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  1. devya

    Problem Tunimbtbutton with glyph image

    Hi, I am using with Delphi 10.3 in Mobile interface
  2. devya

    Problem Tunimbtbutton with glyph image

    @Hayri ASLAN can help me to solve this ? currently i am using uimimage+unimcontainer+unimlabel to make this.
  3. Dear all, can guide me how do i generate the qrcode with unigui ? is there any direct VCL to generate QRCode ? Thanks
  4. How to make the button will run to open the other form ? config.itemTpl= new Ext.XTemplate ( ' <table style="color:white;vertical-align:left;border-style:outset;border-radius:1px;background:SlateBlue; ">'+ '<tr> '+ '<td width="10px" rowspan="2">{7}</td>'+ '<td >{2}, {6}km away</td> '+ '<td > ({5}) <img src="files/images/star.png" ></td> '+ '<td rowspan="2"> {[this.getColor(values)]} </td>'+ '<td rowspan="2"> <button onclick=this.myFunction()>Profiles</button></td> '+ '</tr> '+ '<tr> <td>{8}</td>'+ '<td>{[this.Setfree(values)]} </td> </tr>'+ '</table>', { getColor: function(values) { if(values[10] == 2) return '<img src="files/images/YellowLight.png">'; else if (values[10] == 3) return '<img src="files/images/BlueLight.png">'; else return '<img src="files/images/RedLight.png">'; } } , { Setfree: function(values) { if(values[9] == 0) return 'Free'; else return '$'+values[9] ; } } , { myFunction: function(){ ajaxRequest(sender,"showdetails",[]); } } ); unimdblistgrid-->onajaxevent : if EventName = 'showdetails' then begin fmWorkerProfile.ShowModal(); end; i can not make it run
  5. devya

    unimmap add direction and count the distance

    hi @Hayri ASLAN, Are you going to implement the solution soon ?, Because i have a project with unimmap required to draw distance on the map.
  6. Hi @Hayri ASLAN, Solid solving... thanks now apps can show the googlemaps perfectly. thanks again Hayri. Do you plan to put the new unimap.pas in the next updates ? Hi @Mehmet Emin, I am lucky my marker still working as it is. and thanks for your solution.
  7. Hi @Mehmet Emin, I hope Hayri can find the solution for us. Cos now i use both unimmap + unimGmap to cover each other ..
  8. Hi @Mehmet Emin, Thank you so much.
  9. Hi @Hayri ASLAN, I am testing with Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Unigui I am also already use HTTPS for the server.
  10. devya

    unimmap add direction and count the distance

    Hi @Hayri ASLAN, Thank you so much, we are wait for you good news.
  11. Dear all, How can i add route and calculate the distance on UNIMMAP ? We wan to show on unimmap the route and calculate the distance. We have the coordinate of point A and B, but don't know how to add route on unimmap like google style ?
  12. Hi @Hayri ASLAN Any news for my problem ?
  13. Hi Hayri, i put in your code in Unimap.pas, but the result become worst, the map blank all the time. then i remove back your line, the map works one time. I notice, when the map become blank, i rotate my mobile scree to landscape then the map can show the map. but after i restart the map it's blank again, so i need to rotate again the screen to view the map. But this error happen only when i use MapLayer = mlGoogle, not for the MapLayer=mlOSM Regards Devy
  14. Hi @Hayri ASLAN, Any updates ?
  15. You need to enable the SSL from the unigui server, and access it with https:// . And absolutetly you need to have google map api key to access and working the map