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  1. When printing a report in Firefox, I get the attached Ajax error. The same report printed in Chrome, Edge or Opera does not display the error. I am using a TUniURLFrame to display the PDF file and in the control's OnFrameLoaded event, I have the following code:- TUniURLFrame.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.iframe.contentDocument.addEventListener("keydown", function(e){ajaxRequest('+ Self.WebForm.JSForm.JSName +', "keydown", ["key="+e.keyCode])});') What am I missing here? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  2. Thanks. Adding a semi colon after the closing bracket solved the problem. Ext.override(Ext.form.field.Checkbox, { onBlur: function() { this.displayEl.removeCls('x-form-checkbox-focus'); this.callParent(arguments); } }); /* Added semi colon here */ Ext.form.field.Date.prototype.altFormats = "dmY|m/d/Y|n/j/Y|n/j/y|m/j/y|n/d/y|m/j/Y|n/d/Y|m-d-y|m-d-Y|m/d|m-d|md|mdy|mdY|d|Y-m-d|n-j|n/j"; /* Adding this line */
  3. I am trying to add a script to the Mainform's script property but the additional code gives an Ajax error. What part am I doing wrong? Ext.override(Ext.form.field.Checkbox, { onBlur: function() { this.displayEl.removeCls('x-form-checkbox-focus'); this.callParent(arguments); } }) Ext.form.field.Date.prototype.altFormats = "dmY|m/d/Y|n/j/Y|n/j/y|m/j/y|n/d/y|m/j/Y|n/d/Y|m-d-y|m-d-Y|m/d|m-d|md|mdy|mdY|d|Y-m-d|n-j|n/j"; /* Adding this line */ -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  4. Debug Output: onecore\com\combase\catalog\catalog.cxx(1026)\combase.dll!00007FFD1EF29FE6: (caller: 00007FFD1EF1CC0D) ReturnHr(1) tid(4e64) 80070002 The system cannot find the file specified. Recently, I have been getting multiples of the above error when I compile and run a UniGUI app in debug mode. When it is compiled and run the first or second time, there is no problem. After that, the errors appear in the compile log and the app will not start in the browser. I can only resolve the problem when I restart Delphi. I can't seem to repeat the problem in a VCL application in debug m
  5. I have a TUniEdit and a TUniDBGrid. The MainForm has the NavigateKeys property enabled with the Next's Key property set to 13. In the TUniEdit's OnExit event, I have some code that fires when the event is triggered. When I attempt to press the ENTER or Tab key from the TUniEdit to focus to the TUniDBGrid, the grid cannot be focused to and the OnExit event is not fired. How do I get the focus to change to the grid? A testcase is attached. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition gridnofocus.mp4 gridnofocus.7z
  6. The above code is to test if the TUniDBFormattedNumberEdit control (edtAmt) is blank. If yes, call cmdSet to set a default value of -1.00. As a comparison, the other TUniDBFormattedNumberEdit control is set to -11.00 when left blank. This shows that if I assign a value of -1.00 to the control, the Text property remains blank instead of '-1.00'.
  7. Hi Sherzod, May I know if the testcase files are complete and is this a bug?
  8. Thanks. I was already using the JS code but was missing the "<br>" part in the caption.
  9. I have a TUniDBFormattedNumberEdit that is bound to an SQLite table. When I exit the control and I detect that the text property is blank, I assign a default value. For some reason, when I assign any number other than -1.00, the text property shows the value assigned. If I assign -1.00, the text property remains blank. Is this a bug and how do I work around it? A video showing the problem and a testcase is attached. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition editnotext.mp4 editnotext.7z
  10. My TUniPanel's caption is "This is line 1 This is line 2". I want the lines to appear as: This is line 1 This is line 2 I tried TUniPanel.Caption:='This is line 1'+#13#10+'This is line 2' and TUniPanel.Caption:='This is line 1<br/>This is line 2' but the results are not as expected. How to I get this to work? -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  11. In the desktop demo for Grid - Row Editors, how do I prevent a user from using the keyboard and entering a blank value for the phone extension? Although the TUniSpinEdit control has minimum and maximum values set, these are not respected. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition preventblankinspinedit.mp4
  12. Please see attached video. After I double click the column or press the ENTER key on it, I want the label "Editing: No" to become "Editing: Yes". If I decide to cancel an edit and I press the ESCAPE key, I want the label "Escape: No" to change to "Escape: Yes" and the label "Editing: Yes" to change to "Editing: No". Note: I have also attached the testcase file. editgrid.mp4 editgrid.zip
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