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  1. Yes, I'm evaluating the components, but never mind about the topic. I was under the wrong impression that the TUniUploadFolder permanently uploads the files upon execution but apparently it just temporarily caches them and it is up to the developer to copy the files permanently.
  2. Regardless of any option, TUniFileUpload overriding files randomly in the target folder upon subsequent trials. Build uni-
  3. When MainFormDisplaymode property of the ServerModule is set to "mfPage" and "TUniLoginForm" is being used to enter the main form of the application, an annoying white blank page momentarily appears right after a successful log in attempt, after which the main form launches normally.
  4. TUnigroupBox Captions simply disappear after latest google chrome update.
  5. Is there a way to fix the minimum row height of TUnicalendarPanel displayed in month view, so that i can actually see the titles of 4 different events on the same date without going through the '+2 more' link ? It would also help if there's a way to control the number of weeks (rows) displayed in a month view mode.
  6. This is still a problem. Not just altering the borders, but trying to enforce a selection color on the entire row. It simply doesn't work, The closest i could get is coloring the row on mouse over, but that doesn't really replace the selection highlight color. I've seen other threads about this without any conclusion in the end. Any potential solutions at sight at this moment?
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