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PDF Problems in IIS and UNIGUI


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I have the following routine to generate and view pdf files:


ReportName := 'report_' + FormatDateTime('ddmmyy_hhmmss', Now) + '.pdf';
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresEnfermeiro.AllowPrintToFile := True;
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresEnfermeiro.ShowPrintDialog := False;
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresEnfermeiro.DeviceType := dtPDF;
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresEnfermeiro.TextFileName := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath + ReportName;
UniURLFrame1.URL := UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + '/' + ReportName;
In the ISAPI project running .exe, the PDF is displayed in the browser normally.
But when I publish the DLL in IIS, the system simply hangs and displays nothing.
I'm using report builder and IIS 6, Delphi Seatle and UNIGUI
Can anybody help me?



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IIS cann't call Exe to generate PDF ,




Demos\Desktop\FastReport  sample.


Demos\Desktop\FastReport - MultiReport


can Compile in IIS  generate PDF.

But does this demo generate the dll? I need to generate the dll, publish to IIS and generate the PDF with Report Builder and display in the browser

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pp.jpgmodal preview & ModalCancelDialog = false; showCancelDialog and showprintDialog

I set it up your way. Now it loads the UniURLFrame1.URL: = UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + ReportName. But the main screen appears in place of the PDF. What madness! kk
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The cracked version?

Demo version.


I'm almost giving up using unigui. Does not show the PDF in IIS!


the unigui repeats the main screen, instead of displaying the PDF file. Look:
With DLL:
With EXE:(it's right)
for both it's the same routine:
ReportName := 'report_' + FormatDateTime('ddmmyy_hhmmss', Now) + '.pdf';
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresMedico.AllowPrintToFile := false;
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresMedico.ShowPrintDialog := false;
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresMedico.DeviceType := 'PDF';
MainModule.UniMainModule.rel_indicadoresMedico.ArchiveFileName := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath + ReportName;
UniURLFrame1.URL := UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + ReportName; 
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