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  1. You can configure IIS to use windows authentication. The Browser will then show a Login/Pwd form when the user try to get the url. Alternative is to use your own unigui login form and then check the credentials on serverside agianst your AD. https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/2777-active-directory-authentication/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43896329/check-if-user-authentication-in-active-directory Google will help you.
  2. @Abaksoft Thank you for your opinion. That's really helpful for me to here from a such experienced user. Any other suggestions?
  3. I have to create an assistant/wizard who take the user step by step (ca. 5 steps) through some forms (<<Back - next>>) to make an order. What is the best approach to achieve this? Put all on one form and work with a PageControl? Does this not results in hard to maintable code? Because it tends you to have all components, form logic and other buisness code in one form unit. You must have a large amount of self discipline to write clean code. Mostly i tends to “If then else..” orgy in event methods. Work with one Mainform and frames.? That's better
  4. Hi,


    Do you need someone to work home office?

    I have great experience in unigui.




    Jancarlos Martins


  5. Some databases can inform you when per example data in a table changes. You also need dB components who can handle that. Devart sdac components web page should be a good starter.
  6. Maybe because your printer has different standard format then A4, so the page is rendered to this format. Some printer has US Letter Format by default which is slightly smaller then A4.
  7. TIm helped me: you have to adjust the javascript code behind the TUnimHTMLFrame.HTML propertie to get work that on another form/frame.
  8. At moment drag and drop works only on the mainform. This example from Tim works. I need to drag and drop files in another form or in a frame. Any suggestions? MobileUploads.zip
  9. @Tim has made a example of drag and drop with UniGUI Mobile. I will check it...
  10. Yes. I will use it in a iframe (p.e. 640px x 400px) in a website. And i will also use it on tablet and mobile in full screen. It is an kind of assistant you can go through step by step until the process is finished. On mobile devices we need of course no drag drop, we will use a file browser to get a list of file. On desktop we want to let the user drag and drop files from explorer/finder. My bosses want to use the mobile components everywhere because they looks and feels better on mobile and looks also nice on desktop. So i try to avoid the overhead of a hybrid app and want to do all th
  11. Hello gurus, I want to drag and drop files from explorer/finder to a tunimDBGrid, TunimList or TunimDBList. Is this possible? I cannot find an example how to do this. Maybe Drag and Drop is not supported by UniGUI Mobile components?
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