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  1. Thanks. That is reassuring. Is there a parameter in the CFG file that controls the length of time of inactivity before this happens or is it internally built-in?
  2. If Hyperserver is used to start an application and if the application crashes for any reason, will Hyperserver restart it automatically when it is unable to communicate with the application after a certain period? This is for either the ISAPI or service types of Hyperserver. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  3. Yes, I did after reading the above messages. Your postings are very informative and I will keep a record of them. Thanks.
  4. It is good thing we don't have the restriction here. We have many Internet access providers to choose from and furthermore, if such a restriction was imposed, the consumers here would raise a big fuss.
  5. Thank you all for the information. I managed to access the application using the public IP address by port forwarding the port number in the router to the local IP address of my computer. In addition, since I had two firewalls running, I had to create incoming rules for both firewalls to allow access to the TCP port number.
  6. The IP address of the PC refers to the network IP address? Interestingly, if the UniGUI application is hosted with IIS, this does not need to be done. Do I need to do this for standalone and service UniGUI applications?
  7. I have a public IP address of say, and my UniGUI application runs on port 8077. From my phone, I can ping the IP address but when I type in the phone's browser, it will not connect. I have turned off all firewalls and even allow incoming access to port 8077 in Windows Defender Firewall but there is no change. What am I missing here? Note: Connecting locally using the network IP address works fine. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  8. I have the following setup with 3 sessions running:- IIS --> HyperServer --> UniGUI application If the application crashes in session 1, will the remaining 2 sessions crash as well? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  9. You could try using TUniURLFrame with another web browser to see if the same problem with blank pages occurs. I sometimes do get blank pages but ultimately, it had something to do with my queries or coding.
  10. I do not have a fix for this as technical support did not provide a solution. I think that TUniPDFFrame is based on PDF.Js, a third-party solution, and there could be some coding issues with it. Currently, I use TUniURLFrame and the extra page does not appear. Maybe it is based on the web browser's internal engine and this problem does not occur. I like TUniPDFFrame but I could not wait.
  11. I have a TUniDBGrid with the following properties:- Web Options | Paged = True Web Options | Page Size = 25 There is code in the OnColumnSummaryResult event that displays the total of a column. If there are 26 records, I get two pages but the column summary is displayed twice in each page with totals of the column pertaining to that page's records. How do I get the column summary to only display in the last page with a total of all the records in all pages? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  12. I never learnt it. I just depended on the assistance provided by peers and technical support here whenever I have a question or encountered a problem. It's all copy and paste.
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