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Multiline label ?


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Thanks for the fix.


Another minor funny.


If you do the following:


1) AutoSize = OFF

2) Switch to View As Text and change the caption to:


      'This is my first line'#13#10'and this is my second line'


3) Switch back to design view and resize the height of the label.


All looks good in the designer.


But when you then view in the web its all on one line.


Maybe an option to translate #13#10 to <br> would be nice ?



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If you set the label caption to "line1<br>line2" the label displays multiline text (at run time) only if the label parent is a Form, a Frame, or a UniScrollBox. If the label parent is a Panel or a ContainerPanel the label is not multiline.


Edit: actually, it works. You just need to set TextConversion property := txtHTML

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