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  1. It looks like it is not capable to change the Font style of the uniDBGird Column Group Header.
  2. Is it possible to change Font name, size, or bold it?
  3. 4. build ? Did you mean to build the uniGUI Components in Delphi? 5. deploy? Did you mean to only copy ext-lang-th.js to uniGUI runtime's directory on the Server?
  4. Please help and suggest how to fix this problem. I have TuniDateTimePicker on the form. When Client machine's region and language was not set to English, it displays mon th in aliens characters. You may see in the attached picture. The correct one should be seen in this URL http://www.ex-mba.buu.ac.th/js/bootstrap-datepicker-thai/demo.html. I had set uniServerModule property as following charset utf-8 ExtLocale [Auto] or th Setting uniMainModule ExtLocale [Auto] or th uniDateTimePicker.DateFormat - dd-MMM-yyyy If I set ExtLocale on both uniSer
  5. How to Pass Parameter between Form?
  6. OK I got it. Just put this code "<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL='http://www.google.com'"/> in MainModule.Servermessages.TerminateTemplate
  7. Is it possible to Redirect to Browser Home Page when user close the application instead of displaying the "Web Session Terminated..." ?
  8. When the session expire or user close the mainform or login form, it will display the message "Web Session Terminated. Restart application?" I want to have the dialog box instead that give the option to the user to re-login or go to the browser home page. Is it possible to do that?
  9. Hi, Every time the user login, I create an object for one purpose. In my code, the object will be free after user logout or terminate the application. What if the user is idle until the session expired how can I free this object.
  10. Thank you. It's OK now after adding api key to uniSeverModule.customFiles Google map API key is required.
  11. I can solve stuck problem for your google map demo program. But another problem Found. At the server, it is missing MIDAS.DLL in sysWOW64, After I copy this file to SysWOW64 there a form display on the browser with message Oops ! Something went wrong. This page didn't load google map correctly. See Javascript Console for technical detail. It will have no problem when I ran it on my developing PC with a browser on this PC (Server and Browser is on the same PC). The problem found when I put the maps.exe on the server. Access it from client PC.
  12. Now I knew there is something wrong on the server. I have tested by using my developing PC as a server and using the server browse to my developing PC it works fine. Now I have a question what it is needed to have on the server to make it run properly. I had disable all firewall but it does not work. This server is running uniGUI application that does not have map features and it works without problem for about a year so I try to implement the map features on it but it has problem. I test it by running your google map demo and it stuck and never show anything on the scre
  13. Sure the client has access to the internet. Are there any files that should be copied together with the webapplication? I wonder why it works fine on the server.
  14. Hi, I use uniGUI build 1425. I compile the google map demo and run it on the server it works fine. 1. At the sever - I installed uniGUI runtime and Theme. - I copy the google demo folder to the server and run the application. - I use browser on the the server and browse to http://localhost:8077 -- It works fine. 2. At client PC - I browse to http://myserver:8077 -- it does not works ! What should I do to make it works? Please help.
  15. I try to look at the DBLookupCombobox. I can run the demo but I found nothing work on DBLookupCombobox, no DATA at all.
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