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  1. I will log in with my assigned account and post the question again.
  2. No, full license. uniGUI Plus, uniGUI Complete.
  3. Hi, I have i hybrid application and i'm trying to hide the characters on the login screen where i have a TunimEdit. There is a property called "PasswordChar" that is defaulted to #0. I tried to remove the 0 but did not work. I have the same login screen in the desktop version where i have a TuniEdit, when i set the "PasswordChar" to # it works and hides the chars. Best Regards Christian
  4. I solved it by using to image controls. If the width of the picture is greater than the max allowed width i change the width to the max allowed with and make the height proportional to the new width and then i save the picture with the new width and height. See code below Begin J:=TJPEGImage.Create; w:=imgtest.Picture.Width; h:=imgtest.Picture.Height; if w > UniMainModule.picWidth then begin p:=round((UniMainModule.picWidth*100)/w); w:=UniMainModule.picWidth; h:=round((p*h)/100); end; // set new widht and height in imgtes
  5. Hi everybody, I want to resize an image if the width is greater than 1000 pix and if it is i want to resize it. I'm using fileupload and loading the file to an imagecontrol and then i'm checking if the width is greater than 1000 pix, so far so good but i can't seem to find a resize function for the imagecontrol? Code below shows want i'm trying to do imgtest.LoadFromStream(AStream); if imgtest.Picture.Width > 1000 then begin // ShowMessage('bigger than 1000'); I want to change the size before i save it to destName imgtest.Picture.SaveToFile(destName);
  6. Yes, i tried to check that property but it did not work.
  7. Hi everybody, I have a TunimDBDatePicker that is bound to a date field in a mysql database and i want the control to show blank (no date) when the field is "null" or "00-0000-00" the control is showing 1899-12-30 and i don't want to set the control to any specific date when the form shows, only to show blank. In the webversion the datepicker control will show blank if the field is null in the database but not in for the mobile control. Is there a way to get the mobile datepicker to show blank ? Best Regards Christian
  8. I worked on the mobile i just had to add " ; " after the statement, but the code do not work for the web control. config.clearIcon = false;
  9. I tried in both controls and it did not work on the web control(did not get an error message but the "x" still shows and works) but i can't get it to work on the mobile either because i already have code for the color code and if i try the code below i get an error that says "unexpected identifier 'sender'" and onEnter and onExit i have the following code below. If i remove the code in beforeinit and comment out the code in onExit and onEnter it works but i want both. Code for the mobile control function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.clearIcon = false sender.setFieldSt
  10. The title works on the web form, if i hover over the pin with the mouse i can see the title, but on the mobile form it do not work. Best regards.
  11. Hi everybody, I wonder if it's possible to remove the clear button on the TuniDBNumberEdit and TuniDBFormattedNumberEdit. I could not find properties for this. I am using the controls in the web form and mobile form. The button will show as i start typing and in the textbox. Best regards Christian
  12. Thank you, got it to partially work. I can see the pin but not the title? Best regards.
  13. This component does not work with the mobile form, need help to create a marker when the map shows and show the coordinates. Best regards /Christian
  14. I found the package for XE7 in the link you posted, installed without problems.
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