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  1. How to turn to the next page or the prior page with code?
  2. UniGUI1555+XE10.3.3 MY Error is: sender.getPicker is not a function.
  3. Dear: In my project,I create a "Mobile Login Form" and use it to login, now,some other website maybe call me with a "code" url,such as "" if the code is right,I will enter my main Page without login action. if the code is not right,I will call the "Mobile Login Form". How to add a judge before call my "Mobile Login Form",I wll read the url first and judge the url parameter, if the "code" parameter is right,the user will enter the main page, if the "code" parameter is not right,ther user will have to use "Mobile Login Form" to enter his username and password?
  4. In my uniDBGrid,only one record can be selected, and I want to get the new selected record's field value, field a or field b.
  5. UniGUI updates so quickly and with the new version coming out there maybe some new example demos, My suggestion is: In the main demo page there should add a page, tell us something about the new added demos and the demo links. Such as: unigui1555: demo_a http://djfs.slkjdf.ljskdf.com unigui1553: demo_b http://djfs.slkjdf.ljskdf.com
  6. Any button or bitbtn has screenMask property, setup it, 1)enabled:true 2)Message:your message 3)target:block control,I always select your current form
  7. In my project, my UniDBGrid 's dgCheckSelect=true and dgMultiSelect=false, If I click a button ,a want to know if there is any record selected? How to do that?
  8. Thank you very much, I am chinese, I also use original language(us). I test that again, 10.3.3+unigui1554 is ok, but, 10.4.2+any unigui version (1552\1553\1554)to open my old project will have the error, So,I think that must be something different for 10.4.2
  9. Dear: I have do this,but still error. Have you some other advice? Or I will have to reinstll xe10.3.3, waiting for you.....
  10. See my c_demo, a so simple example develped with xe cbuilder10.3.3+unigui 1551 Now,with xe10.4.2+unigui1553 or 1554, Still a link error: c_demo.zip
  11. And under the folder there is no a file like uniguimjsform.* How to resolve this problem?
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