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  1. Hello, I have been using uniGUI well over 5 years now. I am pleased with what it has done for me and my customers. I have two applications that worked quite well on one machine as a sole server. One program runs a delivery order system for customers and the other is a manifest and reporting system for drivers. With the implementation of Hyperserver, my second driver application has become very slow to load once it gets passed the login. It takes over 30 seconds to show and load the next form and sometimes not at all, but works fine once it is loaded. I use DBISAM for a database as I have
  2. Thanks that worked. I was trying to use L instead of a and 0 instead of 9, which did not work for me.
  3. I am wondering if there are any examples of input masks, and maybe further explanation of the uniEdit properties that someone can provide. I am trying to create an input mask for a Canadian postal code, which I cannot seem to get to work using L9L-9L9 as an example that uses alpha and numeric values. I am using uniGUI version John P
  4. I seem to have resolved my issue. I had to make sure that my autosession name was set to true, and set my session and tables to be active on my main form to allow the login I created . I do have my session component in the data module that I created as suggested. I may have not been calling my session tables to be active soon enough. I had to give a bit of time (sleep 2000) to allow the table I needed to login to open. I also removed the private directory setting on my server module since the private directory property no longer exists in recent versions of DBISAM. Also, somehow
  5. Has anyone used SM Report Designer by Scalabium Software with uniGUI for reports and generating PDFs? What about Rave Reports ? I have use Fast Reports in the past. Because of tighter budgets I am forced to look at other lower cost options when upgrading Delphi versions and all the 3rd party tools, which for me is becoming too costly for all the tools I use. John P.
  6. I would think it just two lines of code for my DBISAMSession1 Remoteuser Remotepassword properties that I tried to add to the servermodule that gave me an error. I am using a datamodule with my project with all DBISAM components and don't have them on my mainmodule, or perhaps there is another error altogether. I tried three different backups that worked before. Sorry, I don't have a sample, just my project, which is quite large. Can you just provide a sample of lines of code I could try? I tried to put my DBISAMSession component on the server as mentioned before with the same result. I
  7. I tried to add my session and the credentials to the server module with the same results. Can you provide a sample as you are suggesting? I have other client server database applications using the same DBISAM dataset without error, so I don't think it is a DBISAM issue. Thanks, John
  8. Hello All I have a DBISAM application that reads credentials from the RemoteUser and Remote Password properties of a DBISAM client-server session. This has worked very well for many years with UNIGUI version I recently migrated the application to a new Windows 10 Pro computer, and at the same time upgraded to DBISAM 4.48 build 6. It was running on a Windows 10 Pro system before. I also have been away from all of this for a couple of years since everything was working so well. The issue I am having is that I get a DBISAM 11287 error. It seems the credentials I use wit
  9. johnp

    Edit Mask

    I am wondering if it is possible to mask in this format as an example. S7T1A6. This is an example of a Canadian postal code that I use with the same position of characters and numbers. I know as an alternative I could have a separate edit box for each character or number and then validate and join to get the correct format on entry. Just looking to see if there is an easier way. John P.
  10. Questions for use. 1. UnimDBSelect on a query. a). First the records do not seem to tag or go to the record of a selected item from the UnimDBSelect list. It tried two ways to add to my UnimDBSelectlist. I checked the autoadd properety as true. The autoadd property does not add all records at once. Onlty if I nagivate through each record one at a time with a navigaor then it will add to the UnimDBSelect list. B. I tried to add items to my UnimDBSelect as below wih the same result that once poplulated it does not seem to match or tag to the record after a selection is made. UnimEdit3.Clea
  11. OK thanks. I am away for a few days and will let you know some results and present some code.
  12. Thanks for the tips and insight. I knew there was something disrupting the data connection but it is beyond me to figure out. Looks like we may need some updated docs and examples for Fast Reports or any other option. Maybe Farshad and others such as yourself can help with further tweaking these issues in due time. PDF reports are a crutial requirement for me. It is so great the you are willing to share your your tips to help resovle. Thanks John P.
  13. I believe this has to do with the grid or data source. I am running my grid on a tabbed page, which I know was a issue in the past. I also tried different groupings and sort orders in my SQL clauses. Sometimes data from my query would not show on the grid, which I know was correct. I also made sure I had grouping turned off on my grid as that seemed to cause some problems as I tried to get working. Again here once I started from scratch I could get my queries working but not reports. It almost seems like a table with some null values in columns may had something to do with it or data is ca
  14. Can you send a example JvDBGridExcelExport to set the properties. I cannot enter the name of the uniGUIgrid in the JvDBGridExcelExport grid property.
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