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  1. Frederick

    SelectOnFocus Property For TUniDBLookupComboBox

    Thanks. The code works. Are you planning to add a SelectOnFocus property for TUniDBLookupComboBox that can be set from the object inspector? BTW, are there SelectOnFocus equivalents for TUniDBDateTimePicker and TUniDateTimePicker?
  2. The post helps. Thanks.
  3. Frederick

    Cannot Use Arrow Keys If Clicked Outside Grid Rows

    Thanks. It works as expected now.
  4. When the TUniDBCheckBox is focused, the box changes colour to indicate that it has focus. However, when I leave the control, the focused state indicator remains. How do I change it so that it is not in the focused state? When there are multiple TUniDBCheckBox controls, the sticky focused state is confusing to the user since it is not known which control has current focus. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  5. I would like to select the entire text content of the TUniDBLookupComboBox when it is set focused to. Since there is no SelectOnFocus property, how do I do this? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  6. I have a TUniDBGrid with several database records. If I click in the section where the rows are, I can use the up and down arrow keys to move to each record. If I click outside the row area, but still within the grid control, the up and down arrow keys are ignored. Why does this happen? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  7. Hi Sherzod, Just a small thing. If the TUniGroupBox does not have a caption, calling the above code will throw an Ajax error. Is it possible for the code to recognize that there is no caption and act accordingly instead of displaying an error?
  8. Is it possible for the group box's caption to be shown normally (and not blurred) even when it is disabled? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  9. I have a TUniDBEdit/TUniEdit control within a TUniGroupBox. When the group box is disabled, I would expect that I will not be able to set focus to the controls within. This works correctly when I attempt to click on the control. However, when I issue a TUniDBEdit.Setfocus call, the control can be set focused to. Normally, Delphi would throw an error but here, nothing happens. Is UniGUI not aware that the parent is disabled and all controls within cannot be set focused to? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  10. Thanks for the tip. That solved the problem.
  11. Version does not seem to have fixed the problem. Please see attached images.
  12. Frederick

    SelectNextPage() Method For TUniPageControl Does Nothing

    Ok, thanks. I will use the workaround for now.