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  1. Thanks,Every One. 1.Set ServerModule->filesFolder=e:\fileHome\ 2.UniSession->SendFile(UniServerModule()->FilesFolder+"aaa\\test.pdf"); works well. 3.UniPDFFrame1->PdfURL=UniServerModule()->FilesFolderURL+"aaa\\test.pdf"; works well.
  2. As you say,my web.exe can read and write the files everywhere, but,if I need download the file with URL, then I will meet a missing file error. Such as UniPdfFrame->pdfFile and Session->sendfile(). How to read and write "e:\\abc\\test.pd" not within my web home path?
  3. MY project in my office network, about seventy users, a *.exe runs fast.
  4. I use UniEdit in all my project, I don't know what new in UniSyntaxEdit and UniSyntaxEditEx? Is there some new function with the *Syntax* controls?
  5. See the image: I have two windows server,names server-a and server-b,every server run a unigui standlone server, the program is web.exe,the two server read/write the same oracle rac database, and I want the two server can read/write the same files Store(NAS channel), that is : Server-a and server-b have their web home "d:\",and they can ask the same file path "e:\filesHome" How to do that?
  6. How to kill a session?
  7. A persistent mode will be added. If the property have come out?
  8. If you are using mysql database,you need to card the "slow query problem", what means that if your sql operation on the field not be indexed, the query will be very slowly.
  9. what is the different between UniSyntaxEdit and UniEdit???
  10. As you see ,My project is in "d:\aaatest\debug", In my project's home path, there is a folder "filesHome", my project can read and write all files within that, Now ,I want to read and write a folder out of my project's home path, such as "E:\jdsfajk\dljsafl", Can I do that?
  11. I need that,wish your success.
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