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  1. The box displaying the file(s) to upload in TUniFileUpload is quite small in width and for long file names, the horizontal scroll bar pops up. Is it possible to increase the width of the box to avoid showing the scroll bar or use our own dialogue box? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  2. I am attaching two PDF files. The first, A4REP_PORTRAIT.PDF, shows 1 sheet of paper required when the output "Save To PDF" is selected and 2 sheets of paper are required when any physical printer is chosen. The second, A4REP_LANDSCAPE.PDF, does the reverse. 2 sheets of paper are required when the output "Save To PDF" is selected and 1 sheet of paper is needed when any physical printer is chosen. a4rep_portrait.pdf a4rep_landscape.pdf
  3. I switched the printer to the Microsoft XPS document printer in A4 mode, an Epson LQ2180 dot matrix printer in A4 mode and an AnyDesk printer in A4 mode and all reported that 2 sheets of paper are needed. It doesn't look right.
  4. In the first video, the TUniPDFFrame does not have anything in the OnFrameLoaded event. When the ESCAPE key is pressed when the dialogue box is visible, the dialogue box closes, leaving the print preview showing. However, pressing the ESCAPE key at the print preview screen does nothing. In the second video, the OnFrameLoaded event has the JS code and when the ESCAPE key is pressed, BOTH the dialogue box and form closes. What I want is when the ESCAPE key is pressed at the dialogue box, it closes and the print preview window remains. (This is similar to clicking the Done button of the dialogue box) Then, when I press the ESCAPE key again, the form closes. tunipdfframe_withoutjscode.mp4 tunipdfframe_withjscode.mp4
  5. I have an A4 report that is generated from FastReport and the output goes to the TUniPDFFrame. When the "Save To PDF" option is selected, TUniPDFFrame shows 1 page, which is correct. However, when I change the print option to my printer, TUniPDFFrame changes the number of pages to 2. Why does this happen? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition 2pagestoprinter.mp4
  6. Sherzod, I noticed that when the ESCAPE key is pressed at the dialogue box for document printing, this dialogue box plus the print preview screen of the TUniPDFFrame closes as well. Is it possible to just close the dialogue box first and then another ESCAPE key will close the print preview screen? The user may want to choose another option from TUniPDFFrame. Without the JS code, pressing the ESCAPE key closes the dialogue box but not the print preview screen.
  7. Thanks. I missed this one.
  8. I have a form with a TUniPDFFrame and where there is the following code entered in the OnKeyDown event of the form. procedure TForm.UniFormKeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState); begin if Key=VK_ESCAPE then close; end; When the form starts and a PDF file is displayed within the TUniPDFFrame, I can press the ESCAPE key and the form closes. However, when I click the Print button of the TUniPDFFrame, view the result, press the ESCAPE key to close it and then press the ESCAPE key again to close the dialogue box for generating the document, pressing the ESCAPE key for the third time does not close the form. Why does the final ESCAPE key press not close the form? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  9. My bad. I was using a sub-form. It now works. Thanks.
  10. I added the following code in the OnScreenResize event and whether I am resizing the browser or form, both values are zero. procedure TfrmFull.UniFormScreenResize(Sender: TObject; AWidth, AHeight: Integer); begin lblWidth.Caption:='Width: '+IntToStr(AWidth); lblHeight.Caption:='Height: '+IntToStr(AHeight); end; Am I missing something here?
  11. When a form's WindowState is set to wsMaximized, the form fills this client section of the browser. How do I determine the width and height of this client section of the browser when the form's WindowState is wsNormal? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  12. The document printing completed dialogue box is shown when the Print button of the TUniPDFFrame control is clicked. Is there a way to suppress it from appearing? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
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    Ok, noted. Thanks.
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    Since your version is less than 7.8.0, shouldn't you do the following? // {$ define EurekaLog7_8UP} // enable this line if your version of EurekaLog is 7.8.0 or later {$ undef EurekaLog7_3UP} // activate this line if your version of EurekaLog is 7.3.0 or later