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Security System

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I have not worked with the components tms (Security), but many years ago,

I created my own little security "system" (2 Units) .


Currently I have no  projects (Unigui) in production;


I'm just exploring the possibility (many) and the great potential of Unigui.



After your request, I have tried to convert my  source code (2 Units) in Unigui and I created a demo program.


I believe, with success.


The basic rules of  my "system" is simple:


Each component Unigui that has the properties "Visible and / or Enabled" can work with my "system".






1) The Units and Demo   uses 3 Mysql tables: Users, Profile, Security.



2) I use for demo and units   MySQL-Devart Components.


3) If you do not work with mysql or not have Mysql-Devart Components , you must convert tables to another system and

    you need to change the MySQL code. ( I believe not very complicated) .


4) ?????



If you are interested, I can post code, demo and tables layout.



P.s.  The source code is not documented, Sorry. 



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