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Google Map New Component

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in procedure


Procedure TUniGoogleMap.SetHTML ;
Var AjaxUrl, AjaxParam : String ;
  If Not (csDesigning in ComponentState) And WebMode And Not SameText(FMapName, 'GoogleMap_Name') Then
    AjaxParam := 'isEvent=1&Obj='+ Self.ExtPanel.JSName + '&evt=maploaded' + '&_S_ID='+ UniApplication.UniSession.SessionID ;
    HTML.Text := '<div id="' + FMapName + 'Tag" style="width:100%; height:100%"></div><script>'+FMapName+' = new GoogleMapObject("' + FMapName + 'Tag",' + FloatToStr(FDefaultMapLat, LocalFS)+','+ FloatToStr(FDefaultMapLng, LocalFS) + ',' + IntToStr(FDefaultMapZoom) + ',' +  QuotedStr( AjaxParam ) + ') ;</script>' ;

can not find Self.ExtPanel.JSName


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Hi all


I Developed UniGoogleMap component for uniGUI.


Last Version 1.4.2 ( For Delphi XE - XE2)

Last Update 2011-12-07


important: must be install veriosn uniGUI ver or later.


This component is a subclass of TUniHTMLFrame.

So i write a Objective Class for using GoogleMap API (files\GMap.js).

I used Google Map API V3.0

This Class uses a third party Class (markerwithlabel.js).


Attention: when you put this component on the form first set MapName property. If you want use multiple Map on your project, must be set unique name for this property.


After Install this component add in [uniGUI Additional] section of uniGUI components.


I add many future as soon as.


Many Thanks to Mr. Farshad for this usefull framework.





Best Regards

Babak Yaghoobi





How Install in Delphi Berlin ?

Please Help me 


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