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  1. patmap

    Extra UniGUI Components

    Hi Mr. Farshad Thank you very much. I will test it. Thanks again Regards
  2. patmap

    Extra UniGUI Components

    Hi, Mr. Farshad Thank you so much. I'm waiting for your converting. This is a very good training for me. Thanks again Best Regards
  3. patmap

    Extra UniGUI Components

    Hi Mr. Farshad Thank you so much for your working, But my main problem is multiple classes in one component. if you see UniXExtClasses.pas and UniXGridView.pas units (BufferedGrid component) I've made lots of different classes like TExtObjectList, TXExtGridRowSelectionModel, TXExtGridCellSelectionModel., .... I want to create these classes and save it in variables, and use them, Please, If is possible convert this two unit (BufferedGrid components) and then i can be lean and convert other components, Thanks for your help Best Regards
  4. patmap

    Extra UniGUI Components

    Hi Mr. farshad This is good news, but how we can create a some objects like GridPanel. For this, we must be create multi jsclass like: Ext.data.Store, Ext.grid.Panel in one custom control. Can you add a sample for GridPanel with some event like row select ? http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.1/#!/api/Ext.grid.Panel Thanks
  5. patmap

    Extra UniGUI Components

    I think this very hard! ExtPascal removed in UNIGUI new version and I think we cant have XComponent in UniGUI, but I will try,
  6. patmap

    Ext JS OEM License

    I'm really sorry that many of users do not want to buy this framework and like this program for free use !!!. People should be revised. Best Regards
  7. patmap

    Product Licensing

    Hi, I Agree too Regards
  8. patmap

    How to remove the refresh button in UniDBGrid?

    Hi, Put this code on UniDBGrid->ClieantEvents->onAfterRender function OnAfterrender(sender) { var a = Ext.query("button[data-qtip=Refresh]"); for(var x=0;x < a.length;x++) { a[x].style.display="none"; } } Regards
  9. patmap

    Extra UniGUI Components

    Post #1 updated v5.9.2
  10. patmap

    Load Picture into Database

    Hi, Put Vcl.Imaging.jpeg in uses list. Regards
  11. patmap

    Midas.dll error

    Hi perjanbr, When you add MidasLib to uses list no need add midas.dll to project folder. in this case midas library embedded to your exe. Regards
  12. patmap

    Midas.dll error

    Hi, Probably one of path not correct.(check ExtJS path). Check this url path is correct and viewable: http ://localhost:8077/ext-4.1.1a/ext-all.js http ://localhost:8077/ext-4.1.1a/uni/ext-unigui-min.js Regards
  13. patmap

    Extra UniGUI Components

    Hi, Set : ServerModule->ExtJSVersion = '4.1.1a' ; ServerModule->ExtRoot = 'Your Full ExtJS Path Or [ext]\' ; Regards
  14. patmap

    Neptune theme not work

    Hi, I use Ext 4.2.0 and i can use neptune ( But not very pretty theme ). See images: Regards
  15. patmap

    Kill a session when browser is closed

    Hi, Browsers act different in this case and you cant hope to do in all browser you can add this code Instead of the previous code: window.onunload = function() { ajaxRequest(sender, 'SessionClosed', [] ); }; window.onbeforeunload = function() { return "Click Leave this page to Session Closed."; }; But this code run on FF and dont run on Google chrome. There are not %100 safe solution for confirming ! Regards