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Sample Active Directory Browser


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I have recently developed a Active Directory browser using UniGui and Delphi XE. I have tested it with large environments...20000+ objects. You will notice that the AD Treeview is dynamically loaded, which makes the experience very near to "Active Directory Users and Computers".


NOTE: it still has very basic functionality


Just extract the files from the ZIP into a folder and run the ADCONTROL.EXE. It's listening on port 8077. Make sure that the account running the ADCONTROL.EXE is logged onto the domain, as the logged in account will be used to read from AD.


Use any domain account to log in to the login page.







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Thank you for sharing. 


I have been preparing for one communication solution intending to use uniGUI in it. There will be AD-integration needs also. This is very useful to study these. 

I was able to compile it also... no problems. Thanks again!

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Nice demo B)


Tip for those who just want check login/password of domain users in uni applications (don't forget to close handle)


    phToken: THandle;
if LogonUser(
) then ...
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Hi, I just found this post and download the zip that reads source code, but it has no source files at all.

Stiaan, thanks for sharing, do you still have the source ?

Or Any one has the source code for this ?

Thanks in advance.

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