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  1. Hi x11. Thanks again. What I am doing is not a request. At my 67 years old I am stopping with the developments. I am giving a suggestion to younger people. If I knew 10 years ago how uncomfortable is to reinstall 4 apps instead of just one I would invest 6 to 12 months of work to do more or less the following: a) Take Lazarus instead of Delphi b) Add to it the procedures of Unigui which is very competent and low cost c) Add to it (only some of) the procedures of the great GLScene for 3D ( you can produce even great games and high level animations –
  2. If I undertood what I read in a fast view to the site it is something more or less equivalent to Unigui and also do not contain 3D possibilities. In the current situation of the four apps Delphi + Unigui + GLscene + MySql each one of them are individually good. My point is finding the way nearest to 4 in just 1 tool. For anything different of this I prefer to stay as I am now.
  3. Thanks dkeene. The focus of my writing is not about the cost but "to have everything" in just one tool.
  4. Last 15 years I made a code using Delphi + MySql + Unigui + Glscene. It is a unique engineering program (the code is for sale and cheap because I am changing of area). My notebook started giving those Windows blue screen errors. I got tired and gave a “Restore” in Windows. In the moment of anger, I realized that I am in the wrong direction. My 25 years in R&D area tell me that these 4 tools alone do not have more than a 4-year future. We need a simple tool that has only few resources of these 4. Is this JS? Good subject for a M.Sc. or B.Sc. end of course thesis. I can h
  5. Hi Farshad I am not very much used with modern abbreviations Could you please tell me what is the meaning of PM in this context ? I am in the middle of a Windows “Restore” to try to solve my problems Thanks for your time answering me
  6. Hi friends. I need an urgent help: After some 6 times trying to install the two last versions 1439 and now 1541, after installing, when I try to BUILD all I always get the error (always in unitools): [dcc32 Fatal Error] uniTools23.dpk(46): F2048 Bad unit format: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniTools\Dcu64\Delphi2019\InstDecode.dcu' - Expected version: 30.0, Windows Unicode(x86) Found version: 30.0, Windows Unicode(x64) Some time ago I had the same problem ( see old post) and could solve fast with your suggestions but not now. http://forums.unigui.com/index
  7. Thank you Sherzod. It working well now. . I tried dbcontrols before but seems that I did some error when typing it Rgds
  8. I have a unidbnavigator and I am trying this code here on event before action procedure TMainForm.UniDBNavigator3BeforeAction(Sender: TObject; Button: TNavigateBtn); begin if button = nbnext then pr_emfoco := uniMainModule.cdsselected.FieldValues['codigo'] + 1; if button = nbprior then pr_emfoco := uniMainModule.cdsselected.FieldValues['codigo']- 1; end; When I compile I get the error Undeclared identifier: 'nbnext' Two questions: a) My uses clause is below. Is it missing any thing ? b) What is the code to do a button of unidbnavigator visible
  9. Hi alfr. Thanks. Yes i could do it. However if I maintain the same basic "OnClick" that I used in VCL dbgrid this would facilitate me. I suppose that it is possible to do the same but maybe with other client events.
  10. Thanks Ron . I understood the concept but not how to do it. Do you have any simple example. I could do many things with VCL TeeChart that I am sure are possible with Kendo and others . The problem is that I am not finding the write place to study this. The demos I found are very basic and do not help so much..
  11. What is the equivalent to the event OnClick of VCL TDBnavigator ? I mean something like an “AfterAction” event . I saw that there is only a “beforeaction” event for TuniDBnavigator I need this to update some Tuniedits which will change (by a calculation) when I change the line of a table using Tunidbnavigator ?
  12. Also I need to do a simple ZOOM passing the mouse. I think these things are easy as it is in VCL TeeChart
  13. Hi. I am using an ajax event to see the values at a certain point of a TuniFSkendoUI chart after clicking but I need to see “onmouseover” without clicking I use this for ‘clickseries’. It works and I just did equal to the ONLY example of this kind of chart I found for Unigui. Also I need to do a simple ZOOM passing the mouse. I think these things are easy as it is in VCL TeeChart procedure TfResults. uniFSkendoUI AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin if EventName = 'ClickSeries' then ShowMessage('Desig
  14. Thank you Sherzod. This is what I needed. O I also checked TRUE in the WaitData box. Regards
  15. My Main Form take some time to load data (MySql data base with severa ltables)) How can I maintain a form “read only” while the “ loading data” is occurring ? ( to avoid that the user clicks something and cause an error In other words , Is there an event “after loading data “ ?
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