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  1. Dear Sherzod or other friends I tested "unigui crop.zip" sample in the below link and it working fine: But I want to change ratio of crop from horizontal mode to vertical mode which it ratio ideal for personal photo crop. Default crop box almost 125 pixel for width and 100 pixel for height which ideal crop most be 100 pixel for width and 125 pixel for height. Unfortunately, I cannot change UniHTMLFarme (cropFrame) to other size for ideal crop. In the attachment pictures you can find better my issue. Do you have solution for me?
  2. Hi, Please clarify the version again? Have you used any additional JS, CSS!? Hi, All defaults are used for the program
  3. Hi Please advise I had a project on mobile in 1302 edition Now I am testing it in version 1506 Without changing the program I compiled it The appearance of the program changed completely and I was very surprised I think this is a very bad thing what should I do Do I have to continue developing the program in the same version 1302 ? Please advise Compiled in 1302 Compiled in 1506
  4. hi A solution was found to this problem To be done by dragging and dropping the shifts between the parent and the child
  5. Thank you all My problem was solved this way .... To use this component, there is a ready-made sample that can be used to obtain the necessary skills from its source
  6. hi you can help me for this subject. http://www.agnisoft.com/white_papers/active_directory.asp source code is deleted ....
  7. Which language are you exporting? Is it not ansi characters? persian (فارسی - farsi) or arabic
  8. Problem resolved But the output is unclear help please ContactReportExcel.xls
  9. hi

    please help me for this subject


    1. deljavan


      Problem resolved
      But the output is unclear
      If you want to provide utf8 help please


  10. Hi I used your file in the program But it has errors when compiling the program I think I've done all the steps properly
  11. Please help, how to fix the above problem ?
  12. I would need a solution for drag & drop within a dbTreeGrid. "Empty Row String"
  13. Can a form be created using the unigui tool as follows? Display multiple images with unknown number beside
  14. I copy the SEARCH TREE function from DEMO to use on TREEMENU, but shows duplicate items
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