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  1. Thanks for the informative explanation. I guess technical support should be able to narrow down and fix the problem fairly quickly.
  2. I did more testing and this is weird but it works. 1. Set the TabStop properties for all controls to True at designtime 2. At runtime, I was able to change the TabStop properties to False and back to True at will. Note: It does not have to be from the OnReady event of the form. If the controls' TabStop properties are False at designtime, I cannot change the TabStop properties at runtime.
  3. Sherzod, I do know that I can set the TabStop to True at designtime. I can even set this property at runtime in VCL and it will work. However, I am looking for a solution in UniGUI on how to set it during runtime and work. If you have a solution now or if it will be fixed in the next build, please let me know.
  4. Where else should I set it to True? The following code does not work:- procedure TfrmMain.UniFormReady(Sender: TObject); begin edt1.TabStop:=True; cbo1.TabStop:=True; edt2.TabStop:=True; edt3.TabStop:=True; edt1.SetFocus; end;
  5. I have 3 users who are not allowed to edit fields and 1 user who is allowed. At design time, I set all fields to ReadOnly:=True and TabStop:=False. When the 1 user who is allowed to edit the fields logs in, I set the fields to ReadOnly:=False and TabStop:=True. As you have tested, setting the TabStop:=True at runtime does not work.
  6. I have created a simpler project. All four controls have their TabStop properties disabled at design time. In the OnReady event of the form, I enabled the TabStop properties for all controls. When I try to tab from control to control during runtime, nothing happens. tabruntime.7z
  7. I am using version and this suggestion that used to work before no longer does. Please confirm this.
  8. Frederick

    Ajax Error

    Noted. Thanks.
  9. Frederick

    Ajax Error

    Thanks for the code. This seems to work. What advantage is there in using this code in UniGUIServerModuleHTTPDocument compared with in UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand?
  10. Frederick

    Ajax Error

    My app has one login form. Normally, when I call the app from the browser, the login form appears. If I put the following code in UniServerModule's OnHttpCommand event, the browser displays an "OK" and then stops. The login form does not show. AResponseInfo.ContentText:='OK'; AResponseInfo.ContentType := 'text/plain'; AResponseInfo.ResponseNo:=200; Handled:=True; How do get my app to return the response code of "OK" to my browser AND show the login form?
  11. Frederick

    Ajax Error

    I can't use "Handled:=True" because the app just returns "OK" and stops. I want the app to respond to the calling gateways and then proceed to the login screen.
  12. Frederick

    Ajax Error

    I have two gateways that calls my app for callback reasons. One of them expects a "200" response and the other needs the "OK" response. In UniServerModule's OnHttpCommand event, I added the following code:- AResponseInfo.ContentText:='OK'; AResponseInfo.ContentType := 'text/plain'; AResponseInfo.ResponseNo:=200; When I run the application, I get an "Ajax Error: OK is not defined" all the time. What am I missing here and is my above code correct in returning the responses to the gateways? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  13. The SMS gateway does have a IP whitelist option. If I specify one or more IP addresses to be whitelisted, only these IP addresses can access the gateway. I suppose this is the CORS configuration equivalent. Currently, I did not specify anything. So, any URL calls from my computer to the gateway should go through.
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