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  1. Awesome Fred Doubts: 1.- Is it limited to 256 registered faces ? or could be any number ? 2.- Is there a extra Luxand licence payment? Thanks for you comments....
  2. Farshad Another clue: mysite.mx <- this ssl certificates does not wrorking and you must have it in your email, but myanothersite.com.mx <- this ssl certificates are ok Both ssls were purchased from ssls.com
  3. Yes Farshad, the private key file was sent by SSLS.com, I did not create my CSR by myself. All this process is done in their web site.
  4. Hi Farshad, thanks for you fast reply. When I bought the SSL y never assigned a password, Talking with ssls.com assistence he confirm me the key is clean of password. The private key has not password assigned and the pasword property is empty. I have not any problem if I Running my app with another SSL from another vendors like namecheap, just with this one, the firts one from ssls.com So maybe I need to do a extra step or configuration. Maybe somebody had the same problem and wants to share the correct way. I dont think be the first one in to configurate a ssl from this vendor.
  5. Hi group This is the issue: SSL Certificate from SSLS.com I get those files: myPage_com.crt -> renamed to certificate.crt myPage_com.ca-bundle -> renamed to ca_bundle.crt myPage_com.p7b www.myPage.com.crs private.key -> renamed to key.pem I perform this steps: openssl x509 -in certificate.crt -out cert.pem -outform PEM openssl x509 -in ca_bundle.crt -out root.pem -outform PEM My Unigui App running in 32 bits. Copied the files key.pem, cert.pem and root.pem in the main root app: and the x86 folder files: libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll Server module configuration: SSL->Enabled = True SSL->SSLOptions->CertFile = cert.pem SSL->SSLOptions->KeyFile = key.pem SSL->SSLOptions->RootCertFile = root.pem Method: sslvTLSv1_2 Mode: sslmUnassigned SSLVersion: sslvTLSV1_2 The staff of ssls.com told me the private key HAS NOT password, it is clean. Does anybody can help me please..? Thanks group.
  6. X2 Did you resolve it ?
  7. OK... Unigui desktop App running in a mobile. Is there a way to emulate InputType property of UniEdit into UniNumberEdit and Column Control Edit ? The goal is when asking in a mobile then show the numeric keyboard.... I have attached image to clarify. Thanks group.
  8. Hi Fred Wonder if your component can run in mobil browsers ? Android chrome, safari..? Thanks.
  9. Hi Sherzod... Not yet... NetworkInformation object works in browser I need to work, so, this could be my solution, but.... I dont know how, where or when to implement that javascript code into Delphi... For me, It's enough if this code could be called in a click or show event.... Can you help me please...?
  10. Thanks Sherzod. I see connection.NetworkInformation object has my needed information. Now.... Wondering how can implent this code in a Delphi event like show or click event.... var connection = navigator.connection || navigator.mozConnection || navigator.webkitConnection; var type = connection.effectiveType; function updateConnectionStatus() { console.log("Connection type changed from " + type + " to " + connection.effectiveType); type = connection.effectiveType; } connection.addEventListener('change', updateConnectionStatus); Thanks again.
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