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  1. 55143681

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    And If you use this method to switch between MainForm and MainmForm, then If anyone know the parameter ,your system will be dangerous, bad men can use the parameter to login in your system without user and password.
  2. 55143681

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    I think maybe there are some errors , The switch button in the loginForm should send a parameter forced=false,which means you need login The switch button in the MainForm should send a parameter forced=true,which means you have logined. Is that right?
  3. I have many computers within a router connected to the internet, How to get the computer's actual ip address with js? I mean how to call js code to get the local ip address.?
  4. 55143681

    WOW,update 1521 is coming

    No,just inform everyone that unigui1521 has come.
  5. 55143681

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    I see,you are the best man for your detail answer.
  6. with chrome,there comes out many "Voices",but no sound. with "chinese 360" ,there are only two microsoft "Voices",works well.
  7. 55143681

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    If I want to have this type project, which type project I should create? A desktop project or a mobile project?
  8. 55143681


    1、my demo:d_demoddd.zip 2、forum's demo:ECharts0514.rar I have try to copy the forum's demo,but I still have the error, I don't know that whay I have lost, Help Please. d_demoddd.zip ECharts0514.rar
  9. 55143681


    The Files are in the run path.
  10. 55143681

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    Then your desktop functions are a,b,c,d,e,f, But your mobile functions are only a,b, do not have c,d,e,f. In another word,your project has a grid, your desktop version have five fields, but your mobile version have only 3 fields.
  11. 55143681


    There are some buttons in the bottom of the Form, click any button will load a corresponding txt file(base json data) and draw a chart. procedure TMainForm.UniBitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); var options: TStringList; begin options := TStringList.Create; try options.LoadFromFile(Format('option_%d.txt', [TUniBitBtn(Sender).Tag + 1] ) ); UniSession.AddJS(Format('var option = %s', [options.Text])); UniSession.AddJS('myChart.setOption(option, true);'); Self.Caption := Format('%s - %s', ['ECharts', TUniBitBtn(Sender).Caption]); finally options.Free; end; end; procedure TMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin UniTimer1.Enabled := True; end;
  12. 55143681

    Mobile browser screen size

    Does not have effect.
  13. 55143681

    Mobile FullScreen

    Good choice,can you give me a detail demo and introduce?
  14. 55143681


    Hello Sherzod: I create a new Project to test the demo, I have copy echarts.js to debug/win32/files but I have a error. Can you spent some time to check for me? thank you. d_demoddd.zip