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  1. Hayri ASLAN

    Design Workflow Diagram

  2. UniFlowChart is based on mxGraph. mxGraph is a JavaScript diagramming library that enables interactive graph and charting applications to be quickly created that run natively in any major browser that is supported by its vendor. UnimBarcodeScanner is based on ZXing TypeScript. ZXing ("zebra crossing") TypeScript is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library ported to TypeScript from Java. NOTE: YOU HAVE TO USE HTTPS TO WORK WITH CAMERAS. Demo link: https://yildizehm.com/Intibak/elk/MobileBarcodeScanner.dll/m UniGUIOS.zip
  3. Hello, I am creating set of components. Feel free to send me javascript libraries to make them an UniGUI component and add to this package. You can find good libraries from this web sites : https://www.javascripting.com http://www.bestjquery.com/ https://bestofjs.org/ https://awesomerepos.com/javascript # Changelog ## [10 Sep 2019] - UniOSPaypalButtons Link ## [11 Apr 2020] - UniWebCam and UniVideoPanel Link ## [09 Jul 2020] UniFlowChart and UnimBarcodeScanner Link Please change this based on your delphi version. http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/en/Compiler_Versions UniGUIOS.dpk
  4. Hayri ASLAN

    QZ Tray 2.0 Raw Printing

    Hi Let me work on this
  5. Hayri ASLAN

    About Login Form

    Merhaba MainModule her formdan ulaşılabilir olduğu için ortak fonksiyonlarınızı mainmodule üzerine koymanız doğru bir düşüncedir.
  6. Hayri ASLAN

    Event on trigger

    Hi, You can't change the trigger class after rendered. Please add 2 triggers to the edit. Set both visible:=True; On ready of form hide one of them: with UniEdit1, JSInterface do begin JSCall('triggers.t2.hide'); end; And if you want to show the other one when you click to button use : with UniEdit1, JSInterface do begin JSCall('triggers.t1.hide'); JSCall('triggers.t2.show'); end;
  7. Hayri ASLAN

    How to Hide Tabs on UnimTabPanel

    Hi, Confirmed. For now, can you use the below code to hide and show the tabsheet? with UnimTabSheet2, JSInterface do begin JSCall('tab.hide', []); end; with UnimTabSheet2, JSInterface do begin JSCall('tab.show', []); end;
  8. Hayri ASLAN

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    Yes, it is an UniGUI component. It might be in UniGUI OpenSource package.
  9. Hayri ASLAN

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    Hi, I'm currently working on Mobile Barcode Scanner. You can see the uncompleted demo from here: https://yildizehm.com/Intibak/elk/MobileBarcodeScanner.dll/m
  10. You can use this code to enable and disable it. YourGridJSName.editingPlugin.getEditor().floatingButtons.items.get(0).disable(); YourGridJSName.editingPlugin.getEditor().floatingButtons.items.get(0).enable();
  11. Hayri ASLAN

    drawing on unimap in runtime

    Hi, In the demo, we explained clearly how to create a vector. You will use onMapClick event to create a vector
  12. Hayri ASLAN

    UniMenuButton Color Arrow

    Hi, Which theme are you using?
  13. Hi, Which version are you using?
  14. Hayri ASLAN

    How to do Execute function?

    Hi Please check UniSweetAlert.execute function. You will get an idea how to do it.
  15. Hayri ASLAN

    How to show svg file in UniHTML Frame

    Hi, Can you please specify which edition and build of UniGUI are you using?
  16. Hayri ASLAN

    Form ShowModal blocking still not working

    hi, if frm.ShowModal = mrOk then ShowMessage( frm.AuthenticatedUser );
  17. Hayri ASLAN

    FATAL error in unigui core

    Hi, This is not an error. If you want to use a component in inherited forms, you need to implement AssignTo procedure.
  18. Hayri ASLAN

    UniTimer Refresh data problem!

    Hi, I can't reproduce. Can you please create a test case?
  19. Hayri ASLAN

    additional parameter for TUniMap.Locate

    Sure, I will add it
  20. Hayri ASLAN

    read value from unihtmlframe

    Hi, Can you please specify which edition and build of UniGUI are you using?
  21. Hayri ASLAN

    UniDBGrid beforeedit and Checkbox Column

    I see. I found the problem and created a ticket. We will work on this.
  22. Hayri ASLAN

    UniDBGrid beforeedit and Checkbox Column

    Why you are not setting grid or column readonly?
  23. Hayri ASLAN

    How can I call ShowMask inside a DataModule?

    To able to show mask in datamodule, you need to call synchronize. We are not suggesting call synchronize in any datamodule event.
  24. Hayri ASLAN

    UniReCAPATCHA in mobile uniGUImForm not available?

    reCAPTCHA v3 is on our todo list. I will check it too.