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  1. molla2005b

    Ramadan Mubarak

    Ramadan Mubarak
  2. molla2005b

    Signature from mobile

    https://github.com/szimek/signature_pad you can find them here
  3. I have using unimDBlistgrid with template I want to scroll to last record I can't find a working solution yet. my uni version is and i will renew soon thanks in advance
  4. hi Have you reached a solution? Thanks in advance!
  5. hi How can it be done in uniGui Touch? (prevent full page scrolling in ios safari) this is solution used for react native how we can use with unigui body scroll lock Best Regards
  6. is possible to invoke iOS/Android system share dialogs from mobile webbrowser? best regards
  7. you can use in datasnap and in isapi, in delphimvc, in indy based servers, in mars, etc. in any delphi 64 app link
  8. molla2005b

    Disable search engine indexing

    hi How to Disable search engine indexing for my UniGui web application best regrad
  9. molla2005b

    Nice Time picker

  10. molla2005b

    Unigui is dead?

    my be he speaking about http://www.unigui.com/blog last update date is : Monday, 07 August 2017 10:58
  11. molla2005b

    ext js 6.6

  12. molla2005b

    Ramadan Kareem - رمضان كريم

    رمضان كريم، وكل عام وأنتم بخير
  13. molla2005b

    MVP - PassiveView pattern samples for uniGUI

    This same based on IORM & MVVM Open Sourse https://github.com/mauriziodm/iORM/tree/develop/Samples/PhoneContacts_MVVM_CrossFramework/uniGUI
  14. molla2005b

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    thanks Abaksoft
  15. hi I want to Display WIDEMemo in unimDBGRID column like attached image is any solution?