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  1. johnp

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    I would think it just two lines of code for my DBISAMSession1 Remoteuser Remotepassword properties that I tried to add to the servermodule that gave me an error. I am using a datamodule with my project with all DBISAM components and don't have them on my mainmodule, or perhaps there is another error altogether. I tried three different backups that worked before. Sorry, I don't have a sample, just my project, which is quite large. Can you just provide a sample of lines of code I could try? I tried to put my DBISAMSession component on the server as mentioned before with the same result. I will try maybe to come up with a sample to test the login and connection. If it works for you, could you just provide just a few more details. In the meantime I will try to create a sample but will take a few days as I am more than busy. I do get a connection in the IDE when I set my session property active to true in the IDE, but again when I deploy it DBISAM prompts for a user name and password server side that it did not do before, which the credentials also do not work even though they are correct. My other regular client server apps works fine with the same login methods on the same computer. Thanks, John
  2. johnp

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    I tried to add my session and the credentials to the server module with the same results. Can you provide a sample as you are suggesting? I have other client server database applications using the same DBISAM dataset without error, so I don't think it is a DBISAM issue. Thanks, John
  3. johnp

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    Hello All I have a DBISAM application that reads credentials from the RemoteUser and Remote Password properties of a DBISAM client-server session. This has worked very well for many years with UNIGUI version I recently migrated the application to a new Windows 10 Pro computer, and at the same time upgraded to DBISAM 4.48 build 6. It was running on a Windows 10 Pro system before. I also have been away from all of this for a couple of years since everything was working so well. The issue I am having is that I get a DBISAM 11287 error. It seems the credentials I use with setting RemoteUser or RemotePassword with Uni edit boxes that I have always used in the app will no longer work, and will not work when the login window pops up to enter the user name and password from the application. My other client server applications that access the same DBISAM database works fine on a Windows 10 machine. Otherwise the application seems to load fine. There seems to be something gone wrong in the translation with the login to the database, which I am not sure where the issue is. The other issue is that the DBISAM login dialog box pops up on the server side since the application cannot use the data to log in as I have, and even if I try to enter credentials on the server access is denied with again the DBISAM 11287 error when my UniGui appplication is running. Any insight will be appreciated. I am looking both here and asked DBISAM (Elevate Software) for support to try to figure this out. On another note. It would be nice if we maybe had a forum for Database Connectivity. John Postnikoff, Canada
  4. johnp

    Edit Mask

    I am wondering if it is possible to mask in this format as an example. S7T1A6. This is an example of a Canadian postal code that I use with the same position of characters and numbers. I know as an alternative I could have a separate edit box for each character or number and then validate and join to get the correct format on entry. Just looking to see if there is an easier way. John P.
  5. johnp

    Mobile - UnimDBSelect

    Questions for use. 1. UnimDBSelect on a query. a). First the records do not seem to tag or go to the record of a selected item from the UnimDBSelect list. It tried two ways to add to my UnimDBSelectlist. I checked the autoadd properety as true. The autoadd property does not add all records at once. Onlty if I nagivate through each record one at a time with a navigaor then it will add to the UnimDBSelect list. B. I tried to add items to my UnimDBSelect as below wih the same result that once poplulated it does not seem to match or tag to the record after a selection is made. UnimEdit3.Clear; DataModule.QryNameList.Filter:= 'Receiver LIKE ''%'+UnimEdit3.Text+'%'''; while not DA3DataModule.QryRoutes.Eof do begin UnimList1.Items.Add(DataModule.QryNameList.FieldByName('Lastname').AsString); DataModule.QryNameList.refresh; end; What is the best way to populate? Do I have to create code to tag a record from a UnimDBSelect list and query? 2. The size of EXe seems to has nearly tripled in size with adding mobile components to my application. From 9mb to 26mb Why is it so big, or can I configure the use of the librarys differently? 3. What is the flex property on dbedits?
  6. johnp

    Fast Reports - Issue

    OK thanks. I am away for a few days and will let you know some results and present some code.
  7. johnp

    Fast Reports - Issue

    Thanks for the tips and insight. I knew there was something disrupting the data connection but it is beyond me to figure out. Looks like we may need some updated docs and examples for Fast Reports or any other option. Maybe Farshad and others such as yourself can help with further tweaking these issues in due time. PDF reports are a crutial requirement for me. It is so great the you are willing to share your your tips to help resovle. Thanks John P.
  8. johnp

    Fast Reports - Issue

    I believe this has to do with the grid or data source. I am running my grid on a tabbed page, which I know was a issue in the past. I also tried different groupings and sort orders in my SQL clauses. Sometimes data from my query would not show on the grid, which I know was correct. I also made sure I had grouping turned off on my grid as that seemed to cause some problems as I tried to get working. Again here once I started from scratch I could get my queries working but not reports. It almost seems like a table with some null values in columns may had something to do with it or data is cached and not clearing but I could not verify. My PDF report prints without data and one record per page. I did a test in native Delphi and it works. I have not tried to revert back to a previous version, which I would rather not do in case of some other corruption.
  9. johnp

    export to XLS or CSV

    Can you send a example JvDBGridExcelExport to set the properties. I cannot enter the name of the uniGUIgrid in the JvDBGridExcelExport grid property.
  10. johnp

    Fast Reports - Issue

    I am wondering if anyone is using FastReports with DBISAM or any other DB. I seem to have a problem with creating a new report. I cannot get data to display into the bands of the reports. I can get data to show on the page but not in a master or detail band. Pages will print with my titles one page per record without data if set to first and last records, and only one page if set to current record. Just cannot see data and why one page for every record. I did create a uniGUI web application where I have to show and print only one record as a PDF. That has worked great for months as it prints on the page of the report without bands. I seem to be having a problem when I try to create a report to print multiple records using bands. I am not sure if this is new or something just not possible with uniGUI. I did have some issues back in Dec. where data was not showing on second grids on tabbed pages but that was resolved. I am not sure if this is related. Hoping someone can help on this. I have all my report components in my datamodule. I am using Delphi XE, DBISAM 4.40 uniGUI .99 Fast Reports 4.13 and Windows 7 Ultimate. Thanks, John P.
  11. johnp

    Questions & Answers

    I was looking for details to upgrade to the Complete version from the Pro version. Is that option still in the works, or will that be available when.99 is out.
  12. johnp

    a dbgrid for mobile version

    Do you have any idea when that may be. Sorry to persist. I am doing some planning to schedule my work. Just want to know if it will be more than a month or two so I have something to tell my customer. John P.
  13. johnp

    a dbgrid for mobile version

    I would like to see the same along with DB labels for mobile development. I am wondering if some kind of time estimate if and when these components will be available as I have a commercial project to do. Just want to do some planning. Thanks. John P.
  14. johnp

    Anyone Using in Production

    We have software that is called Dispatch Assist, Dispatch Manager and Mobile Manifest here in Canada. Our original Dispatch Assist program was an Internet waybill and delivery order system for courier companies. customer reports, and queries. My first version was done with Dephi and Intraweb, and DBISAM as the database. In 2014 it was converted to run under Delphi XE and uniGUI. I still use DBISAM as the database that is also proven to be awesome for me. I also evaluated Webbuilder by Elevate Software, which is also a great stable product, however uniGUI had better options, more components for my needs that I can understand in put into place within Delphi. My main application has more than twenty forms and can be easily adapted for us to many other customers that distribute or process product. uniGUI allows developers to make money instead of being at the mercy of having to buy many Delphi upgrades, extra third party components, and extra frequent subscriptions that had disappointing and costly support. I am very happy with this product, and so are my customers. There are some quirks, as with any web application. But those are being worked out. The main reason I stuck with it after evaluation is because of the great support all around, especially from members who share their time here, along with functionality and design. And for me is priced just right. John P. Track Information Systems - Canada
  15. johnp

    Shared data module

    Sorry for not being as clear as I should have. I was referring my existing uniGUI datamodule as a non visual form and not any native Delphi forms. Thanks for the help and quick answer.