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  1. I am using latest version. This may be a know issue, I used the CustomCSS to change the TITLE HEIGHT. You can see near the top, i have x.-toolbar .-title and changed the size to 36pt. But yet when i run inside chrome on my laptop with the /M it shows with the nice LARGER font. BUT when I run it inside chrome on my cellphone, it remains SMALL font. You can see this from my 2 screenshots. .x-checkboxfield .x-input-el { opacity: 10; } .x-toolbar .x-title { font-weight: bold; font-size: 36pt;} .customGlyph32 .x-icon-el { width: 32px !important; height: 32px !important; } .customGlyph24 .x-icon-el { width: 24px !important; height: 24px !important; } .CustomAlignMobile .x-inner-el { line-height: normal; padding-top: 0 !important; } .x-mask-msg div{ font-family: Ubuntu, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 24px; } .MyTitle .x-panel-header-default-horizontal { height: 11px; padding: 0px 10px 0px 10px; } .x-grid-row-selected .x-grid-cell-inner { font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255,0,0); background-color:green; } .myStyle1 { background-color: rgb(0,255,255) !important; border-radius: 25px 25px 25px 25px; -moz-border-radius: 25px 25px 25px 25px; -webkit-border-radius: 25px 25px 25px 25px; color: rgb(0,0,255); border: 1px solid #1a26d4; } .DBG1 .x-grid-row-selected .x-grid-cell-inner { background-color:green!important; } .DBG2 .x-grid-item-selected .x-grid-cell { font-weight: bold!important; background-color:blue!important; } .x-grid-row-selected2 .x-grid-cell-inner { font-weight: bold!important; background-color:green!important; } .addGreenPanel .x-panel-body-default { background: rgb(0,128,0); } .addLightGreenPanel .x-panel-body-default { background: rgb(161, 239, 161); } .addRedPanel .x-panel-body-default { background: rgb(240,96,96); } .addLightRedPanel .x-panel-body-default { background: rgb(240,180,180); } .addYellowishDarkerBG .x-form-text{ background-color: rgb(208,208,128)!important; background-image: none; } .addYellowishDarkerBG_2{ background-color: rgb(208,208,128)!important; background-image: none; } .addYellowishBG .x-form-text { background-color: rgb(252,252,176)!important; background-image: none; } .addYellowishBG_2{ background-color: rgb(252,252,176)!important; background-image: none; } .addYellowBG .x-form-text{ background-color: yellow!important; background-image: none; } .addYellowBG_2{ background-color: yellow!important; background-image: none; } .addRedBG .x-form-text { background-color: rgb(255,200,200)!important; background-image: none; } .addRedBG_2{ background-color: rgb(255,200,200)!important; background-image: none; } .addFFFFFFBG{ background-color: rgb(255,255,255)!important; background-image: none; } .addE8E8E8BG{ background-color: rgb(232,232,232)!important; background-image: none; } .add000000Font{ color: rgb(0,0,0)!important; background-image: none; } .addBlackForceFont{ color: rgb(0,0,0)!important; background-image: none; } .addGrayForceFont{ color: rgb(0,0,0)!important; background-image: none; } .add606060Font{ color: rgb(96,96,96)!important; background-image: none; } .addBlackFont{ color: rgb(0,0,0)!important; background-image: none; } .MyStyleW .x-form-text{ color:red!important; height:8px; font-size: 24px; background-color:yellow!important; background-image:none; } .QQQQQQQMyStyleW{ color:red!important; height:8px; font-size: 24px; background-color:yellow!important; background-image:none; } I find it odd that the desktop chrome displayed the title nice and big, while the mobile chrome displayed the title tiny. Davie Screenshot_Chrome_Mobile.bmp Screenshot_Chrome_Desktop.bmp
  2. I used your logic to hide the title bar. Self.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('owner.titlebar.hide', []); It works GREAT. It hides the title bar. HOWEVER, the extra screen space that I SHOULD get is NOT available See screen shot... It doesn't have the title bar (great) BUT at the bottom of the screen, there is about 1/2 inch of WHITE space between the red arrows. My panel is alClient so it should fill the whole area, but it doesn't Do I need another line of code or something? Thanks Davie
  3. I need urgent help if you please. I am trying to take many photos using mobile Camera. The mobile App is webview and I am using UnimFileUpload. When I take a photo, it overwrites the previous one. I tried to rename, copy, move, unlock the photo but to no avail. The file is locked by IIS and is overwritten whenever I take another photo. Can anybody help me? I am attaching a video showing the problem. UniGUI people: I have contacted you since last March about this but did not get an answer from you until now. I am in a very serious situation and will lose my current project if I don't solve this issue. MobPhotos.mp4
  4. how do I play mp3 audio in a mobile app? I tried using html5, put in a unimHtmlFrame1 content: <audio id = "player3" src = "files / music.mp3"> </ audio> and I called to play using the code: UniSession.SendResponse ('var ael = document.getElementById ("player3"); ael.load (); ael.play ()'); It works perfectly on the desktop, but not on mobile! also I tried using: unimUrlFrame1.URL: = 'http: // 8077 / m / files / music.mp3'; again it works perfectly on the desktop but not on mobile, but if I put in the android browser manually, it works! please help me if you can Leandro Ávila
  5. Hi, I just made a HTTP call in UniGui Desktop and it works perfectly. I made the same in UniGui Mobile using mobile components and it's not working. HTTP - Request procedure TUFmLoginm.btLoginRequestClick(Sender: TObject); Var aUrlSubmit, aUrlCancel, aUrl, sProtocol :string; Begin frmPinm.UnimURLFrame1.URL := ''; if UniServerModule.PINEndPoint.Contains('https') then sProtocol := 'https' else sProtocol := 'http'; aUrlSubmit := UniSession.CallbackUrlEx('loggedwithcredentials', self, ['RES', 'OK']); if sProtocol.Contains('https') and not aUrlSubmit.Contains('https') then aUrlSubmit := aUrlSubmit.Replace('http', sProtocol, []); aUrlSubmit := aUrlSubmit.Replace(#$D#$A, '', [rfReplaceAll]); aUrlSubmit := TNetEncoding.URL.Encode(TStringRoutines.GetBase64CryptedString(aUrlSubmit)); aUrlCancel := UniSession.CallbackUrlEx('logincancelled', self, ['RES', 'Cancel']); if sProtocol.Contains('https') and not aUrlCancel.Contains('https') then aUrlCancel := aUrlCancel.Replace('http', sProtocol, []); aUrlCancel := aUrlCancel.Replace(#$D#$A, '', [rfReplaceAll]); aUrlCancel := TNetEncoding.URL.Encode(TStringRoutines.GetBase64CryptedString(aUrlCancel)); if TUniGUIApplication(UniApplication).Parameters.values['gestore'].IsEmpty then aUrl := UniServerModule.PINEndPoint+'/?action=authn&gestore='+UniMainModule.gestore+'&url_submit='+aUrlSubmit+'&url_cancel='+aUrlCancel+'&_S_ID='+UniSession.SessionId+'&appid='+UniMainModule.appID else aUrl := UniServerModule.PINEndPoint+'/?action=authn&gestore='+TUniGUIApplication(UniApplication).Parameters.values['gestore']+'&url_submit='+aUrlSubmit+'&url_cancel='+aUrlCancel+'&_S_ID='+UniSession.SessionId+'&appid='+UniMainModule.appID; frmPinm.UnimURLFrame1.URL := aURL; frmPinm.Show End; End Point procedure TFrmAuthnm.FormPost; var data_event : string; begin { ... elaboration ... } with UniMainModule.GetDM do begin if not UniMainModule.Url_submit.IsEmpty then begin if FResponsePost then begin s := 'var f = document.createElement("form"); '+ 'f.action="'+UniMainModule.Url_submit+'"; '+ // the second app url 'f.method="POST"; '; s := s+ 'var i=document.createElement("input"); '+ // url_submit 'i.type="hidden"; '+ 'i.name="data_event"; '+ 'i.value="'+TNetEncoding.Url.Encode(data_event)+'"; '+ 'f.appendChild(i); '; s := s+ 'document.body.appendChild(f); '+ 'f.submit(); '; UniSession.AddJS(s) end else UniSession.UrlRedirect(UniMainModule.Url_submit+'&data_event='+TNetEncoding.Url.Encode(data_event)); end; end; Ajax Event that intercept CallBack procedure TUFmLoginm.UnimLoginFormAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); var jsonResponse, aURL : string; credentials : TLoginCredentials; begin if (EventName = 'loggedwithcredentials') and (Params.Values['RES']='OK') then begin if not Params.Values['data_event'].IsEmpty then begin // elab .... frmPinm.Hide; ModalResult := mrOK finally credentials.Free end end end end; All works fine except AjaxEvent that doesn't intercept the EventName "loggedwithcredentials".
  6. Hello, I use TUnimDbListGrid to show a personal view of my data but I don't understand why my array doesn't show correctly : On the ClientEvent / beforeInit I have function beforeInit(sender, config) { var htmlRow= '<table style="width: 100%; height: 100%; vertical-align: middle;"> '+ '<tbody> '+ '<tr> '+ '<td><span style="fon-weight: bold; color: #000000; font-size: 16px; width: 100%; display: inline-block;">{2}</span> <span style="color: #808080; width: 100%; font-size: 13px; display: inline-block;">{1}</span></td> '+ '<td style="width: 100px;"><span style="color: #ff6600;">{0}</span></td> '+ '<td style="width: 100px;"><span style="color: #ff6600;">{0}</span></td> '+ '</tr> '+ '</tbody> '+ '</table> '; config.itemTpl= new Ext.XTemplate(htmlRow); } The result is like this and not with align : Somebody can help me (V7.0.0, Delphi 10.4)
  7. Good afternoon, I would like to change the colors of the buttons of a mobile Upload Dialog as well as the text "browse" (of one button), which seems also to be standardized. Can anyone help me with the CSS and the Delphi Calls, I need? Thanks a lot in advance.
  8. Dear all, Is there anyway to access and create appointment in local mobile calendar ?. our application need to create appointment in mobile calendar and will trigger the reminder alert. We are using for Mobile version ( touch version ) I am using unigui
  9. Hi everyone! I'm kind of new into mobile development using framework Unigui in this current version (Trial - Equinox). So i was searching in forum about a doubt that was not resolved it at all, and i didn't find any answers that could helping me to find a clearly solution. But here in fact: - I have a Container Panel with alignment property (AlClient) defined. And inside him i have another UnimPanel form (again, with property Alclient defined) and a lot of components inside of them, like a UnimEdit, UnimCheckbox, Grid, etc... So, which property i have to use to, when i have more components inside that panel, he can dinamically adjust itself, besides i don't have to set a fixed height to my form? - Sorry if i posted in the wrong section or i don't used it correctly enough. I'm open to suggestions or links that could help me! Thanks.
  10. Using a PIN -Personal / (or sometimes, Private) Identification Number- is an additional security factor for transactions and serves as a simple way to add an extra layer of authentication or access management. A PIN is usually made up of a few (4-6) numeric digits that are easy to remember. And generally a PASSWORD and a PIN are used together: the password being to initiate an operation (access an application) and the PIN to authorize various operations within the application. This example shows how to use a PIN without using your device's numeric virtual keypad. That is, the example provided here is in its nature indicated for use on mobile. However, it can be used in the same way for Desktop, but I don't think it would make much sense. Download more examples from https://t.me/uniguiexpress See this and many other projects on our website https://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/pack4.html for sale. More content Packs of Projects, Books and Services at http://www.unigui.com.br/
  11. I'm trying to get some data from a mobile application, but the user's browser, version and operating system does not return procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormShow(Sender: TObject); var C : TUniClientInfoRec; SessionID:String; IPAddress:String; BrowserType: string; BrowserVersion: Integer; OSType: string; begin SessionID:=UniApplication.UniSession.SessionID; IPAddress:=UniApplication.RemoteAddress; C:=UniApplication.ClientInfoRec; BrowserType:=C.BrowserType; BrowserVersion:=C.BrowserVersion; OSType:=C.OSType; criaArquivoLog('Browser: '+BrowserType); criaArquivoLog('vVersaoBrowserUsuario: '+IntToStr(BrowserVersion)); criaArquivoLog('vSOUsuario: '+OSType); criaArquivoLog('SessionID: '+SessionID); criaArquivoLog('IPAddress: '+IPAddress); end; this is my return
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm using the component UnimDBGrid to create some ListView according to this tutorial created by Mohamad Sadek. But, unfortunately, seems not working using UnimDbGrid, under the BeforeInit Event... The Grid seems not to render the custom html... What could possible i can do for this? Ps: see the attachment below. Thanks!
  13. A simple example to generate alert and vibration beeps on smartphones. It works on all browsers except the most exotic. Download only allowed for subscribers of uniGUI. Subscribe to our Telegram channel below to access this and other examples. http://www.uniguiexpress.com Our group at Telegram: https://t.me/uniguiexpress same content in inglês. Um exemplo simples para gerar beeps de alerta evibração em smartphones. Funciona em todos os browsers menos os mais exóticos. Visite http://www.unigui.com.br/ Nosso grupo no Telegram: Livros, packs de projetos, cursos, serviços, consultoria e tudo sobre unigui ! https://t.me/uniguiBrazil Project available at http://unigui.express
  14. Hi everybody, I wonder if it's possible to remove the clear button on the TuniDBNumberEdit and TuniDBFormattedNumberEdit. I could not find properties for this. I am using the controls in the web form and mobile form. The button will show as i start typing and in the textbox. Best regards Christian
  15. Hi Everyone! UnimDbListGrid has a option that allow the users to navigate between pages in WebOptions -> Paged -> PageSize. But, it will be much better if can display some buttons to go to the next and previously page, indeed. I already have tested UnimDBNavigator and unfortunately only have buttons to go to the last and first page. There's another option or workaround that implements a button to go to the next page (not the last one) using this component on UnimdbListGrid? Thanks!!
  16. Hi everyone! I'm trying to change TabBarVisible property of UnimTabPanel by false but it's not working anymore in version In previously version was (1531), but now don't. And later i use the sample which i think it will work, but unsunccesfully: UniSession.AddJS(UnimTabPanel.JSName + '.tabBarVisible.Hide();'); or these one into befoneInit event's: function beforeInit(sender, config) { tabBarVisible = Hide; } But, unfortunately, none of these above has worked. Is there any workaround for this, or link i don't see in post's before? Really appreciate any help!
  17. A simple example of in APP to dial on Mobile (SmartPhone / Tablets). with
  18. Olá pessoal! Estamos com um problema ao colocar um scroll e rolar a pagina para baixo o componente htmlframe fica parado sem rolar junto com os demais elementos. Link para o vídeo mostrando o erro --- > http://www.grsoft.com.br/videos/VideoErroScroll.mp4 Agradecemos quem poder ajudar!
  19. The components UnimEdit and UnimNumberEdit do not seem to have a text alignment property. How do I change the text to be right-aligned?
  20. Hi there! Recently i have updated my Unigui to the version All the CSS and customizations i had before, is not truly working anymore. So, basically i had the CSS tags on ServerModule -> CustomCSS. And in my UnimButton -> ExtEvents (added or painted). But anyone of these not worked. Anyone had the same problem? Thanks anyway!
  21. I am using a mobile form in non-fullscreen mode and I want it to show at top of screen. It looks like mobile forms default to PoScreenCenter mode and there is no way to change this. The position property is not accessible. Is this a bug?
  22. I'm trying to use socket.io on unigui mobile, but it is not working, I would like some help, attached the source of an example with video, showing how to start the socket. The application was opened in 2 different tabs on the web to show that they communicate and the application was also opened in chrome on the desktop, switching to mobile where it worked, however opening the application in chrome on the phone does not work, the phone was mirrored on the computer to understanding.... Gravar_2020_02_12_10_40_17_623.mp4 HibridoSocket.rar
  23. I am creating a floating button in a TUnimForm, but I would like it to show results only ... so apply the code without the tabpanel extension, when you focus on showing, but showing yourself on another one ... how to do to adjust this? I used this example found here on the forum to create a button 1. UniServerModule -> CustomCSS: #back-to-top { position: fixed; bottom: 40px; right: 40px; z-index: 9999; width: 32px; height: 32px; text-align: center; line-height: 30px; background: #f5f5f5; color: #444; cursor: pointer; border: 0; border-radius: 2px; text-decoration: none; transition: opacity 0.2s ease-out; opacity: 0; } #back-to-top:hover { background: #af286d; color: white; } #back-to-top.show { opacity: 1; } 2. MainmForm -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> window.painted fn: function window.painted(sender, eOpts) { var me = this; var aTopEl = new Ext.Element(document.createElement('a')); aTopEl.setId("back-to-top"); aTopEl.setHtml("+"); aTopEl.dom.title = "Back to top"; document.body.appendChild(aTopEl.dom); $('#back-to-top').addClass('show'); $('#back-to-top').show(); $('#back-to-top').on('click', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); //ajaxRequest(me, ...) alert('Your custom logic...') }); }
  24. Good evening, does anyone of us have an idea, how I could add a kind of "ActionButton" (like available in the Desktop Edition) to a column of a UnimDBGrid or UnimDBListGrid?
  25. There's a bug found on build 1510 for TUnimFileUpload. Just try to upload multiple files, it will work for first 3 or 4 files, then it will not work until restart the page. the bug only on mobile, desktop work fine. also demo uploaded on unigui.com works fine (build 1503), but when I run it locally from build 1510 it will show the same bug.
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