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  1. Good morning everyone. How i can do it under unigui to make some cells editable and some of them not editable in a UniDBGrid in the same row. Thanks for any help
  2. Good Day to all of you. I am having an issue with the UniStringGrid, I Would like to Load HTML to a cell in the Grid, i managed to do this, however i have a gaps in the Cells This is the UniStringGrid and Between the cells there are Gaps how i can remove this? The Code that its in the Cells: function TPricePanel.GetBoxTXT(ADayNo, RightText, LeftText, BoxColor : string) : string; begin Result:= //'<div class="container" style="min-width:' + Self.DefaultColWidth.ToString +'px; min-height:' + Self.DefaultRowHeight.ToString + 'px; position: relative; background-color: ' + BoxColor + ';">' + #13#10 + '<div style="margin: 0px; min-width:' + Self.DefaultColWidth.ToString +'px; min-height:' + Self.DefaultRowHeight.ToString + 'px; position: relative; background-color:' + BoxColor + ';">'+ #13#10 + '<div style="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 10px;" >' + #13#10 + '<p style="font-size: 12px;">' + ADayNo + '</p>' + #13#10 + '</div>' + #13#10 + '<div style="position: absolute; bottom: 0; right: 10px;">' + #13#10 + '<p style="font-size: 15px;">' + RightText + '</p>' + #13#10 + '</div>' + #13#10 + '<div style="position: absolute; bottom: 0; left: 10px;" >' + #13#10 + '<p style="font-size: 15px;">' + LeftText+ '</p>' + #13#10 + '</div>' + #13#10 + '</div>'; //'<div class="box" style="background: blue;"></div>'; end; Thanks for any kind of help
  3. Currently we're using this structure to processing the incoming WebAPI requests. I added URL redirect function with separate main-server. We'll follow this structure to setup the HyperServer as well after we finished our project. The security and safety is the first that's why we never put App.Server directly to internet. Behind a firewall and Apache reverse proxy. The router protects the servers with ddos and flood protection. The loadbalance reverse proxy making the https with LetsEncrypt and chooses a AppServer by number of requests. Sorry for the schematic picture.
  4. Oh come on guys. 😩 Use Apache reverse proxy with load balancing. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=apache+reverse+proxy+with+load+balance&t=newext&atb=v253-1&ia=web It works. Simple and usefully. Leave the Hyperserver as it is. The 3rd option what you prefer is a security nightmare! The uniGUI has more important issues which are still waiting to fix them. I don't want to link the thread where the subscribers complain about the quality of support.
  5. Hello Sherzod, I'd like to ask you something, Regarding this thread, how did you do that the other panels collapsed by automatically? I try to find out but I couldn't. Thank you for your help! Franco
  6. Good day everyone I am having some issues with UniActionList, I wrote a component which stores to DB each time someone execute a Action, however i facing an issue when i put the Action on a button it doesn't call the Action.execute which i need in order to store the action in the DB. However this whole thing is working in VCL. procedure TMainForm.actADD_NEW_COSTUMERExecute(Sender: TObject); begin con1.Open; lst1.Items.Add('act_new'); - like this not end; procedure TMainForm.mgctnlst_OpenModulesMGExecute(Action: TBasicAction; var Handled: Boolean); begin lst1.Items.Add(Action.Name); end; procedure TMainForm.unbtbtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin actADD_NEW_COSTUMER.Execute; --Liks this works end; The "TMainForm.actADD_NEW_COSTUMERExecute(Sender: TObject);" is on the button onClick evet like this not working its not calling the Execute procedure in the Action But Like this works "procedure TMainForm.unbtbtn1Click(Sender: TObject);" If anybody faced the same issue and someone managed to solve it, i would glad to any kind of help.
  7. Good day everyone I am building an app where i have to populate a UniTreeView from UniMenuItems in code. ItemTree is a UniTreeView ItemList Is a TList of UniMenuItems Code : procedure TdtfrmFolderBuilder.RefreshFolder; var xItem : TCostumeMenuItem; function GetParent(AParentID : integer) : TCostumeMenuItem; var xI :Integer; begin for xI := 0 to ItemList.Count -1 do begin if ItemList[xI].ITEM_ID = AParentID then begin Result := ItemList[xI]; exit; end; end; Result := TCostumeMenuItem(nil); end; procedure PrepareTreeView; begin if Assigned(ItemTree) then begin ItemTree.Free; lst1.Items.Add('DDes'); end; ItemTree := TUniTreeView.Create(Self); lst1.Items.Add('Created'); ItemTree.OnClick := ItemTreeClick; //ItemTree.OnAjaxEvent := ItemTreeAjax; lst1.Items.Add('Events Added'); ItemTree.Items.Clear; lst1.Items.Add('Items Cleared'); end; begin PrepareTreeView; ItemTree.BeginUpdate; fdtrnsctn_buildfulltree.StartTransaction; fdqry_buildfulltree.Open; ItemList.Clear; unmntms_folder.Items.Clear; while fdqry_buildfulltree.Eof = false do begin xItem := TCostumeMenuItem.Create(Self); xItem.ID := fdqry_buildfulltree.FieldByName('O_ID').AsInteger; xItem.Tag := xItem.ID; xItem.HID := fdqry_buildfulltree.FieldByName('O_HID').AsInteger; xItem.ITEM_ID := fdqry_buildfulltree.FieldByName('O_ITEM_ID').AsInteger; xItem.PARENT_ID := fdqry_buildfulltree.FieldByName('O_PARENT_ITEM_ID').AsInteger; xItem.ItemName := fdqry_buildfulltree.FieldByName('finalname').AsString; xItem.Caption := xItem.ItemName; xItem.Name := 'btn_' + xItem.ID.ToString; ItemList.Add(xItem); fdqry_buildfulltree.Next; end; fdqry_buildfulltree.Close; fdtrnsctn_buildfulltree.Commit; for xItem in ItemList do begin if xItem.PARENT_ID = 0 then begin unmntms_folder.Items.Add(xItem); //unpmn_detail1.Items.Add(xItem); end else begin GetParent(xItem.PARENT_ID).Add(xItem); end; end; lst1.Items.Add('Finished Vir Tree Build Totale : ' +unmntms_folder.Items.Count.ToString); ItemTree.Align := alLeft; ItemTree.Parent := Self; ItemTree.Width := 350; ItemTree.SourceMenu := unmntms_folder; lst1.Items.Add('Source menu added'); ItemTree.EndUpdate; lst1.Items.Add('Item count in SOurce : ' + unmntms_folder.Items.Count.ToString + ' Count in View : ' + ItemTree.Items.Count.ToString); end; The problem is after i add the source menu ItemTree.items.count returning a 0 i check in both debug mode and its a 0 however i can see the items in runtime. Why is this happening and how i can fix this issue. Thanks for any kind of help
  8. Good evening Everyone I am trying to use UniGui SendFile procedure and every time i run the procedure i am getting this error Cannot create file "T:\ProgramsCompiled\testapp\cache\testapp_exe\jg6jWWQ8qK10851E524\$$$\files\dressimages\L02\L0201001506_1.jpg". The system cannot find the path specified. and my code is this CurrentFile := \files\dressimages\L02\L0201001506_1.jpg procedure TdtFormTest.act_downloadExecute(Sender: TObject); var imgpath : string; begin imgpath := CurrentFile; UniSession.SendFile(imgpath); end; Did anyone got this error if yes how i can fix it. Thanks for any kind of help
  9. Good day everyone I would like to make my PageController to work in a multiline mode as its possible in normal win32 desktop app. Is it possible to make it under UniGui, if yes how its possible because i havent found a property like in win32 VCL app. Thanks for any kind of help
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