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Ext.ux.Form.Multiselect is not a constructor


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Usually whenever I do a unigui version update there are some problems
Things that were working begin to show errors.
this time we upgrade from version to version
I struggled for hours with the mentioned error, and the problem only apparently resolved, after I removed all unigui installations from the server.
Strangely, every time we install FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_runtime, they are always getting trashed from previous versions.
Should not this be cleaned with a new version?
Only after I parted the server, I removed all the cache, cleaned everything in the folder of fmsoft and reinstalled the version with final, that stopped the problem.
Does the described error occur for what reason?
Another problem I have yet to face is when there is some ajax error, the whole system crashes and not just the user session.



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The only ones I use are from highcharts, and two others from notification


(AlwaysOnTop.js, drilldown.js, drilldown.src.js, exporting.js, exporting.src.js, highcharts.js, highcharts.src.js, highcharts-3d.js, highcharts-3d.src.js, highcharts-all.js, highcharts-more.js, highcharts-more.src.js, jquery.min.js, Notification.js)

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With Farshad's help, we have been able to understand and solve the problem.


At first for some reason in some cases, js automatically adds some files that unigui executes, when you do not declare classes in main form uses.

In my case in particular, the application is all packaged in bpl, and since it was not making uses of the classes being loaded into the bpl, the corresponding js was not being loaded.

To solve the problem, I added in the uses references the classes in the main form of the project, and the problem was solved.


Thanks Farshad for the usual support

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