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  1. How to round corners in a UnimEdit and UnimNumber edit...? Just in the input corner..... Thanks
  2. Yes I started coding this app while I had 1425 version installed in my IDE, after that I upgrade my IDE to 90.0.1539 version. When I have running delphi my app works great but when I try to run the app behind Delphi is when I have that screen. Including in the same computer. In a customer machine is the same, after I installed the 90.0.1539 runtime library I have the same mysterious page.
  3. Yes I know the process a lot of times.... But my problem is an app started with a low version and running now it a new version.... I have another apps developed only with the new version and this apps are running well... Its like my app keeps references of libraries from the initial version but now is running with another libraries with a new version.
  4. Hi Sherzod, so you suggest me I upgrade to this new version ?
  5. Yes of course Is a standar server app. The process Uninstall old version in control panel Install new version with setup program Install new version into Delphi IDE
  6. Hi group I have a mobile app started while I had installed and using version then I upgrade to and when I am into delphi the app works great but when I try to used the deploy version I have problems... This including the same computer but not delphi running.... Any suggestion ?
  7. HI group I have a design panel with a ClientEvents->UniEvents->beforeinit JS code as: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.cls = "myrow"; } How can I assign the same property in a runtime created panel ? Thanks for your help.
  8. Please forget my first question... I have discoved the tag property in TControl. But still waiting to resolve the second one... Thanks.
  9. Yes, of course... I will be creating into a container, panels and buttons in runtime, Then every button/panel will need to respond to own events, Is there a way to attach a value (or Indicative) to any runtime created control to differentiate one from other ? The second point is how to attach too a ClienteEvents->UniEvents->beforeevent to a runtime created panel or button.... Thanks.
  10. Also... How to attach a beforeInit in a runtime created panel too... Thanks for your advise.
  11. Hi group. Is there a way to attach any value to a runtime created control to be used in any convenient purpose? Like to get the sum in a TUniDBGridColumn..... I will be using runtime buttons in a parent control and I would like to identify every one not just in the caption.....
  12. Thanks. I mean to change the font color and or the background color of the grouping row. I read in your function is a way to order ? Because I found a problem with order descending, There is no way to order in descending, it seems like a library bug.
  13. Hi guys How can I change the caption style and background of a group column in a unimdbgrid ? Thanks.
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