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  1. In a LOGIN form I have a button which builds a URL (for OpenID Connect) Microsoft authentication. And redirects to the OpenID for authentication, the URL contains the UniSession.SessionID. Using: UniSession.UrlRedirect(loginRequest); Microsoft authenticates ok, and the URL (callback used in the loginRequest) is called. This triggers: UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand if ARequestInfo.URI.Contains('/auth') then I extract the TOKEN and the SessionID I sent to Microsoft (it comes back) I store the SessionID in a Dictionary<string,string> so I
  2. The link below has a BASIC implementation of SAML for ASP.NET. (323 lines of c# code), a Delphi/uniGUI version would be nice. This would assist in Education / Business sites who use SAML for single-sign-on to take up uniGUI as an option. https://github.com/jitbit/AspNetSaml How SAML works? SAML workflow has 2 steps: User is redirected to the SAML provider (where he authenticates) User is redirected back to your app, where you validate the payload Here's how you do it (this example is for ASP.NET MVC: 1. Redirecting the user to the saml provider:
  3. > www.unigui.com ;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server Server: Address: ** server can't find www.unigui.com: SERVFAIL forums.unigui.com ;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server Server: Address: ** server can't find forums.unigui.com: SERVFAIL > forums.unigui.com Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: forums.unigui.com Address: Google DNS servers and having problems with y
  4. No problem Farshad.... All good, understood. :-)
  5. Hi, I'm sure the last time I check the renewal was $350USD for Complete Professional ? Today when I logged in and checked it appears to have changed to $550USD ? Is this a recent change ? My last renewal was $350USD also ?? Thanks Andrew Tierney CastleSoft
  6. https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/announcing-fmx-linux-bundling-with-delphi-and-rad-studio Starting today, Delphi and RAD Studio customers, with active subscription to the Enterprise or Architect editions can download, install, and start using FmxLinux for building FireMonkey applications targeting the Linux 64-bit platform. uniGUI for Linux now has a possible Standalone GUI option :-)
  7. Would it be possible to add support for V3 (or make an additional) reCaptcha control ? V3 doesn't require the 'checkbox - I'm not a robot' question. It just displays a 'hovering' logo right bottom side of the page. No user interaction is required with v3, which is nice. The sample howto for php is below: The basic JS code <script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js?render=your reCAPTCHA site key here"></script> <script> grecaptcha.ready(function() {
  8. A repeater panel like on ASP.NET would be nice. Basically create the layout you want in a row, the row repeats. Image, HTML, Text, etc A flexible grid style..
  9. Code is now available via Github: https://github.com/CastleSoft/uiXtra Contains the latest source code (v1.07 - RIO release, uniGUI 1.5 (latest release) - Forum patches/updates in this thread ** Thank you all ** ) MIT lic.. Feel free to FORK / hack / etc. Sorry. I don't have much time these days to monitor the forums. Enjoy.. PS.. v1.06 is the original release for pre RIO / pre 1.5 / pre patches - if anyone needs it.
  10. I have a custom control based on TUniCustomHTMLFrame which works with a <canvas> element. I have a Javascript function called resizeCanv() which is as follows: function resizeCanv(){ var canvas = $( "canvas#'+JSName+'" )[0]; canvas.width = canvas.parentElement.clientWidth; canvas.height = canvas.parentElement.clientHeight; } In my TUniFAKECanvas controls .create the HTML.Text is set to <canvas id="'+JSName+'"></canvas> and the resizeCanv() is called. It all works great. I then added the Align to allow me to use 'client' for sizing. When the form i
  11. Thanks.. Looks good. I'll give it a try.
  12. Any plans for reactive or multi-layout mobile support in the gui ?
  13. A few minor tweaks and another another freebie. iTyped - https://github.com/luisvinicius167/ityped Simply add the uniTyped control (resize to your size). var s: TStrings; begin s := TStringList.Create; s.Add('Welcome to the jungle'); s.Add('Restarting soo...'); UniTyped1.text := s; UniTyped1.PlayTyped; s.Free; end; or Just set the properties in the control and do a UniTyped.PlayTyped. Source code and Example below (includes the sweetalert/jquerytoast/iTyped). https://goo.gl/bnU2Ab
  14. A few more fixes. - Z-Index for jToast fixed - buttonsStyling (typo / spelling incorrect in SweetAlert2) New css file added to jToast. (re-grab the files/jtoast and files/sweetalert folders in any code you use for the updated). Added 'custom' to jToast.. when 'Pos: custom' the Left and Top are used for positioning. *** If you are using an older version you may need to ignore the buttonStyling missing error and toggle the 'buttonsStyling' and save to fix. *** If you have Z-Index issues.. Clear your browser cache and try again. Enjoy. uniExtensions-V5.zip
  15. Updated SweetAlert2 control (REST) removed, fix Z-Order issue when the alert appears behind the form. Added TEST / DEMO Added a new control wrapper for jToast https://github.com/kamranahmedse/jquery-toast-plugin (uniJToast currently has properties, a simple ShowMessage and events for Before/After Show/Hide.) Enjoy. uniExtensions.zip
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