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  1. hello, how to set Bold / not bold the TUniTabSheet Caption please ?? Thank you
  2. im' trying to detect the start drag event using : unisession.AddJS('var yg = document.getElementById(MainForm.Grid1.id);'); unisession.AddJS('function dragStart(evt){ ajaxRequest(sender,"drag an item");}'); unisession.AddJS('yg.draggable = true;'); unisession.AddJS('yg.addEventListener("dragstart", dragStart, false); '); it say yg is null
  3. Thank you , it works ! i'm searching now how to detect the drop event .
  4. Hi , i would like to drag & drop rows between two grids , here is the code i used , it seems i forgot something , if some one could help me to fix it please //in first grid: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.listeners = { plugins: { ptype: 'gridviewdragdrop', dragGroup: 'secondGridDDGroup', dropGroup: 'firstGridDDGroup' }, listeners: { drop: function(node, data, drop
  5. component dbgrid: drag and drop between rows component treeview: drag and drop between nodes
  6. or if you you prefer ; focus on a line inside component htmlframe
  7. when loading text inside the component il show the top of the text i.e the first line i would like to show a line number by code i.e : i woul like to make a vertical 'autoscroll ' by code in the component htmlframe
  8. hello, i have got a html frame with 100 lines , i would like to focus on a specific line number. is there a method to do that in TUniHTMLFrame component to select the line number that the component show to the user. thank you!
  9. Thank you, i 'll remade the project selecting with ISAPI/StandAlone
  10. in XE7 --> Project ---> view source , there is no lines with program or library , so how to convert project to isapi , the above method is not working
  11. hello, i use tabvisible=false to hide the tabsheet names , everything is ok except a line which stay in place of the name , is this a bug or i forgot something in the code/ properties ?? Appli.zip
  12. hi, i'm trying Synchronize to communicate between my thread and MainForm, i've got errors var iMsBetween : integer; ... procedure TThreadResults.DoJob ; var dTimeDebut : TDateTime; dTimeFin : TDateTime; i,j:integer; begin iMsBetween:=0; dTimeDebut:=Now; for i := 0 to High(integer) do begin j:=j+1; end; dTimeFin:=Now; iMsBetween := MilliSecondsBetween(dTimeDebut,Now); Synchronize(ThreadMess); end; procedure TThreadResults.ThreadMess(); begin MainForm.ShowElapsedTime(iMsBetween); end; procedure TMainForm.ShowElapsedTime(millisecs:integer); beg
  13. Thank you for the reply, this code works for copy and paste between two memos but this is not what i need. i'm searching to copy a memo 1 to windows clipboard if the user need later to paste the content from clipboard : paste content from clipboard into a memo
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