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IIS 7 windows 7 - help for God's sake !!


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Anyone have any guide, or know tell me what resources extamente I have to install the IIS for the UNIGUI applications to work.

I'm a full day headbanging and I can not make it work.

Have remade a thousand times this tutorial uniGUI.pdf more here speaks only configuration. And a time of error error "404 - File or directory not found" just another time the IIS does not run. Desisntalei already installed and that shit a lot of times.


Aff tired

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My brothers

After breaking the head, without much success.

With the help of Farshad Mohajeri finally we found the cause.

dll dependency.

IIS does not report any errors that may help but does not run the ISAPI application.

So it is very important to note, any dependency .dll or something else, that can generate the application fails.


In my case, here in Brazil we have to send an electronic invoice, with the supervisory board, which use a component for it.

I had forgotten that detail, because it makes use of .dll



If not for the help of our friend Farshad who helped me remotely, he would still headbanging.


For those in the future you encounter this type of error.

Make sure no dependency .dll

The best way to find dependencies, you run the application as stand alone (.exe).


Thank Farshad Mohajeri

You've been a great partner, and helped me a lot.


Thank you very much

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