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  1. Hi @Sherzod, Any updates for grouping more then 1 level in unidbgrid ?
  2. Hi @Sherzod, Any news about this ? We really need this function
  3. HI @Sherzod, in the barcode scanner, the device will auto add the "ENTER key" . example if the barcode scan the barcode 123ABC the result will be 123ABC#13 , and automatic the line will changes to the line. And the apps will recognize as "ENTER key"
  4. Dear all, I am building mobile web for barcode scan. I am using unimdbgrid as my main entry. in the barcode scanner, they always add "Enter key" at the end (thats what we want also). My question is, after i edit the unimdbgrid and put in "Enter key" how to go to the next record in the same field for edit ? Can help me about this , because in barcode canner will auto add " Enter Key" ( as what we want also )
  5. Hi @Sherzod, Your demo only have 1 level of grouping, Group by category. My project have 3 level grouping Category --->Item ----> Warehouse, Am i right ?
  6. Thanks, it's really help me a lot
  7. Dear all, I am using unidbgrid for my project. I am manage to set for 1 group in my dbgrid with summary, but my project need multi group and summary with grand total of the parent group. what we want is like this table A AB W1 500 TOTAL QTY :500 A AB W2 400 TOTAL QTY :400 TOTAL QTY : 900 A AC W1 100 TOTAL QTY :100 A AC W2 200 TOTAL QTY :200 TOTAL QTY : 300 TOTAL QTY : 1200 Can give me advise ?
  8. Hi Ffredianelli.

  9. Hi @Hayri ASLAN, can give us sample project use Google Firebase ?
  10. @Hayri ASLAN, any news for this features, looks like in the new version also don't have.
  11. Hi, I am using with Delphi 10.3 in Mobile interface
  12. @Hayri ASLAN can help me to solve this ? currently i am using uimimage+unimcontainer+unimlabel to make this.
  13. Dear all, can guide me how do i generate the qrcode with unigui ? is there any direct VCL to generate QRCode ? Thanks
  14. How to make the button will run to open the other form ? config.itemTpl= new Ext.XTemplate ( ' <table style="color:white;vertical-align:left;border-style:outset;border-radius:1px;background:SlateBlue; ">'+ '<tr> '+ '<td width="10px" rowspan="2">{7}</td>'+ '<td >{2}, {6}km away</td> '+ '<td > ({5}) <img src="files/images/star.png" ></td> '+ '<td rowspan="2"> {[this.getColor(values)]} </td>'+ '<td rowspan="2"> <button onclick=this.my
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