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  1. thank you very much .now we use this as a helper function. It is will we helpful if added as grid method TUniDBGridHelper = class helper for TUniDBGrid procedure ClearSort(); end;
  2. With Qry do begin Close; SQL.Text:='Select ...'+where + order by ... Open; end;
  3. hi after sort a grid by clicking on a column I want to exit columns sort and back to query sort (order by field) with out need to close and open form again thanks
  4. we use onChange for Units Calculation , we need to call onChange only when the user typing in EditBox now it fire when tab or focus in Edit.
  5. hi, we have problem with onChange event of All edit fields OnChange Fired when Enter an EditBox by Tab or SetFocus , for first time only plz any temporal solution thnaks OnChangeFired.rar
  6. work well. only in IPad Pro Safari mouse blocked
  7. I can not click by mouse. completely blocked(right and left)
  8. Problem with IPad Pro and DisableMouseRightClick When I Set UniMainModule.BrowserOptions.boDisableMouseRightClick = True On Safari of IPad Pro the Mouse are blocked but touch is work but when I Set UniMainModule.BrowserOptions.boDisableMouseRightClick = False both Mouse and Touch is work but The browser popMenu cover my DbGrid PopMenu please any solution thanks UniGui and D11
  9. thank you for your fast response can I use this code? TUniButton(btnSave).AutoLock:=True; btnSave is a TUniToolButton. I always try to use less JavaScript in my code. best regard
  10. hi please add AutoLock property to TUniBitBtn and TUniToolButton currently available for TUniButton only thanks
  11. hello 1-Row editot not notice readOnly columns 2-After the Grid switch from ReadOnly=True to ReadOnly=False columns that has editor,can not write in the editor (work like readOnlyMode = urmNotEditable ) but can write in other other columns simple testcase is attached GridReadOnly.rar
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