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  1. rtalmeida


    He loses himself a little, but he has helped me a lot, thanks.
  2. rtalmeida


    Sorry to bother, but my client insists that it works as it is on the desktop, if it is not possible I will change the strategy
  3. rtalmeida


    OK thank you
  4. rtalmeida


    I set an example in VCL and the same in Unigui GridUnigui.zip GridVcl.zip
  5. rtalmeida


    Is it possible to give me an example with more details? I need that when scrolling the mouse the records accompany.
  6. rtalmeida


    is it possible to capture the unidbgrid scroll event?
  7. rtalmeida

    pivotgrid dynamic data problem

    Hi, Hayri, I think his problem is the same as mine. It's hard to explain with memtable, but ... I'll try pivotgrid.zip
  8. rtalmeida


    Thanks, I thank Paulo da Fenix for the great help he has given me in setting up hyperserver, a person who is not afraid to share his knowledge, I once heard, that sharing knowledge is also a form of backup.
  9. rtalmeida

    Change color field with focus

  10. rtalmeida

    Novo Grupo Whats

  11. rtalmeida

    Push Notifications

    I would also like to see an example
  12. rtalmeida

    Sistema Mini ERP - Primeiro Video

    Thank you
  13. rtalmeida

    Sistema Mini ERP - Primeiro Video

    Estou deixando o link do meu primeiro Video de um Mini ERP que estou desenvolvendo, o sistema é feito com Unigui e ACBR.
  14. rtalmeida

    Any idea about ActionColumn Button hide or show ?

    Ok, Thank you
  15. rtalmeida

    Any idea about ActionColumn Button hide or show ?

    Unfortunately I did not understand this