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  1. WagnerAlexandre

    IDERA acquires Sencha

    For sure Farshad, the unigui today is unbeatable, we hope it will continue like this for several years. Let us continue to trust and use unigui to its fullest, we know that you and your team will continue to give us this fantastic support that has been taking place in recent years.
  2. WagnerAlexandre

    IDERA acquires Sencha

    Friends, So I entedi of what Jim commented in the Farshad post on the embarcadero, in the future the embarcadero is thinking of developing its own web framework. Let me know if you also have this opinion of the post? https://forums.embarcadero.com/thread.jspa?messageID=896996
  3. WagnerAlexandre

    IDERA acquires Sencha

    Friends, I believe that there is no reason for despair, since idera has been focusing a lot on the development of the tools it acquires. I imagine that her focus now is to have a productive web tool to make available in her portfolio and thus complete her product line focused on the rapid development of solutions. Sencha acquired all these customers over the years, and Idera would not be crazy to change the product engine and lose those customers overnight. So I think we just have to expect good results from this acquisition, and I imagine that it will not affect the unigui, which has been evolving every day. And showing that it is an effective and objective tool for us Pascal object developers.
  4. WagnerAlexandre

    Bootstrap buttons

    Hello friends, is there any way to use the bootstrap css with unigui buttons? Thank you very much in advance.
  5. WagnerAlexandre

    Alignment of components with F11

    Thank you friend, I had forgotten a detail. I have to do this script for each form?
  6. WagnerAlexandre

    Alignment of components with F11

    friend, unfortunately it does not work. When you resize the image with F11 does not track alignment.
  7. WagnerAlexandre

    Alignment of components with F11

    casetest.7zip 1 -> click on the button 2 -> F11 3 -> You will see that the image does not track alignment. Thank you.
  8. WagnerAlexandre

    Alignment of components with F11

    any tips on this?
  9. WagnerAlexandre

    Alignment of components with F11

    How can I fix the problem of a second form maximized and your footer aligned components. For when Teclo F11 to full screen the form fills the whole screen but the components aligned to the bottom do not follow the resizing of the screen. Can help me, thank you.
  10. WagnerAlexandre

    Servidores para Unigui

    Olá, amigo você fez esse procedimento com a interface gráfica? Ou existe alguma forma de rodar na forma de linha de comando sem ter instalado a interface gráfica?
  11. WagnerAlexandre

    Vale a pena?

    Qualquer um pode comprar a versão do framework, mesmo que não tenha uma cópia licenciada do delphi, pode por exemplo utilizar a versão trial do delphi sem problemas nenhum.
  12. WagnerAlexandre

    Loading Image

    You can change the application's load image? Thanks.
  13. WagnerAlexandre

    TUniImage mouse over

  14. WagnerAlexandre

    TUniImage mouse over

    Hello friends, I would like to know how to change the image of a TUniImage when the mouse passes over. Thank you very much in advance.