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  1. Problem resolved But the output is unclear help please ContactReportExcel.xls
  2. hi

    please help me for this subject


    1. deljavan


      Problem resolved
      But the output is unclear
      If you want to provide utf8 help please


  3. Hi I used your file in the program But it has errors when compiling the program I think I've done all the steps properly
  4. deljavan

    TreeMenu SEARCH / CLEAR

    Please help, how to fix the above problem ?
  5. deljavan

    UniDBTreeGrid - Drag & Drop

    I would need a solution for drag & drop within a dbTreeGrid. "Empty Row String"
  6. deljavan

    create form ....

    Can a form be created using the unigui tool as follows? Display multiple images with unknown number beside
  7. deljavan

    TreeMenu SEARCH / CLEAR

    I copy the SEARCH TREE function from DEMO to use on TREEMENU, but shows duplicate items
  8. deljavan

    TreeMenu SEARCH / CLEAR

  9. deljavan

    proplem " RTL in Treemenu "

    Hi The following problem arises in the following component by changing the value of the RTL property RTL := False RTL := True Solve it ???
  10. deljavan

    Object doesn't support property or method 'xEncode'

    Hi thank you But the problem was resolved by doing the following clear cache browser
  11. Hi help tips for correcting this method
  12. deljavan

    Happy Nowruz

    Happy new year (1397)....
  13. deljavan

    Google Maps for uniGUI

  14. What is the difference between the login form and the original form. The login form will be displayed before all forms
  15. deljavan

    RTL is problem .... ?

    What edition are you using?