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  1. DFong

    how to run Hibrid Applications in IIS

    You may also need to configure your Default Document for your Default Web Site under IIS to point to your ISAPI dll if you want to launch your app using just "http://localhost"
  2. DFong

    how to run Hibrid Applications in IIS

    When running as an ISAPI app under IIS, you don't need the ":8077" as IIS will use port 80 by default.
  3. One last thing: In ImageHTMLFrame.ClientEvents.ExtEvent.afterupdatehtml, set to: function afterupdatehtml(sender, eOpts) { ajaxRequest(sender,'loaded',[]); } For ImageHTMLFrame.OnAjaxEvent: if EventName='loaded' then if not ImageFrameInitialized then begin UpdateImageFram3e; ImageFrameInitialized := true; end; in your frame/form creation, set ImageFrameInitialized := false; Let me know if all of this works for you.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm also not very good with Javascript, but here's a technique I've used in the past that worked for me for something similar: 1. Create a procedure that you can invoke as needed called "UpdateImageFrame", for example 2. Within that procedure, clear out the frame's HTML using "ImageHTMLFrame.HTML.Clear;" 3. Create a random name for your div id and update your HTML with the new id. I've used something like: ContainerName := 'MyImage'+ImageHTMLFrame.JSControl.Id+FormatDateTime('YYYYMMDDHHNNSSZZZ', Now); For example: ReferenceHTML := ... canvas: document.getElementById('<#ContainerName>'), ... ImageHTMLFrame.HTML.Text := StringReplace(ReferenceHTML,'<#ContainerName>',ContainerName,[]); Similarly, have a string constant that contains the script source for image-canvas-touch-js followed by var gesturableImg = new ImgTouchCanvas({ canvas: document.getElementById('<#ContainerName>'), path: "files/images/picfirst0.jpg", desktop: true }); and update the ContainerName to match the new div id: UpdatedScript := StringReplace(ReferenceScript,'<#ContainerName>',ContainerName,[]); 4. Then set JScript := '$(setTimeout(function () { '+UpdatedScript+' }, 50)); ' 5. Then call 'UniSession.AddJS(JScript);' Unfortunately, I simply don't have the time today to actually code this to test, but like I said, this technique has worked for me before for something very similar. With this technique, you no longer put anything in your AfterScript property and simply call your UpdateImageFrame procedure as needed. Hope this helps and good luck!
  5. Actually, it was me, not Farshad. I didn't spend much time on this and I don't know much about Javascript, but here's how I got it to work for me just now: Take the source of img-canvas-touch.js and paste it into the AfterScript property of your unimHTMLFrame followed by: var gesturableImg = new ImgTouchCanvas({ canvas: document.getElementById('mycanvas'), path: "files/images/picfirst0.jpg", desktop: true }); Your HTML strings property of your unimHTMLFrame will only be: <html> <body> <h1>Example Title</h1> <hr> <div id="console">Console</div> <div id="mycontainer" style="width: 300px; height: 200px"> <!-- set desired position and size to that div --> <canvas id="mycanvas" style="width: 100%; height: 100%"></canvas> </div> </body> </html> For a test, I used the AllFeatures Touch demo and modified the Miscellaneous HTML Frame form. It worked for me when testing on my Android 7.0 mobile phone using the stock Chrome browser. Hopefully this will get you started. Good luck!
  6. Check out http://www.rombdn.com/img-touch-canvas/ I haven't tested this yet, but theoretically, you should be able to use this in a UnimHTMLFrame
  7. DFong

    show www.amazon.com in UniURLFrame

    If a site is specifically coded to disallow embedding in an iframe, then it can not be shown inside a UniURLFrame.
  8. DFong

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    I'm showing a variety of applications here, but primarily it's an application for real-time monitoring and control and management of large quantities of time-series data spread out over disparate locations. One of the frontend apps shown is specifically for greenhouse monitoring/control while some of the others are for industrial applications, e.g. SCADA and Energy Management. I'm also showing the administrative web application that allows a user to configure and manage their entire system online as well as create custom display or navigation screens (2D or 3D) for their facilities and attach live sensor values to their visual widgets via drag/drop which can change color, switch images etc. based on the real-time value of the sensor attached to it. The mobile app is just a limited version of the desktop web app. I truly don't think any of this would have been possible without UniGUI as it allowed me to port a set of very complex frontend VCL/OpenGL apps to a browser implementation fairly quickly while maintaining the use of all of my backend code. You have done magnificent work there and for that I thank you very much!!!
  9. DFong

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Most are native uniGUI controls except graphing is 3rd party from HiCharts, Google and 3D uses WebGL. Custom CSS was used to override defaults in Neptune theme to get the color scheme I wanted (green) and the tab layouts for the page control. Most Javascript was derived from examples in this forum except the mods I had to make to support my 2D/3D drawing program. Some of these look like desktop apps because they were ported from a desktop app so the goal was to make them look and feel the same.
  10. DFong

    FullScreen Mobile

    I've played with using the free online version of PhoneGap Build to wrap up my UniGUI app. I've only tested on Android so far and it works very well to give the appearance of a native app, but I haven't actually deployed anything to the Play Store or Apple Store yet.
  11. DFong

    Display Image in TUnimDBListGrid

    If this isn't possible in a TUnimDBListGrid, is it possible to display an image using TUnimDBGrid? Thanks!
  12. Is there a way to display an image in a cell of a TUnimDBListGrid? Thanks!
  13. DFong

    TUniImage mouse over

    TUniImage->ClientEvents->ExtEvents: function Onmouseout(sender) { sender.getEl().setStyle("background-image","url(Files/mouseout.png)"); } function Onmouseover(sender) { sender.getEl().setStyle("background-image","url(Files/mouseover.png)"); }