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  1. fd6093

    Google Maps for uniGUI

    Hi lema Please Customize support Xe3 Thank You.
  2. fd6093

    Twebbrowser HTML tag to UniHTMLFrame1

    Hi all more infomation. I developed my programs in GoogleMap API V3, funtion Distance Matrix,Directions Waypoints Ref ---> http://www.delphipraxis.net/157004-google-maps-ueber-com-component-object-model.html is good project for delphi&google API Result Output on Twebbrowser for win32 application . I want Transfer Result form Twebbrowser to UniHTMLFrame component result all funtion on webmode PatMan's UniGoogleMap is goodjob I used in my project but not support all funtion Google API . Thank U
  3. Hiall I have old project . Used Twebbrowser show web mode on win32 application. I want Transfer HTML from Twebbrowser to UniHTMLFrame ..
  4. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Hi Patman I Used Unigui and Google Map V1.4.1 when close form google map . Error ajax OEA is not define see.picture
  5. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Hi Patman Please fix Google Map for Delphi XE2 and Unigui I Can't install component this version Thank U.
  6. fd6093

    Survey: Features you want to see in version 1.0

    UniDBDateTime UniDBNumericEdit UniDBGrid - Checkbox Very need ... - dblookup - Image or Icon
  7. Hi all Form style fsMDIForm ,fsMDIChild on webmode Plan Best Regards
  8. fd6093

    uniXDBGrid Component

    Good Job Thank U.
  9. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Thank Patman Regards.
  10. Hi all What Param list form google map demo UniLabel1.Caption:='Latitude: '+Params.Values['lat']+', Longitude: '+Params.Values['lng']; lat,lng Params , I want get address to show when click event . this demo Thank U.
  11. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Icon Marks not change UniGoogleMap1.AddMarker('0', '1', '35.737177', '51.405587', 'Marker 1','','','car.png') ; Icon not change to car.png (Param iconname); Help me please .
  12. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Hi Patman It works now. Have additional questions, I will change the Icon was also on display. Thank U.
  13. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Hi Patman Test new Version 1.3.3 firefox & Google Chrome have log error see picture Thank
  14. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Thank for new Version I Can install V1.32 component and test for 3 demo this project Before test i change path extJs to c:\extjs\ext-x.y.z\ or [ext] 3 demo is not work not show google map . Error code TwoMap: 00000834: 22:23:54CommandGet:EUniSessionException : Invalid session or session Timeout. I installed it I was wrong. Get used to it. Please Help me.
  15. fd6093

    Google Map New Component

    Hi patman V1.3 i can't install component F1026 File not found: 'synacode.dcu'