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Master/Detail entry dissapears after reopening project


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I use DevArt components for mySQL connection.

On the servermodule i put the MyConnection component which contains the ip, username/password

On a datamodule i put the Query components.


There are 2 Query Components :

- Accounts

- Guests


Guest has a Master/Detail to Accounts...but every time i open the project

the Master/Detail is empty and only the MasterFields property contains

the fields.


Is this a bug in 0.94.1024 or is there something else wrong and how to solve it?


Regards Peter

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Hi Ronny,


I use this concept because when the applications is started...i use a .ini file which contains

the database server ip, username/password and other entries for UniServerModule


At this point i can use the uniServerModule.OnBeforeInt to set :





This is done on some advize from Farshad in the past.


I will try to separete the properties i need for the uniServerModule

and read the database section of this .ini files to initial the variables for the myConnection.



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