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  1. 55143681


  2. uniDBGrid'bottom should have the total records
  3. 55143681

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    very good so great job i want to do some controls for a workflow,how to do that?
  4. 55143681

    How to increase the data query speed

    about 20 columns,the speed is very fast,but the result is abnormal,sometimes return 50 and sometimes return 80 and sometimes run normally
  5. I use xe cbuilder10.3.1 unigui1489,In the MainForm,I can call a new form from a button like this: TUniForm1*form1=new TUniForm(UniApplication); form1−>ShowModal; but in my frame i can not finish that,compile with error why?
  6. 55143681

    how to change hyperServer'title?

    I want to run two applications in one machine ,when hyperServer minimized to the taskbar,they have a same title and icon,can you change them?
  7. In my project,I use UniQuery to query a table,when I set UniDBGrid's rows to 100,sometime it works abnormal,it does not give me all the data fastly,how to finish that?
  8. I am from china and I have work with unigui under CBuilder more than two years,in order to summary,I am writing a book,anyone want to read the book can add my weixin,the no is runsky2012,thanks everyone here who have help me!
  9. 55143681

    UnimEdit how to set the maxlength?

    UniEdit has MaxLength,but UnimEdit how to set the maxLength?
  10. 55143681

    which function can show my form?

    mainForm01 and mainForm02 all are UnimContainerPanel1's child,I first create mainform01,and displayed normal,then create mainform02 ,and displayed normal, then how to display the first created form (mainform01 ) again? void __fastcall TMainmForm::UnimSegmentedButton1Click(TUnimButtonItem *Sender) { if(Sender->ButtonId==0) { TUnimFormMain01 *mainForm01=(TUnimFormMain01 *)UnimContainerPanel1->FindChildControl("UnimFormMain01"); if(mainForm01!=NULL) { //ShowMessage(mainForm01->Caption); mainForm01->BringToFront(); } else { mainForm01=new TUnimFormMain01(UniApplication); mainForm01->Parent=UnimContainerPanel1; } } if(Sender->ButtonId==1) { TUnimFormMain02 *mainForm02=(TUnimFormMain02 *)UnimContainerPanel1->FindChildControl("UnimFormMain02"); if(mainForm02!=NULL) { //ShowMessage(mainForm02->Caption); mainForm02->BringToFront(); } else { mainForm02=new TUnimFormMain02(UniApplication); mainForm02->Parent=UnimContainerPanel1; } } if(Sender->ButtonId==2) { } if(Sender->ButtonId==3) { } } //---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. 55143681

    which function can show my form?

    I have create some forms,all the form's parent is set to UnimContainerPanel1,I have some buttons to switch and display the different forms, but they can only be show at the first time created,when a new form is created, the old can never show again,how to show the form first created? TUnimFormMain01 *mainForm01=(TUnimFormMain01 *)UnimContainerPanel1->FindChildControl("UnimFormMain01"); if(mainForm01!=NULL) { ShowMessage(mainForm01->Caption); mainForm01->BringToFront(); } else { mainForm01=new TUnimFormMain01(UniApplication); mainForm01->Parent=UnimContainerPanel1; }
  12. 55143681

    Mobile browser screen size

    who has "window.OnResize"?
  13. 55143681

    unimdbgrid with autowidth on columns?

    How to code that with c++builder?Is that like this?but not right UnimDBGrid1->JSInterface->JSConfig("width","\[100\%\]",UnimDBGrid1->Columns->Items[0]->JSColumn);
  14. 55143681

    Mobile Menu Scroll

    I have the same question,under desktop that works well ,but under mobile that does not work.