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hello farshad, will unigui support lazarus & free pascal in the future ?

i could see free pascal & lazarus ide is a mature product. many has use it in commercial product. 

even fast report now available for lazarus.  

if unigui could support lazarus, it will be great - great advantage, people don't have to waste money to buy delphi to build web application

delphi is very - very expensive. student in university can learn this framework very fast, because they can obtain lazarus easily.

in my country in indonesia, lots of university still use pascal for basic programming concept on their curriculum. 

please share your idea with us farshad.....




thanks in advance 

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I would add that with these mini board which runs Debian ARM9 and Lazarus + FPC, it would be possible to make a mini server 1GHz with $50-$100. So having UNIGUI on these platforms could be very, very interesting. Web Servers, Home Automation, Data Logging Applications, Remote Control, all in the palm of your hand.

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The problem is that a component suite (or framework) released on Lazarus MUST have this source code.


This situation avoid the release of commercial products, til the developers buy the full product with source code.


If they have a commercial patent of some HTML engine or somewath this type of develop platform is not feasible because the developer must get the source code of the software.

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