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  1. Well I'm not a robot lol Yes, your concern is valid, but I think they're only happy users (including me) trying to help RadCORE creator to show their good job in responsivity with uniGUI. Project standards may be questionable, may not fit for all developers and projects, but can be as inspiration for many approaches with uniGUI web development. I hope that's even may be an inspiration for uniGUI team to get work of responsivity because is a big requirement those days (my opinion)
  2. Just to give another option for your trial, I use TSPlus it is very good to port Desktop apps in web mode, but for some cheap scenarios I use Winflector which is totally free for two users.
  3. I'm another RadCORE happy user, the Bootstrap grid system to get responsivity works like a charm, you just put your controls inside a UniContainerPanel, and set how many columns you want for each resolution in their "hint" property, it's awesome.
  4. Responsivity feature like a Bootstrap grid system is a requirement these days, only one web application running in all resolutions with same code would be perfect to uniGUI modernization.
  5. Nice video, congrats Keep doing more please, we all need to know how to handle panels and containers with responsivity approaches Tks
  6. Thanks for your reply, I already using a stream player from https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/hls.js@latest Also I'm using FFMPEG for convert RTSP to .m3u8 list and .ts files that can be played on this HSL.JS video stream player. My problem is when I set resouce video to /files uniGUI directory > hls.loadSource("files/stream.m3u8"); I just can play only 10 seconds. But if I set resource video to some other wamp/apache like hls.loadSource("http://localhost/rtsp/stream.m3u8"); or other online path it work perfectly The FFMPEG parameters that I using, generate a new .ts file per
  7. Sorry to insist but I really need it. Can anyone tell me why I can't see more than 10 seconds of video through uniGUI? I appreciate any help @Sherzod @Farshad Mohajeri
  8. The problem is that I can play only 10 seconds using uniGUI. Please pay attention in:  hls.loadSource("files/stream.m3u8"); If I change for another internal webserver like apache (wamp) it works for example:  hls.loadSource("http://localhost/rtsp/stream.m3u8"); or another online stream like:  hls.loadSource("https://bitdash-a.akamaihd.net/content/sintel/hls/playlist.m3u8"); I created a simple test case attached, and I will appreciatte any help You will need to put ffmpeg.exe in /files (from https://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html)
  9. Hey guys I trying to make uniGUI reproduce RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) common in IP Security Cameras or DVRs My first attempt was take a snapshop from RTSP url that gave me a jpg as return, and then I could reproduce like a video with a ajax. But not every IP Camera or DVR have a snapshot function, so I decided to use FFPMEG for convert RTSP to m3u8 Server execute a comand like: ffmpeg.exe -fflags nobuffer -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp:// -flags +cgop -g 30 -hls_flags delete_segments .\stream.m3u8 And then I have streamX.ts files
  10. Hi, I don't know if already notified, but I couldn't change the FileName with the new Excel Exporter Also, I would like to know if will be possible to disable Title.
  11. Perfect, thanks a lot @Sherzod it works like a charm.
  12. Hello Guys, How can I disable or avoid the "blink" of screen mask when user close a tab (frame) in Page Control as we can see in Desktop Demo? I tried to disable or change opacity in Main Form, Page Control, Frame, but It doesn't work. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the answer @Jean-Marc Kiener but I still got a memory leak even commenting the unnecessary create of Return object. But used https://jsontodelphi.com/ to create a class for representing my JSON, and I did with successfull without memory leaks. I will keep my study to undertand what happened with my previous approach to avoid this in the future. Tks again!
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