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  1. leons

    Silly question

    Hi, I have a silly question. Forgive me for asking it. I'm a big fan of Unigui, but the only delphi developer in the company. The other guys are .Net developers. They like what I have shown and we bought an extra license, but learning the language is an issue. Would it be possible, for the future to port, Unigui to .Net? I have no idea if this is technically possible, I'm just curious. Regards Leon
  2. leons


    Something went wrong with my iPhone or so, sorry for the useless response.....
  3. leons


    VNG NCMV Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk Pro
  4. leons

    Problems GROWL

  5. leons

    problem with unitreemenu

    Hi It happens if you set ExpanderFirst to True. If you set it to false it's looking fine. Leon
  6. leons

    Notification by the browser with Unigui

    Hi Fenix, Works on my local machine for Chrome, IE and Edge with the program as stand-alone server. On IIS/ISAPI on the server as dll, only Edge is working. Any idea? Leon
  7. leons

    Forms TDI - Tabs

    Great! I had a problem with this, earlier this week. Thanks to you I have solved it.
  8. leons

    Json To Delphi Class

  9. leons

    application settings

    Hi, What is the best and secure way to store application settings like databaseconnection, password e.g. (like web.config or app.config, in .Net) regards Leon
  10. Hi, Is it possible to disable certain dates/days in the UniDBDateTimePicker control? For example, I don't want a user to select a date in the past or a certain day in the week. Regards Leon
  11. leons

    Rest components thread safe

    The standard ones. TRestClient, TRestRequest, TRestResponse, TRestResponseDatasetAdapter
  12. leons

    Rest components thread safe

    Hi, To be sure, are the Rest components thread safe? regards Leon
  13. leons

    Theme doesn't change

    Hi, I'm evaluating Unigui and I'm very impressed.... Recently I installed the Berlin 10.1 update and reinstalled Unigui trial edition. Since then I can't change the themes. I have tried the demo's without succes... Am I missing something or is this feature not available in the latest trial edition?. BTW I cannot change the Theme in the object inspector. If I select a different theme, the value jumps back to default theme. regards Leon
  14. leons

    Google maps with pin

    Hi, See http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2363-google-maps-for-unigui/ Regards Leon