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  1. See the demo and the video please: procedure TMainmForm.UnimBitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin ShowMessageN(UnimTabPanel1.ActivePageIndex.ToString); end; See the video. 6a4b18b7006043a5fd1e7a68f0a8cf52.mp4
  2. But I think unigui's function is not corresponding to XE'S version.
  3. As you know,I can use this code to change the text language under desktop, UniSession.AddJS('Ext.get("messagebox-1001_header-title-textEl").setText("警告")'); But how to this under mobile?
  4. Dear: delphi works well.
  5. I have a UnimTabPanel with sheet1 and sheet2. I can not get the correct activePageIndex, if sheet1 is active,the activePageIndex is 0; but if if sheet2 is active,the activePageIndex is still 0; And I can not judge which sheet is active through this follow code too: if(UnimTabPanel1->ActivePage==UnimTabSheet1 ) { ShowMessageN("sheet1"); } else if(UnimTabPanel1->ActivePage==UnimTabSheet2) { ShowMessageN(sheet2); } Although,the sheet2 is active,but I still will get sheet1
  6. UNigui1542 cbuilder: 1: UnimTabPanel1->ActivePageIndex is Error. If 2nd is open,the ActivePageIndex is still "0" 2: if(UnimTabPanel1->ActivePage==UnimTabSheet1 ) { } else if(UnimTabPanel1->ActivePage==UnimTabSheet2) { } This code still can not judge which TabSheet has been opened,and the result is wrong.
  7. See the video please: 4c9b8ccab6df4c0ee93369d9a000fe4e.mp4
  8. 4e8a154c91f92f351d92b613f8de4771.mp4 scrumMobileServerBOC.zip
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