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  1. devya

    uniComboBox OnSelect question

    Hi, Any updates on this case ?
  2. devya

    Changes unigui version in Server site [SOLVED]

    Hi Sherzod, Thanks for the guide, i facing different way from unigui 1.9 . how to solved it. It's solved already. Regards, Devy
  3. devya

    Changes unigui version in Server site [SOLVED]

    It's works, in developers PC. When only unigui version 1.9 is installed. Can i have official manual or guide to how to install unigui in server site ? I think you are right, it's about the path.
  4. devya

    Changes unigui version in Server site [SOLVED]

    Hi Sherzod. How do I check from browser console ?. I mean, it's will show you error ?. Coz I m not good in web language.
  5. devya

    Changes unigui version in Server site [SOLVED]

    The page is keep loading The landing page should be like this
  6. Dear all, I am using unigui standalone version 1.7 and put in our server. Since we have a new version of unigui 1.9 , we want to upgrade the version of the unigui to new 1.9 We are using stand alone as our server apps. Can give us advice on how to do the correct way ?, we already try to install the unigui 1.9 Runtime . but not working. So currently we revert back to 1.7
  7. devya

    Alternative for MessageDLG

    Nice one, really appreciated. Can i use in my project ?
  8. devya

    Free to cooperate

    Still available for hire ?
  9. devya

    UnimPDFFrame PDF'i parmak hareketiyle büyütmek

    Mobil formda unipdfframe (masaüstü) kullandınız mı demek istediniz?
  10. devya

    Collapsed panel in Mobile Form [SOLVED]

    I have changes the layout accordingly. MainmForm properties = AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient Layout = fit UnimPanel properties = AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient Layout = fit the unimpanel will be adjust acordingly while one of them collapsed Hope it will helps other also.
  11. devya

    Collapsed panel in Mobile Form [SOLVED]

  12. Dear all, My mobile form contain many chart, and every chart i put on Panel with collapsed function. But when i collapsed one of the panel, the panel never adjust their position to close the gap. can advise me, how to make unimpanel will auto adjust filling the gap ?
  13. devya

    Can not add event in calendar on Week view

    Any updated for my issue ?
  14. Hi, I just update from 0.99 version into 1.5. and i am facing an issue, previously in calendarpanel, i can triger add event in week view, now the new calendarpanel i can not do that. I must changes the view on Month view then i can create event. any one can help ?
  15. devya

    onclick event in unichart

    HI, OK, Thank you