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  1. rtalmeida

    Sistema Mini ERP - Primeiro Video

    Estou deixando o link do meu primeiro Video de um Mini ERP que estou desenvolvendo, o sistema é feito com Unigui e ACBR.
  2. rtalmeida

    Resize Component

    resize component in run time whit mouse is possible? have a example?
  3. rtalmeida

    uniDbGrid Summary

    I need to consider in UniDBGrid1ColumnSummary only the selected rows in an unidbgrid that is with the property dgMultiSelect = True and dgCheckSelect = True, how can I do?
  4. rtalmeida


    MainModule RecallLastTheme is True
  5. rtalmeida

    Triggers UniDbLookupComboBox

    IconCls only the defaults? and imageIndex has no effect?
  6. rtalmeida

    Triggers UniDbLookupComboBox

  7. rtalmeida

    Triggers UniDbLookupComboBox

    Ok, I try, iconcls, you can only use these:? x-form-clear-trigger x-form-search-trigger x-form-trigger x-form-date-trigger And as for imageindex, I put a UniNativeImageList, and indicated it in the images property of the uniDbLookUpComboBox component, but when selecting the image in imageindex the trigger button doesn't show the selected image.
  8. rtalmeida

    Triggers UniDbLookupComboBox

    Does anyone know how to solve?
  9. rtalmeida

    uniDbLookupComboBox with large tables

    I do that too, but I'm in a situation where the customer needs it that way.
  10. rtalmeida

    uniDbLookupComboBox with large tables

    I saw somewhere a tip on how to use uniDbLookUpComboBox with large tables, but I can no longer find this tip, could you help me how to set up to work with uniDbLookUpComboBox with large tables?
  11. rtalmeida

    How to design this login form?

    Does this work for desktop too?
  12. rtalmeida

    Projeto ACBR com Unigui

    precisa copiar as DLL'S nas pastas do windows ex: system, system32, etc
  13. rtalmeida

    Strange Behavior on Date Field

    see attached InputDate.zip
  14. rtalmeida

    Strange Behavior on Date Field

    Sorry, the problem is in my FireFox browser
  15. rtalmeida

    How To Change TUniPDFFrame Menu Options?

    Good, and Disable Print File?
  16. rtalmeida

    WidgetColumn in Action

  17. rtalmeida

    WidgetColumn in Action

    when WidgetColumn will be in the demo online: http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo65.dll, or is it already there?
  18. rtalmeida

    How to use TUniFileUpload like TOpenDialog

    I may be talking the biggest bullshit, but you can not get a ZIP compressed file and on the server unpack and process these files?
  19. rtalmeida


    He loses himself a little, but he has helped me a lot, thanks.
  20. rtalmeida


    is it possible to capture the unidbgrid scroll event?
  21. rtalmeida


    Sorry to bother, but my client insists that it works as it is on the desktop, if it is not possible I will change the strategy
  22. rtalmeida


    OK thank you
  23. rtalmeida


    I set an example in VCL and the same in Unigui GridUnigui.zip GridVcl.zip
  24. rtalmeida


    Is it possible to give me an example with more details? I need that when scrolling the mouse the records accompany.
  25. rtalmeida

    pivotgrid dynamic data problem

    Hi, Hayri, I think his problem is the same as mine. It's hard to explain with memtable, but ... I'll try pivotgrid.zip