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  1. 55143681

    [UniDBGrid] How to define a default column sort

    1482,google,give me an error: columns[0].isSortable is not a function
  2. 55143681

    UniTreeMenu can not scroll

    Works well,thank you. function treeMenu.afterCreate(sender) { sender.el.setStyle('overflow-y', 'auto'); }
  3. 55143681

    UniTreeMenu can not scroll

    After added that,Nothing is shown in the form,include a button.
  4. 55143681

    UniTreeMenu can not scroll

    I create a uniTreeMenu,with many subitems,when the subitems come out,the window do not have scroll bar, It should have. void __fastcall TMainForm::UniBitBtn1Click(TObject *Sender) { TUniTreeNode * pos; int i,j; for(int i=1;i<5;i++) { pos=UniTreeMenu1->Items->Add(NULL,"mainMenu_"+String(i)); for(int j=1;j<20;j++) { UniTreeMenu1->Items->Add(pos,"subMenu_"+String(j)); } } }
  5. I want to create A TreeMenu from database,how to create the items with c++ builder?
  6. 55143681

    UniCalendarPanel:How to change today's border color?

    works well,thanks.
  7. 55143681

    How to use UniCalendarPanel

    I use c++ builder,I want to know something. 1:EventId is automtic produced by the system? 2:How to delete an event. I use UniCalendarPanel1->Events->Delete(int a) to delete an event,what does a mean? I have use the eventId to delete a event,but the event deleted is not the event I selected. 3:what is the use of Description? 4:what is the use of reminder? 5:what is the use of url? thanks alot.
  8. 55143681

    UniGui on two PCs

    How many pc can I install for my own use?
  9. 55143681

    hyperserver balancing in diferent machines

    Load balance is really needed
  10. Two weeks ago,You have tell me your1481will come out this weekend or next ?but now I have no news,when is the plan?
  11. 55143681

    How to find out which hyper server to close?

  12. 55143681

    How to use a bigger ico in UniTreeView?

    works well ,thank you very much.
  13. 55143681

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    A great framework has give us so many good projects and get so many applause,but at the same time bring to the developers so many hope and complain. So as the author,you have got your success,but Now,you must think how to make your product better and make your service better.
  14. 55143681

    hyperserver url

    1480 so many bugs,when will the next build come out? as quick as you can please. so many people are waiting . A suggest,anyone find a bug for you,when you fix it ,you should send a fix version to him as soon as you can, that is called:service.