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  1. More info at http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/iis_7_0.htm
  2. MainModule.EnableSynchronousOperations must be set to true.?
  3. You need then to put the 32-bit versions of libeay32 and ssleay32 dll in the Windows\SYSWOW64 folder. (I agree that it is easy to believe that this folder is for 64-bit dlls, but it is the other way around because of historic reasons I believe. ) (Another options is probably to make sure your path is adjusted with an early entry pointing to your folder containing the libeay and ssleay)
  4. Is it a network share you are copying from? If so also access to that is needed to the said users/app pool
  5. It must be related to your application's App pool user has not write rights in the c:\temp folder. So add write rights for your app.pool user and/or for the built in users/user group - IIS_IUSRS and IUSR
  6. Or use another of the unipanel components...? Tunipanel tunisimplepanel
  7. Hi, I read the params directly in the UniGUIMainModuleBeforeLogin procedure when returned back, and sets handled := True. (Just few internal users so just create a state string stored in uniservermodule before the redirect.) CallBackFrom:=UniguiApplication.UniApplication.parameters.Values['oauth2callback']; if CallBackFrom='' then exit; UniLog('Mainmodule beforeLogin.Params:' + uniGUIApplication.UniApplication.Parameters.Text); UniMainmodule.AzureAuthCode:=UniguiApplication.UniApplication.Parameters.Values['code']; State:=UniguiApplication.U
  8. You should be able to do a manifest in json format - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Manifest If you want to create an IOS Splash screen - look at this link https://appsco.pe/developer/splash-screens
  9. I assume this should work with unimEdit as well. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/15465-uniedit-and-android-soft-keyboard/&do=findComment&comment=85005
  10. So if you put a breakpoint in the code and step it line by line, everyting works as expected, but not the query?
  11. What i meant was that you can’t call anything in the mainmodule from the servermodule. The mainmodule is linked to a specific user, the servermodule is not (singleton). So the sql and the db connection in the servermodule usually needs to be created in the servermodule.
  12. Are you sure you don't get any error when starting them? What does the log files say? Nothing?
  13. Hi, There is no mainmodule created/linked to the server module, so all objects needs to be located for it in the server module itself. (ie the connection to the db.) //Alf
  14. ...and you are assigning different ports on them?
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