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  1. Thank you Mohamed . I will check how to do this. Possibly is one of the possibilities detailled in the link above posted by x11
  2. Thank you very much There are several possibilities here !!!
  3. My Unigui code is running as a service i tne web. It uses a small MySql database . How to do a code to backup dayly the database, for example a a *.sql file ?
  4. Thanks Lets wait the tests. If I succeed to implement the 3D module it will be great. I will present doubts more ahead
  5. Dear Andyhill Please read this and thanks for your help
  6. Dear Fred Please read this and thanks for the help
  7. Dear Ingsoft Please read this and thanks
  8. Dear Peter Please read this and thanks
  9. Below are links for FREE access to 2 codes. The test period (*) will go up to June 30th. My goal is to help engineering teams from undeveloped countries. Maybe, after the test period , I will keep it FREE, I will wait for the reactions to decide. The user need only to register an e-mail and create a password. I even removed the e-mail confirmation. Comments on errors and bugs are very welcome. Remember , this is an experimental period and bugs will come Comments and suggestions are welcome Thanks again to all and regards. Sergio Feitoza Costa Th
  10. Thanks, Abaksoft. In my case, doing everything directly in the Remote Area, where will deploy, avoids doing things twice. The issue is if the Remote Area is “slow” to work with Delphi + Unigui. Here with the current provider is worse than my home localhost. I am changing provider and will know soon if others are better. With the help of Unigui team and some other colleagues in the forum I succeeded to develop and deploy my code. Thanks to all. I will not mention names to avoid forgetting someone. Below are links to FREE access to 2 codes. The test period will go up to June 30th. As
  11. Hi Peter. You have quite good activities. I made many friends in the Netherlands in the last 40 years (I am 66 and took the vaccine yesterday). For some time, I was a kind of agent of Kema in Brazil.. Great to read about your music festival www.bospop.nl. After becoming a recognized engineer in the “energy area”, in the last years I am changing my focus to music production and books writer. I am a songs composer, guitar player, sing a little bit and I have now 5 CD’s / DVDs produced. That´s why I am putting this software free in the web to finally remove the bonds that still hol
  12. I am used to prepare my code in the home localhost, I test everything, adjust ISS and deploy the code in C:\MyDLLDirectory into the localhost. Then I click http://localhost/MyCode and can see running in the browser After I copy the C:\MyDirectory, with the DLL, to the Remote Area VPS, adjust again the IIS there and run the code via browser typing http://XXX.YY.ZZ.WW/MyCode Seems to be easier to install Delphi + Unigui in the localhost of the Remote Area VPS, to prepare the DLL there and, at the end, the only difference is the address which you will type in the browser. Is this
  13. Dear Mierlp. Thank you very much for your great help. Your text is excellent and gave me all the information I needed to decide. It was the first time that I saw a text that explains well, for humans, these concepts. I imagine you apply training as it is very didactic. I am going to hire a plan today. I was curious and visited his website http://www.eventsoft.nl . Congratulations, the product and the site are great. I saw that you are from WEERT (Netherlands). I used to go to Arnhem a lot at the KEMA labs. They have the most important testing laboratories for large electrical equipment
  14. Thanks This is what I am checking just now
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