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what timeout to use?


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In a unigui desktop program we have the ajaxTimeOut set to 60000 and sessionTimeOut set to 1800000. The person doing the demo of our program to a customer said that after doing nothing for 2 minutes when they clicked on a link in the program were redirected to the page indicating a session expired. Logically, this would be the ajaxTimeOut property? Please confirm. And if so, what is the largest time I can set this parameter to?


On a related manner, when the session does in fact timeout, rather than display a page that shows the session expired that has the link to restart the program - which in our case goes to a login page, is it possible to redirect the user login page instead  as that would save the user from having to click on the link?


If not, can we change the text and background on the page that is displayed when the session expires?


thanks in advance,


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19 hours ago, Farshad Mohajeri said:

For session time out You can put a timer and set dummyEvents property to True.

Ok. where? mainmodule? servermodule?

And just putting a timer and setting that property to true? With no aditional code?

Please clarify.



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