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  1. In this post: when I try access the link: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6291-important-announcement/ The page that appears is: but I've already set it up. Can you help me with this?
  2. Hi, I no longer have access to the forum links. I already did a while ago the configuration in: https://prime.fmsoft.net/userv/mportal.dll Manage->Account. Forums Email I'm waiting to try to better understand what might be happening.
  3. Sherzod, can you help me about this? Is it possible? Is better I use the Label as html container for the Bootstrap button? How do you say about this? bests regards
  4. Thank you Sherzod, It worked... I want to learn more about of this events in uniGUI. Best Regards
  5. I want to learn more about ExtEvents and UniEvents. Where can I find materials to learn how to manipulate these features? There are many features we can use, but I still don't know how to use the documentation properly. I would like further study.
  6. Hello Sherzod, Do you have any position on what I sent in the last post?
  7. How can I set the iconCls of this Button in afterrender function?
  8. [Pt-Br] Já olhei em varios exemplos que encontrei e a unica forma que consegui fazer até agora foi substituindo o código HTML de um label com o código do botão. Queria saber se existe uma forma de fazer o TUniButton funcionar como um botão Bootstrap. (segue anexo o resumo das tentativas) [En] I've looked at several examples I've found and the only way I've been able to do so far is by replacing the HTML code of a label with the button code. I was wondering if there is a way to make TUniButton work like a Bootstrap button. (attached summary of attempts) testesUniGUI.zip
  9. [Pr-Br]O problema do label, você pode ver na imagem em anexo como no post anterior onde estes ficam fora da tela. No caso é possivel fazer com que os labels fiquem dentro do gráfico? Outra coisa, como faço para alinhar a cor da Legenda com a cor do gráfico? Outra coisa é que apenas a primeira fatia possui animação. Está certo isso? (Segue exemplo novamente em anexo) Nota: O problema do alinhamento da Legend eu não consegui reproduzir ainda, mas assim que ocorrer novamente te mando um exemplo em um novo post. [En] The label problem, you can see in the attached image as in the previous post where they are off screen. In case it is possible to make the labels stay inside the chart? Another thing, how do I align the color of the Caption with the color of the chart? Another thing is that only the first slice has animation. Is this right? (Follows example again attached) note: Legend alignment problem I haven't been able to reproduce yet, but as soon as it happens again I'll send you an example in a new post. ProjetoDashBoardExample.zip
  10. Hello Sherzod, Do you have any position on what I sent in the last post?
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