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  1. Jean-Marc Kiener

    TUniDBGrid: Selection lost on enter

    Works fine. Thank you very much.
  2. Jean-Marc Kiener

    TUniDBGrid: Selection lost on enter

    I am not shure if i wrote my post to complicated.. I just want to know how i can get the selected rows if i press the enter key. it seems that the grid lost the selected items if i press enter before a key event occurs.
  3. Jean-Marc Kiener

    Create a file when running as a service

    Create a own local account. Run the service under this account. Set read/write permissions for this account to all directories you want to write.
  4. Jean-Marc Kiener

    TUniDBGrid: Selection lost on enter

    Hi, i updated to unigui version Now i have a problem in a modal search form who contains a TUniDBGrid. The grid has dgRowSelect, dgCheckSelect and dgMultiSelect set to true, so the user can select serveral rows with the keyboard. When hit the enter key i take the selected rows and do some things. I have a OnKeyDown event on the grid to catch enter key. Before updating to the new version all works like expected. Now the behaviour of the grid has changed. Immediatly after hitting enter key the selection is lost. I am not able to get the selected rows and take some action with the enter key. You can try it for yourself in "GridCheckSelect" demo. Add a OnKeyDown event handler to the grid and see whats happening. Selection is lost after hitting the enter key. Is this a bug or a wanted new behaviour of the Grid?
  5. Jean-Marc Kiener

    hyperserver file upload ISAPI

    Sorry for the big delay. I was busy in another project. I will have a look at the code and get then back here.
  6. Jean-Marc Kiener

    individual Columns in uniDBGrid

    Me too..
  7. Jean-Marc Kiener

    Fastreport Refresh

    FRp is not created?
  8. Jean-Marc Kiener

    hyperserver file upload ISAPI

    Hi, We use a unigui project compiled to an isapi module to upload files to our network attached storage. It works very well and stable. We load big sized files (> 500 MB) without problem to our NAS. The applicaton pool runs under a special accout who has full access to the NAS directory. However, i tryed to run it as hyperserver and followed the instructions in the help file (Version 1.50.1482). It works well until it should upload some files. The upload progress starts and hang immediately. It seems to have no access to write to the NAS directory. But it is the same account as we use when we just use the compiled isapi dll. Does anyone have an idea what i am doing wrong?
  9. Jean-Marc Kiener

    How to hide Windows tray icon?

    Our unigui app is a portal app for logging and controlling a non visual delphi program. The delphi program starts the unigui portal when itself starts and close it when itself closes. The portal app should not show any tray icon. It should run silently in background and serve the portal website for the non visual delphi program (http://localhost:8080). Running the unigui app as a service is no option. We are not allowed to install it as a service. It would be nice if we could set a property "ShowTrayIcon" in ServerModule.
  10. Jean-Marc Kiener

    EXE x DLL

    Did you add some database stuff to your app?. Or you use some other third parrty components?. Check for CoInitialize/CoUnitialize. There is a property "AutoInitialize" or so in the servermodule. Try to set it to true.
  11. Mostly this has to do with a component who use OLE Objects internaly. In ServerModule try AutoCoInitialize := true; Alternatively you can do this: Coinitialize(nil); try //Do your stuff here.. finally CoUninitialize; end; You have to add WinAPI.ActiveX to your "uses" section.
  12. Jean-Marc Kiener

    pascal on client side

    Are there plans to write client events in pascal too? Something like this? https://github.com/bytbox/pas2js Anyone knows morfik ( http://www.morfik.com/)? With this dev-tool you are able to write in pascal for client and for server side. Client side pascal will then compiled into javascript. Great concept, very elegant. But unfortunatly morfik is not maintained anymore. Cheers!
  13. Jean-Marc Kiener

    1422: Error compiling uniGUI25dcl.dpk

    Same with version 1404. Must be a problem of Rad Studio 10.2 Update 2. Any ideas?
  14. Jean-Marc Kiener

    1422: Error compiling uniGUI25dcl.dpk

    [dcc32 Fataler Fehler] uniGUI25dcl.dpk(73): F2051 Unit ExpertUtilities wurde mit einer unterschiedlichen Version von ToolsAPI.IOTASourceEditor compiliert Tokyo 10.2 Update 2
  15. Jean-Marc Kiener

    TUniDBTreeGrid: How detect if a cell is on a grouped row

    Yes, i have to know if the cell i click on is on a grouped row or not. With "Row.ChildNodes = 0" i could detect this. That's ok. How can that be done?