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  1. Hi lema Please Customize support Xe3 Thank You.
  2. Hi all more infomation. I developed my programs in GoogleMap API V3, funtion Distance Matrix,Directions Waypoints Ref ---> http://www.delphipraxis.net/157004-google-maps-ueber-com-component-object-model.html is good project for delphi&google API Result Output on Twebbrowser for win32 application . I want Transfer Result form Twebbrowser to UniHTMLFrame component result all funtion on webmode PatMan's UniGoogleMap is goodjob I used in my project but not support all funtion Google API . Thank U
  3. Hiall I have old project . Used Twebbrowser show web mode on win32 application. I want Transfer HTML from Twebbrowser to UniHTMLFrame ..
  4. Hi Patman I Used Unigui and Google Map V1.4.1 when close form google map . Error ajax OEA is not define see.picture
  5. Hi Patman Please fix Google Map for Delphi XE2 and Unigui I Can't install component this version Thank U.
  6. UniDBDateTime UniDBNumericEdit UniDBGrid - Checkbox Very need ... - dblookup - Image or Icon
  7. Hi all Form style fsMDIForm ,fsMDIChild on webmode Plan Best Regards
  8. Hi all What Param list form google map demo UniLabel1.Caption:='Latitude: '+Params.Values['lat']+', Longitude: '+Params.Values['lng']; lat,lng Params , I want get address to show when click event . this demo Thank U.
  9. Icon Marks not change UniGoogleMap1.AddMarker('0', '1', '35.737177', '51.405587', 'Marker 1','','','car.png') ; Icon not change to car.png (Param iconname); Help me please .
  10. Hi Patman It works now. Have additional questions, I will change the Icon was also on display. Thank U.
  11. Hi Patman Test new Version 1.3.3 firefox & Google Chrome have log error see picture Thank
  12. Thank for new Version I Can install V1.32 component and test for 3 demo this project Before test i change path extJs to c:\extjs\ext-x.y.z\ or [ext] 3 demo is not work not show google map . Error code TwoMap: 00000834: 22:23:54CommandGet:EUniSessionException : Invalid session or session Timeout. I installed it I was wrong. Get used to it. Please Help me.
  13. Hi patman V1.3 i can't install component F1026 File not found: 'synacode.dcu'
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