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  1. 55143681

    UniGui on two PCs

    How many pc can I install for my own use?
  2. 55143681

    hyperserver balancing in diferent machines

    Load balance is really needed
  3. Two weeks ago,You have tell me your1481will come out this weekend or next ?but now I have no news,when is the plan?
  4. 55143681

    How to find out which hyper server to close?

  5. 55143681

    How to use a bigger ico in UniTreeView?

    works well ,thank you very much.
  6. 55143681

    UniGUI support, feedback in general and the future?

    A great framework has give us so many good projects and get so many applause,but at the same time bring to the developers so many hope and complain. So as the author,you have got your success,but Now,you must think how to make your product better and make your service better.
  7. 55143681

    hyperserver url

    1480 so many bugs,when will the next build come out? as quick as you can please. so many people are waiting . A suggest,anyone find a bug for you,when you fix it ,you should send a fix version to him as soon as you can, that is called:service.
  8. See the image file,I use a UniTreeView and a UniImageList to display a item node's image,but I can only use a 16*16 ico,I want to use a bigger ico,how to use 32*32 ico?
  9. 55143681

    Still having problems with login form

    void __fastcall TUniLoginForm1::UniBitBtn2Click(TObject *Sender) { //登录 UniMainModule()->loginUserNo=UniEdit1->Text; // UniQuery1->Close(); UniQuery1->SQL->Clear(); UniQuery1->SQL->Add("select * from user_info where user_no=:p1"); UniQuery1->ParamByName("p1")->Value=UniMainModule()->loginUserNo; UniQuery1->Open(); if(UniQuery1->RecordCount<1) { ShowMessage("该用户不存在,请先注册用户!"); UniBitBtn1->Click(); return; } // UniQuery1->Close(); UniQuery1->SQL->Clear(); UniQuery1->SQL->Add("select * from user_info where user_no=:p1 and user_pass=:p2"); UniQuery1->ParamByName("p1")->Value=UniMainModule()->loginUserNo; UniQuery1->ParamByName("p2")->Value=AESEncryptStrToHex(UniEdit2->Text.Trim(), UniMainModule()->aesKey, TEncoding::ANSI, TEncoding::UTF8, kb128, UniMainModule()->aesKey, pmZeroPadding, false,rlCRLF, rlCRLF); UniQuery1->Open(); if(UniQuery1->RecordCount<1) { ShowMessage("密码错误!"); UniEdit2->SetFocus(); return; } UniMainModule()->loginUserName=UniQuery1->FieldByName("user_name")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserTeam=UniQuery1->FieldByName("team_name")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserPart=UniQuery1->FieldByName("part_name")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserInst=UniQuery1->FieldByName("inst_name")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserTel1=UniQuery1->FieldByName("user_tel1")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserTel2=UniQuery1->FieldByName("user_tel2")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserStat=UniQuery1->FieldByName("user_stat")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserMail=UniQuery1->FieldByName("user_mail")->AsString; UniMainModule()->loginUserHead=UniQuery1->FieldByName("user_head")->AsString; //更新登录状态 UniQuery1->Close(); UniQuery1->SQL->Clear(); mySql="update user_info set user_stat='在线' where user_no=:p1"; UniQuery1->SQL->Add(mySql); UniQuery1->ParamByName("p1")->Value=UniMainModule()->loginUserNo; UniQuery1->ExecSQL(); // ModalResult=mrOk; //this->Close(); }

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    how to get the key press event,I have know your js,but where to do and how to do something when enter is pressed,for example showMessage("fired");

  11. 55143681

    I am sure your uniGUI1480 have some wrong

    Seventeen have passed,as a licensed user,I have send mail to your support email, and I have ask you for help so many times about this, but nothing received today, Anyone work on it? when will you give me an answer? ..........
  12. 55143681

    A loginForm problem

    Eighteen days have pass through,when will you resolve the problem?
  13. I use UniHTMLMemo as a chat window, when a message income,I add a line to it, but when there are too many lines, I can't see the last line, How to scroll to the tail of the UniHTMLMemo?
  14. 55143681

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    what is your mean I want to do something when i enter ENTER key do you mean that