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  1. GoldLine

    Form animation timer?

    Hello, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot!
  2. GoldLine

    Form animation timer?

    Hello, can I change the timer for "showanimation" and "hideanmation" of TUnimForm? Thanks.
  3. GoldLine

    Need help for deslect row in undbgrid

    Hi Sherzod, that's it. Life can be so easy ;-) Thanks!
  4. GoldLine

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    + 1 (=57 years) Started 1986 with Intel 8086 CPU 512KB RAM 2 Floppys. Operating system MS-DOS 3.2 and Turbo Pascal 3.0A for development.
  5. Hello, after opening query I need to deslect first row in unidbgrid. This should only hapen after opeing query so that user has complete unselected data. Is there a way to do that? (THack(OrderGrid.SelectedRows).CurrentRowSelected:= false ; with THack = class (Tunibookmarklist) end; dosn't works;)
  6. GoldLine

    Bug with OnExit/OnClick ???

    Hi Abaksoft, you are rigtht, Thanks.
  7. GoldLine

    Bug with OnExit/OnClick ???

    Hello, I've made a small testcase with UniEdit and UniButton components. UniEdit has OnExit event routine and UniButton has OnClick event routine. If UniEdit has the focus (cursor is in UniEdit control) and UniButton is clicked only OnExit event is fired and not OnClick event from UniButton. Can you please check that. Thanks, Testcase.rar Testcase.rar Testcase.rar
  8. GoldLine

    TUniTabsheet background color

    Hello, (how) is it possible to change / set background color of TUniTabSheet?
  9. Hi, I need ExtJS grouping methods expandAll, collapseAll and isExpandAll for unidbgrid. Does anyone know if the possibility exists to call these methode via jsinterface of unidbgrid? Thanks in advance ### I've found a solution by myself: unidbgrid.JSInterface.JSCall('view.features[0].expandAll'); => expands all groups unidbgrid.JSInterface.JSCall('view.features[0].collapseAll') => collapse all groups But I don't how to call ExtJS grid grouping function isAllExpanded Boolean Any idea???