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  1. Hi, I am trying to disable the end user clicking on anything within a UniURLFrame but struggling (I Want to display only) Can anyone provide any pointers ? Kind Regards, Dave
  2. Perfect! You are a legend, Thank You.
  3. Hi All, Is there a way to to disable the action of an end user clicking a link in a HTMLMemo. For example the html content links to another site and the end user clicks the link currently the content of the HTMLMemo is redirected to that site, is there a way to supress it so it doesn't but still maintain the link content. Thank You. Dave.
  4. Thank You! Very much appreciated, Kind Regards. Dave
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. So I need to count the characters entered into an TUniMemo (i.e. You have entered 64 characters of 160) it's for sending an SMS Text to let the end user know when they are reaching the length of the maximum text.
  6. Hi, I am trying to count the characters entered into a TUniMemo box as they are typed, All the KeyPress functions do not work correctly, can anyone recommend another way of doing it accurately ? Thanks, Dave.
  7. Hi Thanks for the replay. I need to keep the X button on the tab as they will end up gathering a lot of tabs. is there any way to pass back ? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Just took the plundge and purchased Unigui, great product well done. I have the following scenario as shown in the picture below. on my Mainform I have a PageControl where a frame is loaded for a specific function of my program. This loads a frame with another Page control and a set of tabsheets. The contents of the second pagecontrol / tabsheet1 is data fields that the user can modify so when they click the "Edit" button the dataset goes into "Edit" mode. What I am trying to avoid is the user closing the MainForm Tab Vehicle (FL20 CVT) whilst the dataset is in e
  9. Hi, I am currently evaulating UniGUI and very impressed so far. I am using A UniTabsheet the same as the full example with a menu, when you click the menu item it loads the frame form via TUniFrameClass This is great, but I need more than one occurence, for example launch multiple copies of that tab via other means. The first one loads from the menu fine, but when I try to invoke another using this crude code: var Ts : TUniTabSheet; FrC : TUniFrameClass; Fr : TUniFrame; FClassName: string; begin Ts := TUniTabSheet.Create(Self); Ts.PageControl := UniPageControl1
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