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good +1.
but, why create new panel ?
  //if not found, then create it...
  TabSheetNew              := TUniTabSheet.Create(NavPage);
  TabSheetNew.PageControl  := NavPage;
  TabSheetNew.Caption      := Titulo;
  TabSheetNew.Name         := Name;
  TabSheetNew.Closable     := True;
  TabSheetNew.OnClose      := CheckTab;
//  PanelTabSheetNew := TUniPanel.Create(TabSheetNew);
//  PanelTabSheetNew.Align := alClient;
//  PanelTabSheetNew.Parent := TabSheetNew;
//  FCurrentFrameTab := TUniFrameClass(FindClass(Name)).Create(Self);
//  FCurrentFrameTab.Parent := PanelTabSheetNew;
//  FCurrentFrameTab.Align := alClient;
  FCurrentFrameTab := TUniFrameClass(FindClass(Name)).Create(Self);
  FCurrentFrameTab.Parent := TabSheetNew;
  FCurrentFrameTab.Align := alClient;


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This panel is usefull case you need add a accordion panel left side, or reorganize frame and form, example, hide/show all frame. You wont need to put all frame components in other place.. was just thinking in future.. just this.

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I tried to use his example, but did not work when using a legacy tuniframe
-> TfrmBase = class (TUniFrame)
TfrmEscola = class (TfrmBase) - here and an inherited form of TFrmBase
InsertFrameTab ('TfrmEscola', 'school');
the access violation error that line
   FCurrentFrameTab: = TUniFrameClass (FindClass (Name)) Create (Self);.
   RegisterClasses ([
   RegisterAppFormClass (TFrmPrincipal);
in forms of TUniFrame type usually works


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