12. arilotta

    Grid indicator

    Hi Delphi Dev, getting back again to you... Is it possible to achieve the same result with dgRowSelect=FALSE and dgEditing=TRUE ? Thanks Andrea
  13. arilotta

    Change LayoutConfig.Flex at runtime

    Thank you Delphi Dev, it works perfetcly !
  14. arilotta

    Change LayoutConfig.Flex at runtime

    Tried the following, but nothing happens. UniPanel2.layoutconfig.Flex:=1; UniPanel2.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.setConfig({flex:1});'); UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCall('doLayout', []); // UniPanel1 <----------
  15. arilotta

    Change LayoutConfig.Flex at runtime

    Yes, build 1425 has ExtJS v.