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  1. hi I can't find this file in dev & deployment system got not found error uni-
  2. molla2005b


  3. molla2005b

    UniDBgrid with SMExportToExcel

  4. Fixed incorrect codes But sometimes the program is sometimes frozen console sceenshot attached unigui Hyper Server statement.jfif statement2.jfif
  5. molla2005b

    How to Hide LabelField and Edit of UnimFileUploadButton

    thank for your help width not set but i fix it by this approach with btnTakePhoto.JSInterface do begin JSConfig('border', ['false']); JSConfig('centered', ['true']); end; It would be great if we had buttonOnly option
  6. molla2005b

    How to Hide LabelField and Edit of UnimFileUploadButton

    thank you very much now I need to change button caption and width to fit the parent(unimContainer)
  7. hi I want to have a button only to capture photo by camera using TUnimFileUploadButton change button caption to "Take Photo" to directly open camera and hide LabelField and FileNameEditBox of UnimFileUploadButton Thanks And regards. 4856a216-f18b-44f8-8a6c-ce7252c9f62e.jfif
  8. console sceenshop 3824c2c1-fdba-4520-89d9-4e2e02b96f5b.jfif f6634ca9-7743-48fe-8e0d-86af675694ec.jfif
  9. no.it occur on my customers browser Usually occurs at the peak of business hours. nothing in log file I asked them to take screenshot from console page when it happens
  10. hi after upgrade from to ,I have this problem now sometimes screen completely hang .its behavior is like an image,none click responds this hang only effect the current session and I should restart it to come back. I deployed is as ISAPI DLL (not use Hayper Server yet) How did you solve this problem?
  11. molla2005b

    RTL : UniDBGrid horizontal scrollbar jump to left ok done
  12. in Right to Left Mode horizontal scrollbar should stay in Right it jump to left side after refresh or reopen dataset Grid horizScroll.rar
  13. molla2005b

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    I have disable AllwaysShowSelected and error disappeared .
  14. molla2005b

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    yes.still exists in Build 1505 I haven't this error in uni-
  15. molla2005b

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    Me too I'm experiencing this error, if select some rows by checkSelect and then type in column filter. get this error : TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number Build :