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  1. 55143681

    How to use UnimVideo?

    Hello Everyone: I have try unimVideo and I want to know how to use that? 1、UnimVideo->Url: what is the function? I give that "files\1.webm",but do not have any effect 2、UnimVideo->Urls:what is the function? I give some files to that ,but can only play the first file. UnimVideo1->Urls->Add("files\\1.webm"); UnimVideo1->Urls->Add("files\\2.webm"); 3、How to play a new file? I have a UnimList to select a new file,and stop UnimVideo and clear urls and add a new file , but I can not play the new file. UnimVideo will still play the file which UnimVideo have first played. 4、Play postion I test my case with chrome,(In my phone), I find something strange. If I open the chrome first time,I click unimVideo,the movie 's position is right If I open the chrome first time,I don not click unimVideo to play the picture,I click UnimList to call unimvideo to play a video, something strange comes out,(see the picture top),the video played out of the unimVideo's range. 4、UnimVideo->AutoResume:maybe do not have any effect //播放选中视频 UnimVideo1->Stop(); UnimVideo1->Urls->Clear(); UnimVideo1->Urls->Add(UnimList1->Text); ShowToast(UnimVideo1->Url); //UnimVideo1->EnableControls=true; UnimVideo1->Play(); //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- #include <vcl.h> #include <uniGUIVars.hpp> #pragma hdrstop #include "Mainm.h" #include "MainModule.h" //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- #pragma package(smart_init) #pragma link "unimList" #pragma link "uniMultiItem" #pragma link "unimVideo" #pragma link "uniGUIBaseClasses" #pragma link "uniGUIClasses" #pragma link "uniCheckBox" #pragma link "unimCheckBox" #pragma link "unimSlider" #pragma link "uniTrackBar" #pragma resource "*.dfm" //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- TMainmForm *MainmForm(void) { return( (TMainmForm *)UniMainModule()->GetFormInstance(__classid(TMainmForm))); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- __fastcall TMainmForm::TMainmForm(TComponent* Owner) : TUnimForm(Owner) { } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- void T17E60E923306453C9A806C0618FC0E35__RegisterFormClass() { Uniguivars::RegisterAppFormClass(__classid(TMainmForm)); Uniguiregclasses::CPPInit(); } #pragma startup T17E60E923306453C9A806C0618FC0E35__RegisterFormClass void __fastcall TMainmForm::UnimFormCreate(TObject *Sender) { //添加视频清单 //for (int i=0;i<UnimVideo1->Urls->Count;i++) // { // UnimList1->Items->Add(UnimVideo1->Urls->Strings); // } UnimSlider1->Position=UnimVideo1->Volume;//音量 UnimList1->Items->Add("files\\1.webm"); UnimList1->Items->Add("files\\2.webm"); UnimList1->Items->Add("files\\3.webm"); UnimList1->Items->Add("files\\4.mp4"); UnimList1->Items->Add("files\\4.webm"); //UnimVideo1->Url="files/1.webm"; UnimVideo1->Urls->Add("files\\2.webm"); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- void __fastcall TMainmForm::UnimList1Select(TObject *Sender) { //播放选中视频 UnimVideo1->Stop(); UnimVideo1->Urls->Clear(); UnimVideo1->Urls->Add(UnimList1->Text); ShowToast(UnimVideo1->Url); //UnimVideo1->EnableControls=true; UnimVideo1->Play(); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- void __fastcall TMainmForm::UnimCheckBox1Click(TObject *Sender) { //静音播放 if(UnimCheckBox1->Checked) UnimVideo1->Muted=true; else UnimVideo1->Muted=false; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- void __fastcall TMainmForm::UnimCheckBox2Click(TObject *Sender) { //循环播放 if(UnimCheckBox2->Checked) UnimVideo1->Loop =true; else UnimVideo1->Loop =false; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- void __fastcall TMainmForm::UnimCheckBox3Click(TObject *Sender) { //自动复位 if(UnimCheckBox3->Checked) UnimVideo1->AutoResume=true; else UnimVideo1->AutoResume=false; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- void __fastcall TMainmForm::UnimSlider1Change(TObject *Sender) { //调整声音大小 UnimVideo1->Volume=UnimSlider1->Position; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- demo_4_4_2.zip
  2. 官方Touch自带的theme没有tizen,请问有答案了嗎? Touch themes do not have tizen,and I need to use tizen style in my Touch project,how to do that? Can you help me?
  3. 55143681

    what type media type does unimVideo support?

    Thank you shezrod I find a property named autoResume,but i do not find out the effect,how to use that? I have a button to call the play function ,but when i click it unim video does not play,I have to click the cover to play,why?
  4. 55143681

    I want a scanCode control

    QRCode is used everywhere in china,I wish unigui can have a QRCode scanner control,with that,I can call my phone camera and scan a qrCode and get the code informations ,or I can open a picture and find out the qrCode in it and get the information
  5. 55143681

    I want gridPanel

    I want a panel called gridPanel,I can set how many columns and how many rows it have,in every small cell,I can place controls
  6. I can play webm in pc,but can not in my iphone, what type media type does unimVideo support?
  7. 55143681

    unimChart's bug maybe

    xe10.3.1 unigui1499 I find that I can not set the SeriesList property, then I reinstall unigui, and I can set the property, but after sometimes use,suddenly I can not open the property set window again, why?
  8. 55143681

    column locking's error

    I use unigui1496,and offical's demo works abnormal, see the picture, when i select lock, the columns addr1 display "Error_1"
  9. 55143681

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    very good
  10. 55143681

    How to search text in a pdf file?

    thanks a lot can you tell me what 3rd tools can do this?
  11. 55143681

    UnimChart can not open series list

    xe10.3.1+unigui1499 when i select UnimChart1,I shoud open SeriesList to edit the Series,in the Properties area or rightclick popup menu, but sometimes,I can not open the property, and the popup menu does not hava the item to select, why?
  12. 55143681

    How to search text in a pdf file?

    I need to search a text in a pdf file,how to do that? can UniPDFFrame resolves that? thanks alot.
  13. I love ShowToast to show a short message, I think ShowToast shoule have a parameter to control where the message comes out, for example:top\bottom\left\right\right_bottom corner.
  14. The text's top shoule align to left.
  15. font cls image only