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Fast Reports - Issue


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I am wondering if anyone is using FastReports with DBISAM or any other DB. I seem to have a problem with creating a new report. I cannot get data to display into the bands of the reports. I can get data to show on the page but not in a master or detail band. Pages will print with my titles one page per record without data if set to first and last records, and only one page if set to current record. Just cannot see data and why one page for every record.


I did create a uniGUI web application where I have to show and print only one record as a PDF. That has worked great for months as it prints on the page of the report without bands.  I seem to be having a problem when I try to create a report to print multiple records using bands. I am not sure if this is new or something just not possible with uniGUI.


I did have some issues back in Dec. where data was not showing on second grids on tabbed pages but that was resolved. I am not sure if this is related.


Hoping someone can  help on this. I have all my report components in my datamodule. I am using Delphi XE, DBISAM 4.40  uniGUI .99 Fast Reports 4.13 and Windows 7 Ultimate.



John P.

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I believe this has to do with the grid or data source. I am running my grid on a tabbed page, which I know was a issue in the past. I also tried different groupings and sort orders in my SQL clauses. Sometimes data from my query would not show on the grid, which I know was correct. I also made sure I had grouping turned off on my grid as that seemed to cause some problems as I tried to get working.


Again here once I started from scratch I could get my queries working but not reports. It almost seems like a table with some null values in columns may had something to do with it or data is cached and not clearing but I could not verify.


My PDF report prints without data and one record per page. I did a test in native Delphi and it works. I have not tried to revert back to a previous version, which I would rather not do in case of some other corruption.

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I had the same problems with another connection type.

In the end I created the frxReport object every time I wanted to run a report and freed the object after sending the pdf to the client;

Don't forget to call frxReport.Clear after frxReport.Create(nil)

Don't use frxDBConnections because they are not supposed to be thread-safe.

Another annoying issue is that the report closes the connection to the database every time it finishes the report.

This could be solved by placing on every report a Database component and setting it's properties before running the report.

This in it's turn somehow generates the "Session timeout " message in the log.

With these general lines reports works most of the time.

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Thanks for the tips and insight. I knew there was something disrupting the data connection but it is beyond me to figure out. Looks like we may need some updated docs and examples for Fast Reports or any other option.  Maybe Farshad and others such as yourself can help with further tweaking these issues in due time. PDF reports are a crutial requirement for me. It is so great the you are willing to share your your tips to help resovle.




John P.

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