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  1. 55143681

    LayoutAttribs->Align=stretch, what is the effect?

    I think so. However unigui great is ,without a detail manual is somethin sorry.
  2. xe10.3.2 has come out, when unigui to public a new version fit to xe10.3.2? and can unigui1504 install to xe10.3.1?
  3. 55143681

    UniDBGrid's change page problem

    Glad to tell you that: My project is updated follow your unigui's version from 1496.....1501.....1504 and find the problem today, After make test case,I find that works well, so,I Open my project and delete the UniDBGrid and replace a new one, then I resolved the problem. thanks a lot.
  4. 55143681

    UniDBGrid's change page problem

    SEE THE DEMO MOVIE Video_2019-07-08_203502.wmv
  5. 55143681

    UniDBGrid's change page problem

    xe10.3.1+unigui1504 I use UniDBGrid and UniQuery to query data from oracle, I set UniQuery1->fetchRows=65535, and set UniDBGrid1->Options->PageSize=25 I make a query for me,which return 13pages, I can click "next page" to turn to next page,every page have 25 records, but when click "next Page" for five times, the fifth page has only one record, and when I go on to click "next page",the page do not move,and stops at the 5*25+1 record, at this time ,if I click"prior page",the grid has no any record changed, why?
  6. 55143681

    UnimRadarSeries 's problems

    Thank you very much. I would like to ask your help here ,because all the FSM mails can not be answered as quick as you can. Your teams are so busy. see the extra file ,see the "UnitFormGauge.cpp " please. demo_4_4_1.zip
  7. 55143681

    UnimChart AxisB 's last text be cutted

    good,thanks a lot.
  8. 55143681

    How to set Gauge chart 's color?

    And why series1~5 have different length? one longer,four shorter?
  9. 55143681

    Is that UnimChart's bug?help

    Thank you very much.
  10. 55143681

    Is that UnimChart's bug?help

    Do you have any progress? 1502 still have the problem