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  1. augusto.pellis

    Paste text to a grid

    It works like a charm! Respect. Augusto
  2. augusto.pellis

    Fitting text on a container

    Good evening, in order to make my application somewhat responsive when user resizes browser window (or with different screen resolutions) and since I know nothing about css, I found this page to obtain fitting within text container. https://css-tricks.com/fitting-text-to-a-container/ Would someone give me advice how to use these suggestions within uniGUI? Thank you all Augusto
  3. augusto.pellis

    SVG Rendering

    Update : Looks like the svg contains classes and definitions (the svg's are made with adobe svg export plugin) which have same names so they collide and make the drawing bad. So no issues unigui side, thanks and sorry for disturbung Augusto
  4. augusto.pellis

    SVG Rendering

    The weird stuff : If I get one of the svgs and i create an uniHTMLContainer on main form, set it visible := False to make it invisible, then the svgs in the other frames gets drawn correctly. No idea why this happens! Augusto
  5. augusto.pellis

    SVG Rendering

    I'm confused. If I copy the whole frames which contains the svg's and paste it on a simple uni project form,they're rendered correctly. I mean the same exact frames. So the problem is nt on the html frame. No idea where the trick is though :-(
  6. augusto.pellis

    SVG Rendering

    Hi Sherzod, I will try. May I send it privately since it is copyrighted material? Augusto
  7. augusto.pellis

    SVG Rendering

    Good morning everybody, I hope everyone's safe. I have an issue on rendering a svg image. This is rendering inside an UniHtmlFrame : And this is rendering by opening the svg file on chrome : Chrome renders it correctly as expected. Is there an explanation why the UniHTML frame does not render the svg same way? Color depth ? I hav eno ideas. Thanks for your suggestions Augusto
  8. augusto.pellis

    Paste text to a grid

    Impressive contribution, sir! I will test your code as soon as possible,. In the meantime please accept my best regards! Augusto
  9. augusto.pellis

    Paste text to a grid

    Thank you for your efforts! Augusto
  10. augusto.pellis

    Paste text to a grid

    Good morning, could anyone suggest me how to, after having copied cells content from an xls file, paste it to a uni grid, having each excel cell value pasted into a unigrid cell? Thanks for your time Augusto
  11. augusto.pellis

    UniDBNumberEdit LayoutConfig

  12. augusto.pellis

    UniDBNumberEdit LayoutConfig

    Good afternoon, I would like to suggestions about how to implement LayoutConfig.Width in a TUniDBNumberEdit since LayoutConfig is not pubished. thank you very much for your help Augusto
  13. augusto.pellis

    Strange issue with uniDBCombobox

    I understand that. And nor I can extract a small example with the database etc. I hoped there was something so stupid I was missing that someone would have spotted it immediately. I will use a groupbox, then. Thank you anyway Augusto
  14. augusto.pellis

    Strange issue with uniDBCombobox

    Hi everybody, sorry but I'm lost wit this issue and I cannot figure out how to solve, so please give me advice if possible. I've been using a TUniDBLookupComboBox tied to an integer DataField so I set UniDBComboBox mode to umNameValue. As expected at first tries, the value passed to database was the index of the item chosen in the combobox. After something I did (there's no code involved at all, just components on a container) the combobox raises an error when setting fields value 'xxxxxxxxx is not a valid integer value for field xxx' behaving just like mode was set to umNameOnly. What did I do wrong? Thanks for your help
  15. augusto.pellis

    Panels alignment and svg resizing

    Absolutely! Thank you!